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The Quran Gives A Powerful Argument For Creator’s Existence! Hamza, Raihan VS Athiest | Speakers Corner

Do you believe the universe is eternal?

Believe in the existence of God, We can give you rational and decisive proofs.

There is an argument in the Quran.
The Quran gives a powerful argument for who deny or doubt the existence of the creator like yourself.
The only option that is left on the table. There has to be the originator.

The Thing That Shakes One’s Atheism! Smile 2 Jannah Vs Visitor | Speakers Corner

One argument of design; – And this is mostly based upon probability.

Professor Fred Hoyle was looking at how we came across the elementary matter of carbon. And the way you get carbon is by getting three helium molecules together.

But when he brought three helium molecules together, it just wasn’t happening. And it was just really frustrating for him.

He realized that needed, you needed to have the nuclear ground state energy to be within 1% for the carbons to form for life. And in fact, Sir Fred Hoyle actually said that because of how precise this actually is, that actually shook his atheism.

the fact that we’re here as conscious beings that question our existence, that live harmoniously, that we have such adapted creatures around us, and then we look at the kind of situation that actually… that have led up to this, it surely does lead to the fact that you can’t have so many coincidences one after another leading to our existence.

Does Islam Give A Guarantee For Heaven! Abbas & Visitor | Speakers Corner

How can you should be sure you’re going to heaven? We believe that nobody can be sure, because heaven is something that belongs to Allah, to God almighty. And it’s God that judges the heart, God that judges your actions, the purity of your soul, and as a consequence, it’s His heaven to give to whoever He wills, right?

In Islam we have a very beautiful concept and its how do we find the path to God, to the Creator and you have to use both your Aql which is your intellect, – And the Naqal which is that you just do as you are instructed to do by the prophet (pbuh) basically.

As a Muslim, we believe that we live in hope of Allah’s mercy and Allah’s kindness. We do not think that we will enter paradise, because of our works. In fact, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was asked, “Even you?”

And he said, “Even me, I rely on the mercy, the Rahma of Allah to attain paradise.”

Signs For Those Who Contemplate! Adnan Rashid Ali Dawah & Sincere Visitor | Speakers Corner

Do you believe that the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the final messenger?

No yet..

Well, we have many reasons to believe that, that he was a true messenger, because when we read the Quran, the Quran makes it very clear that it could not have come from human mind.

Humans are categorized in three categories: Believers, disbelievers and hypocrites, simple that.. This is not to insult or degrade or to put down others. It is simply to clarify who is who. It is an identity exercise.

There is no other option for humans than to worship God. There is no other option for humans than to worship God. We are in submission, willingly or unwillingly. Maybe we don’t realize it. We are bound by the changing of the day and night.

And even in the Quran, Allah / God, He points to that reality that in the changing of the night and the day, there are signs for those who contemplate.

You cannot cause the sun to rise from the west or the moon to disappear, For example, you cannot change your seasons. Your climate is not under your control. You may influence it somewhat, but you cannot change it.

So you have to understand is that you are in submission to God, okay; either you do it willingly and submit entirely, or you are in submission anyway.

Nicely Explained! Show Me God But Show Me Your Consciousness | Hashim | Speakers Corner

In this video clip, Brother Hashim explained nicely how atheists or some philosophers or some scientists go against their Fitra (natural constitution) by asking for empirical  evidence for God whereas they can’t show their own consciousness in repose to a Muslim brother’s question which are frequently asked by many Muslim as well with the following Quote of Brother Hahim at Speakers Corner in Hyde park:

Any logical person anyone who got a rational mind Yes, they will come to the conclusion that all this universe and everything didn’t just come about by chance. So asking me empirically evidence for Angels for God and for your own Consciousness is only foolishness because science is a tune which doesn’t have the scope to go beyond the physical world.