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Oh Men! Know Your Reward For Fulfilling Your Base Desire In A Halal Way | Mufti Menk

If something bad earns you a sin, the opposite of it, when it’s good, will earn you a reward.

I’ll give you an example, the hadith of the Prophet (pbuh), he says, you know, when you fulfill your base desire in a halal way, you get a reward; reward of a charity.

How To Know Your Material Achievement Is A Blessing Or A Punishment! Mufti Menk

Never let your happiness disconnect you from Allah. And never let your sadness disconnect you from Allah.

Whenever you’re happy, thank Allah; Two units of prayer.
Whenever you’re sad, praise Allah; Two units of prayer. Seek help from Him.
I promise, if anything has ever brought you close to your Maker, even by a millimeter, it was a blessing from Allah, not a punishment. A punishment is when you’re driven so far away from Allah that you’ve just forgotten it.
So sometimes when you’re getting a lot of things, it could be something negative. When if you’ve been driven away from Allah by what you received.

Exploit Your Beautiful Relationship With Allah | Mufti Menk

Allah knows you’re a human being. Allah knows the pressures and the stresses you’re going through.

Allah knows the environment you’re living in. Allah knows the circumstances you are facing more than anyone else. Allah knows the challenges that you have. Allah knows that you’re trying to make ends meet.

Allah knows that you’re faltering from time to time. He knows that you’re dropping back into the same sin again and again.

Each time you regret and say,

oh, Allah, I’m weak. I’m a human. Forgive me, O Allah. I’m not doing this out of defiance of you. You are my Maker. I have none other than You to forgive me, to have mercy on me, to carry me into the hereafter. But it’s my human weakness that makes me fall into this.

What a beautiful relationship with Allah.

You need to know, even if you have not been praying, the day you start is the day you shall succeed.

It’s not the end of everything. Are you not breathing?

Well, There’s a hope for me and hope for you. And when I do, I’m convinced, He’s not just going to throw me aside and punish me and so on.

Have My Own Truth Which Brings My Joy And Happiness! Mansur VS Spiritualist | Speakers Corner

This something which is the energy that you already believe in; to assemble something, it requires a lot of knowledge and wisdom and will. [I agree] So you are already personifying this energy.

God is a Creator of all things that you see and things that you don’t see. He’s the Creator. That’s why we call Him the Creator.

If we are here, there has to be something always and there has to be the necessary being because there cannot be a point where those absolute nothingness.

So something that is always in existence is called the eternal existence, which eternal existence is not brought about by something else, because it is inherently self-subsisting and self-existing.

The Amana Which Is Being Betrayed Frequently & How To Stop It | Ustad Ali Hammuda

Allah said, Allah instructs you that you are to return the trust to the rightful owners of those trusts. And that when you judge between people, you judge with justice, how excellent is that which Allah instructs you to do. Allah Almighty is ever hearing and ever seeing.

Our Prophet’s (pbuh) life was defined by the upholding of Amana, the restoring of trust to their owners. And they knew him as “Al-Amin”, a trustworthy individual. He advocated it, he called towards it, applied it.

And he told us that towards the end of time, one of the signs of the Day of Judgment will be people will lose trust.

Alrazi, he said, in his tafseer, when you interact, he says, you are dealing with one of three categories; either you are dealing with your Lord, or either you are dealing with people, or either you are dealing with yourself.

He said, and a Muslim has to uphold the trust in every one of those three categories.

It affects us every second of our life. And there will be heavy questions to expect on the Day of Judgment.

The Best Shot- Why The Creator Created The Universe! Mansur VS Atheist | Speakers Corner

If I tell you why something exists rather than nothing is something that we can understand by looking at what something is. Because if something exists now, if something exists today, there cannot be a time in the distant past where there was absolute nothingness.

A Demonstration Of Why Atheism Is An Irrational Belief! Mansur VS Atheist | Speakers Corner

If I tell you why something exists rather than nothing is something that we can understand by looking at what something is. Because if something exists now, if something exists today, there cannot be a time in the distant past where there was absolute nothingness.

Because absolute nothingness has no energy, no potential, no quanta, no fluctuation, no hadrons laptops and gluons,

Because of absence of everything means something that exists today could not come from nothingness. That means there has to be always something. Something has to exist always. Now here, we have to now understand what that is then.

If something exists always, there is no beginning of that something. That means that’s something that made our universe, a self-aware, possessors of energy, and will and knowledge.

Because if that something that existed always didn’t will and bring this universe through His power into existence, it will never happen.

Must Sacrifice These Things Along With Qurbani On Of Eid Ul Adha! Powerful Reminders | Mufti Menk

More important than the sacrificing of the animal is sacrificing for the sake of Allah, That which is holding you down onto the ground and disconnecting you from Allah in any way, be it big or small, that’s more important.

You love something so much, is it coming between you and Allah?

Your business, Is it such that you just leave your salah, your earnings, your money did it make you arrogant?

Your power, your position does it make you feel like you are better than others?

If that’s the case, put a knife to that bad habit. Slice it. Cut it.

If you did not learn that, you learned nothing from the sacrifice.

This celebration of Eid Ul Adha is a celebration of separation from materialistic items of this dunya that might be bogging you down.

Goose Bumps Incident About The Fasting Of Arafah During Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ Hajj | Dr. Omar Suleiman

There’s one incident that takes place where Abu Hurairah (ra) narrates the Prophet (pbuh) forbade fasting Arafah, at Arafah. So if you’re at Arafah, you can’t fast. Now, the people, they doubted whether the prophet (pbuh) was fasting or not because they were used to for years before.

So they were used to fasting the day of Arafah and they didn’t know if the prophet (pbuh) was fasting or not. But he (pbuh) was so immersed in his du’a / supplications that they couldn’t even interrupt him to ask him if he was fasting or not.

So Maymunah (ra), the wife of the prophet (pbuh), she witnesses this and she sees the people and they are so thirsty. They’re getting dehydrated. It’s hot. So Maymunah (ra), she says that I took a glass of milk and I took it  to the Prophet (pbuh) While he was  making dua, the prophet (pbuh) looked at me, he grabbed  a glass of milk.

He raised up his glass so that everyone would see that he was about to drink from this container of milk. And then he (pbuh) drank from it. And then everybody drank.

What To Do And How To Protect Good Deeds Of The Best 10 Days Of Dhul-Hijjah~Mufti Menk

It is important to feel the moment. If you’re a believer, you feel a Friday. If you’re a believer, you feel the month of Ramadan. If you’re a believer, you feel the fact that we are in the ten days of Dhul-Hijjah. Because you’re a believer.

If you don’t feel it, you need to connect and reconnect with Allah (swt).

None of us are on the ideal. It is a lifetime struggle to get to a higher level every single day. Check your heart. Does it feel a connection to Allah? Does it feel a connection to Rasulullah (pbuh)? does it affect your heart?

If the answer is yes, Mashallah, you’re heading in the right direction.

never become arrogant when Allah has allowed you to engage in Ibada. Never become proud when Allah has protected you from sin and you might see someone else fall into that sin.

Don’t let it make you proud, because that is exactly the first crime of Iblis, the devil himself.