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What Should You Do When A Person Is About To Die & Fix Your First Degree Relation! Mufti Menk

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, says that, Allah says, I will treat everyone the way they perceive Me. So perceive Allah in a good way.

Think of Allah and remember His mercy, Hs goodness, His kindness.

Not everything that happens around you is actually a punishment, even though it’s negative.

But if it drew you a little bit closer to Allah, wallahi, it was a blessing for all of us who remained behind.

If there is someone you’re not talking to and they’re related to you, first degree relation, go and make peace.

If there is someone that you’ve wronged, apologize.

No Pregnancy Termination For A Financial Reason In Islam | Mufti Menk

Allah says don’t kill your children out of poverty.

You fear that your child will share the morsel of food with you. So you killed the child. Allah says that is a major sin.

Don’t worry. Each child comes with his or her own sustenance.

The child has its own sustenance apportioned from Allah.

They’re not going to take what is rightfully apportioned to you at all.

So trust Allah and you will achieve Comfort.

Sometimes people fall pregnant and they say I can’t afford it. Allah says have the child. The child will bring about great blessings that you cannot. Imagine.

Always Avoid These Types OF Gathering And Discussion – Mufti Menk

Allah (Swt) tells us that whenever you hear people in a meeting, in a gathering, whenever you hear people blaspheme Allah, speak bad about Allah, say nasty dirty, ugly things about Allah or even about others; Allah says turn away from them.

Don’t be A part of it until they change the topic to something good. So this is also goodness that Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala.

This verse is showing us not to participate in bad. If there is a group of people and they’re doing good, be a part of them. It will bring about a lot of comfort.

Only participate in that which is positive, that which is good, that which is filled with goodness, blessings and reaching out to people in a positive way.

To Who Allah Opens All The Doors Of Materialism – Mufti Menk & Shaykh Hasan Ali

Every materialistic door There was flung open for them and they were confused because when they were so happy, drowning in materialism in a way that they forgot us, even further. We (Allah) suddenly punish them

The pleasure of Allah is in the worship of Allah

If Allah has given you something it’s not necessarily a sign of His pleasure. So don’t be confused.

Are you from among those who’s developed a good relationship with Allah when you’ve got things?

How To Make Dua In Tahajjud Prayer Calculating Last 3rd Of The Night For Fabulous Rewards | Ustadh Asim Khan

The benefits of praying Tahajjud:

From the authentic Hadith that praying tahajjud actually help safeguard you from illnesses and kind of sicknesses.

Out of the entire night, there is one part of the night which is more special and more valuable to pray tahajjud in and that is the last third of the night.

An authentic Hadith in which the prophet (saw) said that Allah subhanaw Taala descends to the lowest heaven in the last third of the night. Allah descends the last third of the night and then He looks upon the people of the earth and says who is calling upon Me for I am here to respond, who is asking Me for I will give, who is seeking My forgiveness I will forgive them, SubhanAllah.

Listen To What Allah Says Before Sharing Your Good Or Bad News | Mufti Menk

Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala tells us the comfort that we will achieve when we have Allah is such that no matter what news you will know how to process the news.

Remember when you tell people things, who are you telling and what are you telling them? Are you sure that you want this person to know this particular piece of information? You’re sure it’s not going to harm you. It’s not going to be dangerous in one way or another?

Allah says protect yourselves by knowing who you should be talking to and what you should be saying.

Obedience To Allah Only But Kindness To Parents Always | Mufti Menk

Allah says be charitable, be good, be kind. Who should I be kind to?


Allah Says (Surah An-nisa, V. 36), worship Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala alone, don’t associate partners with him and be kind to your parents.

Notice, Allah didn’t say obey your parents because obedience is for Allah.

Allah says you don’t have to listen to them when they are wrong. You have to be kind to them whether they are right or wrong. You have to respectfully disagree with them when they are wrong.

Remember if we would like goodness and kindness, if we would Comfort, be kind and respectful to the following categories: your parents then your relatives even if they are nasty people what’s stopping you from being kind and respectful even though you might keep a bit of a distance.

And then Allah says Be Kind to the orphans, be kind to the Beggars, the poor, the needy, be kind to your neighbors. Make sure that you’re very very good to your neighbors.

May Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala help us and then he says Be Kind to Wayfarer a person who’s lost.

Upset With Looks Genuine Person Will Love You For Exactly Who And How You Are | Mufti Menk

Allah says don’t desire, don’t wish for that which we have given others when we have raised some above others. Allah has created different roles for everyone to play.

Allah says don’t become depressed by wishing and wanting that which Allah didn’t give you, SubhanAllah especially when it comes to something natural.

Be happy with Allah’s decreed, be happy with the way Allah has made you, be okay with your hair, and with your looks with everything else be fine with it. That’s how Allah wanted to make you unless there is something absolutely abnormal which you would be allowed to rectify and to correct.

How To Have All Creations Seek Forgiveness For You Even Fish In The Sea | AIYP Ep-14 | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

To leave your home with the intention of seeking or spreading knowledge is the most noble Pursuits, that we find in the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alihi wasalam.

Hadith that as a person goes out seeking knowledge the inhabitants of the heavens and the Earth all seek forgiveness for that person whether it is the angels in the heavens or the fish in the sea, each one of them seeks forgiveness for that person as they go out seeking and spreading knowledge.

Seeking or spreading knowledge is a means of connecting you to the people because your relationship with them is benefiting them and even the environments because ibn rajab (rah) commented on that, what would cause the fish in the sea to seek forgiveness for that person is that a person of knowledge thinks about the rights of everything on them and And so they treat even their environment with care.

go for the blessing of having the Angels lower their wings for you and having all of these creations seek forgiveness for you at the top of them those highest Angels sending their peace and blessings upon you showing their approval and their humility to the person who is learning becoming more humble and being beneficial to everything around.

Seize The Moment When Allah Is Asking You “Is There Anything You Want” | Mufti Menk

It is a great Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be upon him, stand up in prayer At night and make sure that you have earned the pleasure of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala during Ramadan.

When you get up for the pre-dawn meal that moment is the same moment of tahajjud. The pre-fajr prayer is known as tahajjud. It is so blessed.Because Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala calls out saying who is Seeking forgiveness that I can forgive them, who is repenting that I can accept it and who is asking me anything so that I can give them.