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Desperate Help Of Allah’s Mercy With Powerful Dhikr From Depression | Mufti Menk

We will go through sadness, anxiety and so much more in terms of difficulty hardship. The days will not be the same. We are just human beings….

Allah has Never Promised You material things but He has promised to contentment and happiness.

Some of the happiest people have very little when it comes to material belongings, but they have the ownership of something that is very great. That is the relationship with Allah and Allah is the owner of the heart. Allah will give it calmness.

Many people follow the trends of this world, and these Trends are sometimes leading to anxiety, trends of the world to expose ourselves…..

We need to live up to a standard of someone else and we cannot do that so we become depressed.

Trends of the world to show off what you have, when you show off what you have you will never have as much as others. So you will be led to depression and anxiety and stress and so much more.

Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala says if you want to compete with someone compete with them in good deeds, in helping others in being the best person in your Character your conduct and so on.

Allah liberates you from the clutches from the enslavement of materialistic competition. Allah truly liberates you by saying be excited with what we’ve given you, be happy with the condition we have kept you in.

Don’t compare yourself with those who have more materially, your heart will be absolutely content. subhanallah wa bihamdihi subhanallahil adzim

Anas ibn Maalik (may Allah be pleased with him) said, that the messenger of Allah (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to profusely say:

يَا مُقَلِّبَ الْقُلُوبِ ثَبِّتْ قَلْبِي عَلَى دِينِكَ

yaa mu-qallibal quloob thab-bit qalbee ‘alaa deenik
“O turner of hearts, keep my heart firm upon Your religion.”

We all want Paradise, but when we get there on the Day of Judgment will the prophet peace be upon him recognize us?  That’s a question; I want you to ask yourselves.

يَا حَيُّ يَا قَـيُّومُ
بِرَحْمَتِكَ أَسْتَغِيثُ
أَصْلِحْ لِي شَأْنِي كُلَّهُ
وَلَا تَكِلْنِي إِلَى نَفْسِي طَرْفَةَ عَيْنٍ

Yaa Hayyu yaa Qayyoomu
(O Ever Living, O Ever Sustaining)
bi rahmatika astagheeth
(in Your mercy I seek relief)
aslih lee sha’nee kullahu
(rectify for me all of my affairs)
wa laa takilnee ilaa nafsee tarfata ‛ayn
(and do not leave me to myself even for the blink of an eye).
[Al-Haakim No# 2000 and he graded it authentic]

The Blessing Of Staying Away From Haram Income And Relationship~Mufti Menk

In verse number 94 (surah-Al-Ma’idah), Allah loves it when we stay away from things for His sake.


Only to test you Allah allows certain things He has prohibited to be accessible to you and He makes it easy for you to do achieve that but you stay away for His sake.

When a person is married for the sake of their spouse. They would sometimes stay away from adultery Etc. But if you were to do it for the sake of Allah, it is far broader and you will achieve the happiness of your spouse too subhanallah….

Even if the person comes to you and really asks you to commit the sin with them, if you were to abstain bearing Allah in mind, aren’t you on a Higher level? You achieve the Comfort.

When adultery is very easy to commit and you still stay away from it. You’ve arrived at a different level in your relationship with Allah.

When things are prohibited, sometimes Allah might test you by making it accessible; it is so tempting to earn money in the wrong way. Allah says, do you prefer me or you prefer the money that is earned in a wrong..

Why? SubhanAllah, it’s up to you to prove yourself to Allah.

So those who stay away they have the correct relationship with Allah.

How To Empower Positively For Feeling No Way Out Besides At Times Considering Suicide | Mufti Menk

every day is an opportunity for you to prove to Allah (Swt) That while you’re waiting for the day, you’re going to return to Allah, you are going to be the best possible person in your short Stay on Earth.

Anything that happens on Earth is also temporary. The only thing that carries with you; your Deeds. The way you did what you did for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala. So let’s do as much good as we can on Earth.

Many people are losing faith, simply because of hardships they’re going through; they see no way out besides at times considering suicide.

Remember one thing Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala has prohibited suicide. He clearly says in the Quran and don’t ever kill yourselves. Indeed Allah is the most merciful upon you.

We all need to know Allah has Mercy over takes any problem or issue that we have. Rely on Allah, trust Allah. It’s a matter of time after Darkness. The light will definitely come.

It’s normal for human beings to feel low at times. It’s normal for human beings to be over thinking at times. It’s normal for someone to have a little bit of anxiety at times.

But remember lay your trust in Allah, number one. Believe in Allah; understand with conviction that Allah will resolve your matter.

We are on earth together for a very short period of time prove, to Allah that you are going to be the best of human beings by reaching out to the rest of the human beings in the most beautiful and productive way ever.


A Dangerous Quality Allah Talked About In Surah An-Nisa

If you are a True Believer, it’s not all about yourself. It’s about us.

I don’t want to be harmed. So I definitely will not harm and I’m going to go a step further and help those who I think maybe be harmed by others. I’ll try to protect others as well. So that Allah will protect me.

So, Allah speaks about a certain quality that’s very dangerous and we need to protect ourselves from it and we need to talk about it and we need to be protected from it as well.

In verse number 54 of Surat annisa, Allah speaks about jealousy and what it does, don’t allow yourself to be jealous of others. Thank Allah for bestowing upon others His Favor, the most you could do is to ask Allah to give you a similar favor but never ask Allah to extinguish a favour He’s given someone else just because you want it.

So Allah is telling you don’t be jealous of others.

By you being jealous you automatically become unhappy with what Allah has chosen for someone. And if you’re unhappy with Allah, you have plunged yourself into the biggest possible crisis.

Work hard towards achieving what you want. Try call out to Allah, say to Allah, oh Allah you’ve blessed this person with so much grant them more, give them Baraka and bless me too in a similar way.

How to Forgive Someone When It’s Hard | Mufti Menk

How would you expect the mercy of Allah when you are merciless!


If Allah is encouraging you to forgive others, you need to know that it will help you health-wise as well. It will be holistically beneficial when you release things.

The more difficult it is to forgive, the greater the reward of forgiving and the more likelihood of you achieving the Forgiveness of Allah.

When we say Ramadan is a month of Mercy, a month of forgiveness. We start off with ourselves being merciful and that is a point many people miss. People think when we say Ramadan is a month of mercy and forgiveness. It is only to achieve the mercy and forgiveness of Allah not realizing that to get that mercy and that forgiveness, you have to be merciful yourself, and you have to forgive yourself meaning you have to learn to forgive others.

The Prophet Muhammed (saw) says Allah does not have mercy upon the one who doesn’t have mercy on the rest of mankind, on the people.

Don’t make a mistake, be merciful and Allah will be even more merciful.

Feel Like Buying Whenever You Desire | Don’t Waste All Of Your Good In This Life | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Umar (Ra) was being a teacher, a mentor to Jabir Ibn Abdullah [r] and was basically saying to him look just because you have unlimited access to limited resources that others don’t doesn’t mean that you should Grant yourself that unlimited access to those things doesn’t mean that you should purchase whenever you feel like purchasing because you have the means to do so, right?

We have limited resources. We have an inherent scarcity and just because we have access easy access to those things or we might be amongst those that have easy access to those things doesn’t mean we should always use that access to make things as easy as possible for us and treat ourselves as much as we want to these blessings that have been made available to us.

We’re meant to be restricted. We’re meant to be limited. And if Allah has blessed us to this point to where we never had to think that way then let’s think that way now in sha Allah tala and take advantage of these moments to discipline ourselves spiritually With the blessings that were so readily available to us before. – Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Heaven Was Made For Sinners | Move Forward Turning To Allah Genuinely | Mufti Menk

Allah says I will treat each one of My servants according to the perception he or she has of me. So have a good perception of Allah, have a beautiful perception of Allah.

when you sin, it’s not the end of everything just be, humble and just turn back to Allah, turn to Allah genuinely, become and just turn back to Allah, turn to Allah genuinely, become a better person.

A Believer Never Loses | Stop Worrying & Being Depressed | Shaykh Hasan Ali

Hey, are you scared that the Coronavirus might hit you you might die from it? Well, if you’re scared that maybe you got something to think about, what are you scared of? what are you scared of? the fact that you might have to leave this world. that probably means that your attachment to this world, was a little bit too much seriously.

if death scares you then it means your heart was attached too much to this world. a little bit too much or maybe the love of your family. Was above the love of Allah azza wajal and his messenger (saw). Yes, you never made the prophet salallahu alayhi Salam more of a family member that you look forward to seeing and hugging on the day of judgment than your own family. And that’s why you scared. We Muslims will avoid anything to do with the Coronavirus will avoid going to the places of Coronavirus, will try and self isolate, it’s all in the Hadith, that’s fine. But we Muslims if something like that was to come about and if it hit us, our prophet (saw) told us that when a person dies from the plague, they are Shaheed, they are Martyr. and if a person dies from the coronavirus, hopefully they are also shahada. They’re also Martyrs, so a believer never loses, if I live alhumdillah I live, if I die I’m a shaheed. if I die from the coronavirus right now, I’m a shaheed, my tawbah and My repentance should be updated. That’s definite. I should have made Allah and his messenger (saw) my focal point at all times of my life. Number one Allah, Number two, the messenger salallahu alayhe wassallam, then my family and anyone else who ever my parents, so on, that’s fine. But number one Allah, Number two, the messenger salallahu alayhe wassallam,

If I’ve kept doing that. I’ll avoid getting in contact with the Coronavirus. But if it hits me and if it kills me that guess what? I’ve got better things to look forward to in the next side. That’s how believer should feel. Seriously. Why are you depressed for? why you sitting there? oh my God jummah is cancelled. Look look. Let me tell you this the hadees is clear in sahih Muslim if you’ve been going for Jummah, all these weeks of your life and one week, you couldn’t go, because of an excuse today in jummah… tomorrow when you get to jummah, you’re going to find the full reward of juma’a in your Deeds, book of deeds in the day of judgement. for not going Jummah. You know why? the prophet (saw) said when a person becomes ill or when a person is traveling and they can’t do the things they used to do before, Allah give them the same reward. So the fact that you couldn’t go to jummah. You can’t go tomorrow to Jummah So what? you would gain the reward but if you weren’t going to jummah you’re not going to get that reward, now think about it all the things you used to do all the good things you should do salah with jamaah, not you again, different some reasons…. you can’t go to the Masjid for Salah because they shut the Masjid.

Well if You’ve been going for as many Salah, you gone before you gain the full reward of that, right now sitting home or doing. I mean you shouldn’t be just sitting home. You should be doing jammah at home. right, do the jammah with your family because you’re a person who’s been doing by with jammah (congregation) and all those people who went to Jummah, all these weeks you gain the reward for that.. you went to jammah, You can reward for that. How does the believer lose that, you don’t do that? And if the person sitting there and thinking oh my God, I might die from this. Well, maybe it’s a good time for you to think about death. Maybe it’s a good time for you to think about death because it’s going to hit you one day anyway, and whatever is written for us is going to be coming our way anyway. Well, you know, we avoid going towards coronavirus or any area that has hit just like just like in the Hadith He (saw) says if … the plague in a place you’re not supposed to go into that country where the plague is and you know, those people there who have been struck by the plague. They’re not supposed to come out and and you know come out of that place and give the plague to others, right? So that’s that we as Muslims we’re going to take that precaution. We’re gonna have self isolate. what are… we going to take the precaution, fine? But in terms of the Coronavirus, I don’t see why people are being so moody, and so on look there’s a lot of good that’s going to come out of this. I’m telling you.

This is the time when we should sit down and reflect, right about all the good things that we’ve had. You can’t travel that was blessing of Allah that you’ve had right? We’ve got food. We… it’s not like we’re not you know, it’s not like we’ve got a famine or something. We haven’t got food, subhanallah, I don’t understand why people have been so depressed. Honestly, I don’t understand, Allah Azzawajal has given you everything everything you’ve got. Alright, you got your fridge, you got your food and … you got supermarkets… That are full of food. All right, and they’re going to carry on being supplied subhanallah all you have to do stay home. That’s all you have to that. You gain depressed? Oh my God.. food.. My reward… Well, if food runs out, let’s just talk about right if food Runs Out So what it? runs out… if we starve a little bit. So what? honestly so on, be prepared for it, be upright human being, be prepared for it. If you’re prepared for the worst.

If you prepared for death, the nothing can make you go down, my friend. Nothing can make you feel dumb. This is this what? if the pandemic goes into a worldwide crisis guess what? You know in some ways there’s gonna be a lot of good coming. I don’t I don’t hear you… know, a lot of people talking about war and this in that not everyone’s thinking about themselves right now. You understand. They’re not thinking about war out there, you know, a lot of good probably going to come out of this, a lot of people going to be thinking differently from what they were thinking beforehand and you as a Believer sit down get on with your life, cheer up and stop thinking that this is the end of the world. We know from the Hadith the end of the world will not happen until the dazzal comes and other . …you know, there’s going to be other Signs of the last hour, which I haven’t come yet. We know that so so it’s not the end of the world. Second thing is all these crises and so on is going to shape human beings to be better. So the time right now is to get on with you what we’re supposed to be doing all this time. Anyway, which is ibadah, get on with your prayers, get close to Allah, don’t do it just for the sake that the pandemic is here. We’re supposed to be doing that before … Anyway update towbah, be ready anytime death comes.. Boom.. gone to the next life. You shall have your martyrdom and you’ll have a better life over there. So stop worrying, stop being depressed. Sit down enjoy life, you know meet your family to whatever else you want to do. Yeah, you know don’t feel that. This is the last day you’re going to be going from them… from the earth…. My God, you got a bigger family on the other side waiting for you, my friend. If you make it your alien to the best place in the next world where all the good souls are your, you know, forefathers your aunties, uncles Whoever has passed away before the waiting for you, right? you’ll be over there. You’ll be with a better family over there. So sit down, right enjoy your life and either way you win because you’re a believer, alhamdulillah

Never Ever Comment About Other’s Complexion And Weight | Make People Feel Important

The prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him always made people feel very very important, everyone. when he saw a child He actually paused for a moment and gave the child such importance that the child felt empowered, subhanallah Are you a good Muslim? We are supposed to be having decent character and conduct to say the least, right? My brothers, my sisters, If you’re a true Muslim if you want to be a follower of Islam, we know the pillars of Islam, Five Pillars,

we know them but sometimes we behave in a way that is actually so embarrassing. On one hand, we claim to be the ambassador of this beloved beautiful messenger and on the other hand, We are such an embarrassment that people dislike Islam and they dislike, astagfirullah, the messenger peace be upon Him simply because of the way we behave, we behave in a ridiculous way. If someone is darker than you in complexion, all that is required of you is never ever comment about their complexion, I don’t even want to ask you how many of you have ever commented about others complexions because I think I’ll be embarrassed. People are worried about how fair they are And how dark they are. I tell you the almighty says it clearly, your entry into Paradise has nothing to do with your race. Nothing to do with your color. Nothing to do with the size or shape of your body or how much you weigh Imagine you weigh and you strive to lose one stone, half a stone you strive, you struggle I promise you if you had struggled. Half of that dedication if you had to struggle just a little bit not even a struggle to get closer to the almighty You shed some of your spiritual baggage far quicker than you would shed your own weight. And by the way, it’s not bad. It’s not bad. To what? To be a few kilos this way and that way nothing wrong. Don’t get too obsessed. I remember visiting a country. and they were talking about one of the girls who want to get married and obviously every culture has its own taste and has its own understanding and so on and they were talking about a certain girl getting married and one of the brothers said she won’t find a husband. This was somewhere in Africa, by the way. And I was shocked I said brother You cannot say that, you know astagfirullah…. He said no man. She’s nothing, she must eat potatoes and whatever… in our culture you can only get married if you are 70 kilos or more. have you ever heard that? I looked at him I said, in my culture most of the girls would be disqualified, SubhanAllah, may Allah grant us forgiveness protection. Something you look at as positive others. Look at is negative. You see, it’s a matter of where you come from your culture. Allah says, I’m not gonna judge you by your weight. Try your best.

You must be fit. Don’t say I’m a Muslim. Like I said, it’s okay. It’s okay. I can weigh as much as I want. No, you cannot, you must take pride in what you look like in what you feel like in your health. You must learn to do something about it, but don’t become obsessed. That’s what we are saying, Obsession means now it stresses you just because of one pimple on your face. Not at all. I’ve got 10 by the way, it’s fine. My brothers and sisters, let’s refine ourselves. You see someone darker than you, taller than you, shorter than you very thin.. huge. No problem. Greet them, smile at them, make them feel important, give them that empowering the sense of belonging, it will help them and guess what? more than it helps them. You did yourself a favor, Allah says o you who believe, do not destroy the reward of your Charities by bragging about it and by harming Those after you have been charitable. That means if I give you a charity and I brag about it. I’m just Nullified the reward of it. I’m supposed to humble myself.

I’m supposed to make you feel more important than I, even though the world might think you did a favor, the person might also believe you did a favor, but you know, what? if you are refined, you look at it in a different way, humble yourself. Humble yourself, bring yourself to the understanding that you’re supposed to be upon. Never ever Maltreat people based on their financial standing social standing, Sometimes we only greet the Rich and Famous Sometimes we’re only you know, acknowledging people who look a certain way, the day you can acknowledge people who look totally different, people who are from perhaps a totally different background, Different race, different nationality, different Religion, different background the day you can acknowledge them and respect them for the fact that they’re human, They share with you the common factor, the common forefather subhanallah. Who was your greatest grandfather? Adam (a.s) So we’re related. Mashallah. You have to acknowledge if you’re a refined human being. After all, we are brothers and sisters in humanity, the day you acknowledge that that’s the day you inched towards understanding who your maker is. Because that it’s the same maker who made them made you, I’m trying to impress the same Creator who created everyone else. So if he created everyone else and I am so loving and kind to all his creatures, surely you’ll be impressed with me.

And if I’m nasty to one creature of the almighty, do you think he’s going to be impressed with me? He made that creature. you follow what I’m saying? And we call ourselves religious? See what I’m saying? Understand Allah. That’s why the prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him tells us the almighty will not have mercy on the one who doesn’t have mercy on the rest of mankind as a starting point. to what extent did the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him make people feel important? Let me explain the companions say that’s by far one of the most powerful statements when it comes to seeing how the prophet (saw) made people feel around him. It says the companions are saying none of those in his company ever felt that there was anyone more honored than himself to the prophet. Wow, that’s a miracle. That is a miracle. Imagine, I’m sitting with a thousand people and every one of the Thousand believes This guy likes me the most, How’s that?

The prophet Muhammad peace be upon him made everyone feel so important. The brothers, the sisters meaning the men, the women, the children the old, the others, I give you one example Bilal ibn Rabah (Ra) was a man from habesha. habesha is somewhere where Ethiopia is today, So he was an African from Africa, habesha. He was before Islam, A slave and Islam Taught the companions to free the slaves, free them until they were all free. They were all set free. It started off with Abu Bakr the same man Abdullah ibn Uthman (ra) he used to buy the slaves and the free them, buy them from an owner, one of the people of quraysh buy them and then Free them, buy them and then free them and in that way the prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him says that whoever does that they freed themselves on the day of judgment. If you wanted to be free from a punishment, you had to buy one of these people who were oppressed completely unacceptably and free them, you know people don’t talk about this, but that’s Islam. So Abu Bakr as-siddiq (ra) decided to buy Bilal ibn Rabah (ra) free him, he was a slave when he freed him, the honor and the dignity that he got as a Muslim. He was one of the Champions when the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him went up in Mi’raj and Allah showed him jannah and jahannam meaning Heaven and Hell and the heavens and whatever else he came back onto the Earth. And guess what He said? He says imagine everyone is sitting and waiting to listen, you know, what is he going to say? He’s going to describe for us his journey. He started describing and he says where is Bilal out of all the people where is Bilal, imagine you looking for a person subhanallah who was a slave. Probably the darkest in complexion, but the prophet (saw) says is where is bilal? he says Bilal he says when I was in Jannah. I heard your footsteps, la illah ila allah Look at this. I heard your footsteps. It goes to show that entry into Paradise has nothing to do with your color. It’s going to do with your heart in that’s a statement of the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him. He says Allah does not look at what you look like. And your body, straight, Allah does not look at your body is what you look like. He looks at your deeds and your hearts. That’s what the prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him taught us. I want you to change your life, my brothers and sisters make people feel important.

What Is The Greatest Test Of Good Character | Heart-Touching Reminders | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

The prophet salallahu alihi wasalam said that the example of people upon whom the Revelation Falls are like the different types of lands. Some people are like hard lands that shaped in a way That’s like a rock. The rains is hits it. It doesn’t absorb it. The rock doesn’t absorb it. The surface doesn’t absorb it nor does it benefit anybody or anything else around it. Then the prophet (saw) said but there’s then a surface that’s like it’s hard but it’s bowl-shaped or it’s shaped in a way that I could carry some water but none of the water is absorbed. then he (saw) said there is surface, That’s like soil.

It takes in the water. It absorbs it. And you know if you think about this in terms of benefit, by the way, right? the the bowl shaped surface that carries water right away offers an immediate sense of gratification and benefit to everything but itself. but once the water is gone, it’s just like the first type of land, right? it’s exposed for its bareness and for its hardness, that type of person the prophet (saw) said is like a person who benefits others with the Revelation but does not benefit themselves, meaning for a short while you’re able to get something out of it and you’re able to offer something from it, but the water gets drunk really quick and then there is nothing left to it. You never actually absorbed it you, just gave others something of it to benefit from. but that other person that’s like soil when the soil absorbs the water. That means that first and foremost. The primary beneficiary of that water, of that Revelation is the person themselves.

That it went deep inside of me, it penetrated. The other implication of that is that it’s going to bear fruit and bear vegetation in the long run. So while the surface that carries the water and that’s a hard surface in the short-term gives people an immediate sense of benefit. The soil doesn’t provide immediate benefit put it provides long-term benefits. And that type of benefit is not just to other parties but it starts off with you. You soak it in, your heart gets saturated by it. And subhanallah, you know, what else? That type of vegetation whatever comes out of that, you might be able to break a branch or break a tree. But it’s so deeply rooted in the soil of your heart that even if people are able to get you momentarily. You’ll just grow something else back. When you talk about how you are meant to represent Islam, I recognize the immense pressure upon young people in particular to have to represent Islam, especially when they have not been able at times to absorb it and it’s most beautiful sense. Make sure that as you’re interacting with religion. in a time when people immediately hear and speak; receive and show; make sure that you’re taking some quiet time to actually try to absorb and appreciate the profound transformative nature of this message. Make sure that you’re actually taking time for yourself, Make sure that before you preach it you practice it, you know with every other form of knowledge. You learn it and then you teach it and Islam you learn, you implement, Then you teach, you learn, Implement, teach and that process never can be interrupted. It has to be that in between your learning and your teaching there is some level of implementation and for a person that has to interact with a broader society that has such ugly Impressions about this beautiful religion what that means is making sure that you allocate some time to read by yourself, to meditate upon the meanings of this religion by yourself at times. No social structure is going to fill that void of your own,. your own ability to sit and to ponder upon the meanings of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) what the …..not does is it reinvigorates you it motivates you, it gives you the tools so that you can do that on your own, but Take a step back. And actually try to absorb it. To be a person of substance.

Because if the only way you’ve interacted with the Quran is listening and reciting and the only way you’ve interacted with the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) is treating it like a reference so that you go and you get the Hadith that you need or you get the lecture that you need so that you can give it to somebody else, at no point in that process. Was there a moment for you to actually absorb it to sit with yourself and actually absorb it. you know, a lot of people think that the reason why I don’t need to do that is because I’m already living or demonstrating some of those meanings. But the reality is that you you’re just that bowl that’s giving water to other people but you haven’t given it a chance to actually penetrate deep into your heart. sometimes even in your hardest moments Allah gives you an opportunity for growth, to grow out of that hard moment. And the idea here is that you don’t really know that you’re a person of substance or What You’re Made Of until you’re put through something that shakes you. And that’s where it comes out. You know anything about good character and Sunnah when I say the word Sunnah. usually it’s something that is external and its nature and the practices of the prophet (saw) the external practices are important. the sunnah as we understand them are important. I am not saying the deen does not Encompass those in that.. They’re not important part of our religion. Your exterior does matter, you know, there is something about it, but When the prophet (saw) was described what that you are upon an exalted standard of character and the prophet salallahu alaihe wasalam was described as Mission as that. I was sent only to perfect good manners.

There’s something deeper about his person, the character of the prophet (saw) was special. But as I said, you don’t really know what you’re made of until your shook, right? You want to know what the greatest test of good character is? the greatest test of your good character is how you deal with people with bad character. Imam al-ghazali (rah) said the greatest test of good character is how you deal with people with bad character. If you think about the person of the Prophet salallahu alihi wasalam his character shines brightest when it was challenged. It’s very easy to be nice to someone who’s being nice to you. It’s very easy to embody Ramah and mercy when it’s with someone who’s really deserving of Mercy around you. It’s very easy to embody empathy when it’s someone that naturally gives off a sentiment solicit that sympathy just by there being, it’s very easy to be for justice. When it forces someone that’s on your team, when you like the person that you’re standing justice for when it’s a popular cause of Justice, all of that is easy, but when you’re challenged and the only incentive that you have is to please Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala and you have to access that inner self. That’s when you know what you’re made of. That’s when you know whether you’re a person of substance or not. How do I get there?

I recognize that I am constantly Muslim in training, the word for a person who does ehsan is what? moshen All of the qualities that the prophet (saw) embodies, you have to ask yourself. Look. I’m not at the moment. I don’t think that many of us have Abu jahal in our lives. If you do you need help. All right, like I don’t think any of us are experiencing some of the major episodes of challenge that the prophet (saw) experienced and a lot of times. Here’s the disconnect. There are two sides to this. One of them is there are words of what you’re supposed to do and say if you are in a situation that test your character in a major way, words that you’re supposed to recite, words that you’re supposed to do, words that are stories that are good metaphors that are good analogies that a good parable, that are good examples for you, if you end up in this difficult situation or the situation that challenges your character, challenges your substance.

The disconnect is this, every single day of your life is a chance to actually Bridge those two worlds to where you act upon those words. In the most simple ways and in your daily life so that when that comes to you and really test what’s on the inside, just like a person that’s been lifting weights. You’ve been building character. You’ve been building character along the way, you know inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon is not something you just say when somebody dies. Inna ma’al usri yusra (Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease) is not just with hardship comes ease is not just when a major tragedy strikes you, patience is not just when you have a life-altering tragedy in your life, gratitude is not just when someone gives you an out of the ordinary gift or bestows a blessing upon you in that way.

Prophet Sallallahu wasallam said whoever doesn’t thank Allah for the small things. It’s not going to be able to thank Allah for the big things. Whoever doesn’t daily or practice gratitude on a daily level, Is it going to understand how to really thank Allah subhanaw Taala when major things happened? Why is it that every single time you eat You say alhamdulillah? Why is it that every single time you wake up in the morning, And you say alhamdulillah you start off your day with praise? And a lack of entitlements, Alhamdulillaahillazi ahyaanaa ba’da maa amaata-naa wa ilaihinnushuur”.

All Praises be to Allah who gave us life after death and to him as the ultimate return. you start off your day with a sense of praise and with no expectation or entitlement of the day the tests that come to you the moments that offer opportunities for gratitude our patients the ability to practice the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) that our character oriented that are not in the capacity of someone trying to kill you or someone killing your family, all of those things Bridge those two together the word and those major virtues that the prophet salallahu alaihe wasalam was able to capture what this means for how we interact with the world around us, dear brothers and sisters enough talking about the prophets. It’s time to act like the prophets, enough expecting people to Understand who the prophet (saw) was just because he was factually amazing and more of demonstrating those virtues of the prophet Salallahu alaihe wasalam in Your Capacity as a follower of the Prophet salallahu alaihe wasalam .remember yourself as a moshen in training. We ask Allah subhanaw Taala to make us all people who Excel, to make us all from the Mosheneen, to make us able representatives of the Prophet salallahu Alihi wasalam, to allow us to be the prophet salallahu alayhi wasalaam what he was to the Quran, to allow people to see him in us and in seeing him in US be attached to that which generated the beauty in him and us in the Holy Quran, Allahuma ameen.