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That’s How Allah Is Calling You To Respond To Him | Mufti Menk

One of the methods that Allah uses to bring us closer to Him is by inflicting us with something we perceive as negative and if you came closer to Allah because of any one of those things or anything negative, It was the blessing of Allah and it’s the mercy of Allah and the gift of Allah.

But if Allah blessed you and gave you and did everything for you, and you passed with flying colors and you’ve got authority and you’ve got good looks and you’ve got lots of knowledge, and you’ve got lots of this and whatever else it may be, if that drifted you away from Allah, it cannot be the mercy of Allah.

So understand the favors of Allah and let it bring you closer to Allah.

Get acquainted with Allah during your days of ease. Get close to Allah, when nothing is wrong in your life, everything is smooth sailing, then go close to Allah. So what will happen when the days are tough for you?

Allah will come to you.

Only One Way To Remedy Your Sadness Taught By Allah! Mufti Menk

When people are sad, they do different things to deal with the sadness.

If a person is void of faith and connection with Allah, they do something that makes them more sad.

But Allah Almighty teaches us that the remedy for sadness is a long term commitment.

Even if someone were to throw the whole world at you in terms of materialistic items it will not eradicate that sadness.

When you are happy, remember Allah and ask Allah protect me from anxiety and sadness. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, used to make duah, supplicate, call out to Allah, oh Allah protect me from sadness, anxiety, protect me from my miserliness.

Never let your happiness disconnect you from Allah and never let your sadness disconnect you from Allah either.

So sometimes when you’re getting a lot of things, it could be something negative, when? If you’ve been driven away from Allah by what you received.

That’s why when you get good things; it must lead you to become a better person.

The best of us, from among those who have been blessed by Allah with the worldly things, is he or she who is humble, humble.


Seize Five Opportunities Before These Are Overtaken By Five Situations | Mufti Menk

The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has taught us to seize opportunities that are in front of us. But the problem with men; we don’t notice the opportunity.

Listen in life, There will be situations that you must make the most of. They may never come back.

The Prophet peace be upon him said seize 5 opportunities before they are lost, before they’re overtaken by another five situations.

This is a reminder from the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, to all of us.

Ibn Abbas reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Take advantage of five before five: your youth before your old age, your health before your illness, your riches before your poverty, your free time before your work, and your life before your death.”

Bearing in mind when you make the lives of others easy, Allah makes your life easier.

Allah Never Rejects Your Repentance But Know What The Scariest Thing Is! Mufti Menk

When we don’t remember Allah at all; A day passes, two days pass, three days pass and we haven’t even thought of Allah, We haven’t spent the moment with Allah but we spent hours on end at work and doing so and so whatever else we’re doing without remembering Allah, that’s what’s scary.

If whatever has happened has drawn you slightly closer to Allah, it’s not the anger of Allah, it’s the pleasure of Allah. It’s the gift of Allah upon you.

Hope, hope is a gift of Allah. if you don’t understand the mercy of Allah, you’re never going to come out of your mess. Allah loves you and Allah will continue loving you and I love made you and Allah knows about you and He knows your struggles. He knows where you’ve been and He knows where you want to be and He knows that you might be moving very slowly and He also knows that your graph might dip now and again on its way up.

But inshallah, we need to have the hope in the mercy of Allah,

Don’t give up, the day you give up, that’s the day that you’ve lost. Allah never gives up, never for Allah, no matter how bad you’ve been, no matter where you have gone, it’s a flick you need to ask Allah’s forgiveness. He’s wiped out all the bad, all of it, completely gone.

And if you make an error and go back and slip again, come back and seek the forgiveness of Allah again, never give up.

The Amana Which Is Being Betrayed Frequently & How To Stop It | Ustad Ali Hammuda

Allah said, Allah instructs you that you are to return the trust to the rightful owners of those trusts. And that when you judge between people, you judge with justice, how excellent is that which Allah instructs you to do. Allah Almighty is ever hearing and ever seeing.

Our Prophet’s (pbuh) life was defined by the upholding of Amana, the restoring of trust to their owners. And they knew him as “Al-Amin”, a trustworthy individual. He advocated it, he called towards it, applied it.

And he told us that towards the end of time, one of the signs of the Day of Judgment will be people will lose trust.

Alrazi, he said, in his tafseer, when you interact, he says, you are dealing with one of three categories; either you are dealing with your Lord, or either you are dealing with people, or either you are dealing with yourself.

He said, and a Muslim has to uphold the trust in every one of those three categories.

It affects us every second of our life. And there will be heavy questions to expect on the Day of Judgment.

Do These Stop Your Humble Submission To Creator_ How Your Look After 24 Hours After Death | Ustad Ali Hammuda

Get to know yourself, come to grips with your deficiency. This will immediately, by the permission of Allah, put us on the pathway to Khushoo’/ humble submission to know who you are. Because when you recognize the majesty of Allah, you automatically recognize the lowly state of man.

Every aspect of Islam is easy if you manage to keep your ego at bay. if you acknowledge that there is an ego problem and then you keep that ego at bay, get to know your deficiency. When you speak about people, speak about them in a positive way. When you speak about yourself, acknowledge your weaknesses. This is the essence of humble submissiveness.

Our predecessors were like that. They realized and acknowledged their weaknesses. So Allah blessed them with humble submissiveness .

it wasn’t for Allah veiling our faults, we would have been exposed, utterly exposed. People who recognized their worth before Allah, So He (Allah) raised them.

One of the greatest ways fostering humble submissiveness in our hearts is recognizing the might of Allah through a structured study and a recitation of the Quran.

Number two, through coming to groups with your deficiencies, remembering them every day.

The Best Words To Remove Jealousy From The Heart! Mufti Menk

The most important organ that we have is the heart. The heart is closely connected to the mind. So if you have a clean heart, it actually affects the mind and the mind begins to do things that are correct and pleasing to Allah Almighty. Because the heart is clean.

To cleanse the heart is the duty of every Muslim. How do I clean my heart? What should I do to clean my heart?

What is your connection with the word of Allah? Do you make an effort with it? If not, your heart cannot be pure. It’s impossible that’s the word of the owner of the hearts. And He’s the one who turns the hearts.

If you don’t have a connection with His words, His reminders, His warnings, then how can you expect your heart to be clean? So if you don’t read the Quran and you don’t want to know its meaning and it irritates you when people tell you what the Quran says, then you have a diseasedheart that requires attention.

If you don’t want to take Allah’s reminder, whose reminder do you want?

Sometimes you might think you have everything. Are you sure that’s not only material items you’re talking about?

When you don’t have Salat Al Fajr, you have zero.

Know 7 Reasons To Search For Your Heart! Ali Hammuda

There isn’t anything on planet Earth that requires more attention and polishing and purifying and curing than the condition of the human heart.

The first Prophethood was heralded with open heart surgery. So Prophet would began with the purification of the heart from a physical perspective, this is why this topic is so serious.

The receptor of Islamic admonition is the heart. The receiver what receives the Islamic reminder, whether Quran or Hadith, or a Friday sermon or a lecture like this, what is receiving it primarily is your heart not your ears, not any other sensory faculty that you have.

The analogy of the human heart and how it behaves to revelation.

The motivator towards the doing of good deed is the heart. The practitioners of Islam, those who practice their religion, they do so because of their hearts that encourages them.

The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, there is a limb in the body. If it is sound, the rest of the body will be sound. If it is corrupt, the rest of the body will be corrupt.

The place where fitnah is presented to is the human heart.

The home of happiness is the heart. If you leave your heart unattended, watch how happiness will vanish. And the opposite is true. Give your heart the attention it deserves. And watch how Allah will bring happiness back into your life

Imam Ibn Qayyim (Rah) said, who should be written with ink of gold or something more precious than the ink of gold, like the tears of the righteous believer that he sheds for the sake of his Lord.

He said, but in the human heart there is a sense of scattering that can only be gathered by returning back to Allah. And in the human heart there is a sense of loneliness that can only be erased by finding companionship with Allah.

And in the human heart, there is a sense of fear and anxiety that can only be removed by fleeing back to Allah. And in the heart there is a sense of regret that can only be extinguished by being content with Allah.

The greatest of all deeds, they are the deeds of the heart. in the absence of certain internal acts of worship in the heart that are absent, all of it will be in vain.

The center of attention on the Day of Judgment will be the human heart.

Seven Habits To Have More Wealth And Life Extended By Making The Best Use Of Your Time | Dr. Omar Suleiman

There’s a very famous narration where the Prophet (pbuh) said that, Time; the hour will not come until time shrinks.

So he (pbuh) said, that time would shrink and so the deeds, the output of good deeds would be less, and greed, miserliness, stinginess would be placed in the hearts of people, and the Prophet (pbuh) said, and murder would become prevalent, murder would become prevalent.

And so there is a direct connection between the shrinking of time and the shrinking of the output of deeds.

just go over seven things were extracted from the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) about  how to have blessing in your time.

And the first thing is that the Prophet (pbuh) was a morning person. The prophet (pbuh) said that Oh Allah, bless my nation in its early hours, bless my Ummah in its early hours.

Number two; avoiding sins and drama. And they are interconnected.

The third thing; spending time with your family,

The fourth thing; acts of gratitude.

Number five, a daily recitation of the Quran specifically surah al baqarah.

Number six, incorporating remembrance into your routine

The last thing: Keep the company of productive / righteous people,


How You Get Trapped Into Bad Habits & How To Break The Habit Loop | Mufti Menk

If you look at the teachings of Islam, every time there is something Allah has instructed you to do. If you look at prayer five times a day, every single day, you need a lot of discipline to fulfill that. So there must be a reason why Allah wants us to be disciplined and fulfill it every day.

When Satan wants to trap you, he has to use the similar concept that you use when you want to trap a rat.

When you discipline yourself for the sake of Allah, you will lead a very content life. You will be the happiest person yet you’ve never touched a drug, Yet You don’t smoke or drink.. Yet You don’t have bad habits. But you are a happy, content person. You know why? you are focused on the right things in life.

A habit is something you got yourself into. I promise you, don’t blame someone else for your bad habits. They are yours. You will have to work on your bad habits. No one else is going to be able to eradicate it, but they will either produce towards it or away from it.

Discipline yourself for the sake of Allah and watch your doors opening. Replace something bad with the recitation of the Quran with the dhikr of Allah. Repeat the names of Allah. Repeat some of the words taught by the prophet (pbuh) of praise of Allah, of praise of the messenger (pbuh), Send blessings and salutations upon him and see what it does to you? Sit down. Think about it.

What goodness do you have that people can take from you? Come on, you have to have it because you are part of the people on the Earth who have to leave a legacy.

Remember, your body gets tuned to something that you tuned to, so tune it towards Allah, not away from Allah. If you have a habit of anything, be it weed or whatever, you need to convert it to something good.