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Three Things For The Sweetness Of Faith | Mufti Menk [Powerful Reminders]

Three Things For The Sweetness Of #Faith  #MuftiMenk 

Radhitu billahi Rabba
Wa bil Islami deena
Wa bimuhammadin salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam
Nabiyyan wa Rasoola
I’ve accepted Allah as my Lord
And Islam as my way of life
And Muhammad – may Allah’s peace & blessings be upon him
As Allah’s Prophet and Messenger

Pondering Upon The Philosophy Of Rules & Regulations | Ep #5 SYP1

This is episode number 5 of “Save Yourself Part 1” (SYP1) by #MuftiMenk and he highlights some rules and regulations of Islam law to ponder to reflect from the surah Baqarah like the law regarding #iddah (waiting period) , collecting funds for a good cause and reward for giving charity, the bad consequences of usury , how to get forgiveness from Allah through repentance, write down all types of business transactions including debt of contract and get a few witnesses; let them sign or let them bear witness and use words that were used by the prophets of Allah may peace be upon them for making #duas or #supplications.

Mufti Menk quotes in this lecture “our hearts are supposed to be connected to Allah not to materialistic items. The more you connect yourself to materialistic items the more you disconnect from Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, yes, everyone wants wealth but at the same time my brothers and sisters do not want it in a way that it comes in the path between you and Allah…”