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Father & Daughter: This story Between Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) And Fatima (Ra) Will Make You Cry | Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda

Fatima (Ra) was the youngest of the daughters of the Prophet (pbuh). She lived and experienced and kind of grew up during the era of the preaching and the teaching of the message of Islam. She was very beloved to the Prophet (pbuh) and she had seen everything that he had been through as well.

The softness, the gentleness, the kindness, the loyalty that the Prophet (pbuh) had to his people and thereby therefore, it encouraged and facilitated others to be just as loyal and dedicated and devoted to him.

Focus on building your relationships. Value the people in your life.

If you can’t treat the people close to you you with decency and dignity, deliver to the rest of humanity?

The greatest testament to the truth of the Prophet (pbuh) is that the people that were closest to him, believed in him more than anyone else.

The messenger of Allah, (pbuh), it’s like the closer you get, the more they love him, the more they believe in him, the more they’re dedicated to him.

Focus on being that type of a person of substance and quality.

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) Feels Your Pain! Heart-Touching Stories Of Love And Compassion! Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda

The Prophet (pbuh) was selfless sacrifice, self sacrificing and selfless. Where the Prophet (pbuh) would put others and others needs before himself. He would take care of everyone and make sure everyone was taken care of. He comforts someone when he is in so much pain himself.

Understanding who has what rights upon you. Every single time the Prophet addressed the community he always said two things: someone who cannot be trusted, that person has no real faith and somebody who does not keep their word has no real deen (faith).

It’s about putting everything where it belongs and fulfilling your responsibility.

Every situation, every circumstance, Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) remembered Allah, he turned to Allah.

It is your relationship with Allah that will keep you honest, that will keep you sincere, that will keep you correct in all these things at the end of the day, because at some point in time, everything else might be telling you to do something bad or to do something wrong.

But it is that’s fear of Allah, that connection to Allah, that God consciousness that Allah is watching me, that is what will make sure that you always do the right thing and make the correct choice.

Three Main Categories Of The Prophecies Of Muhammad ﷺ About The End of Times | Mufti Menk

The reason that we have been created is made clear by the Creator Himself. And we do know that life is very short on Earth, but the life after death is far longer. In fact, it is eternal.

We know that everything predicted and prophesied by Muhammad (pbuh) has either come true during his lifetime or later on or is about to come true.

Another prophecy of the Prophet (pbuh) where he says there will come a time when nothing nwill remain of Islam except its name and nothing will remain of the Quran except its drawing.

‘The prophecy that the clothing would degenerate. If we take a look today, they will tell you that part of civilization is actually to undress.

The less you wear, the more liberated you are’.

Islam teaches us purity. Islam says, you will be judged because of who you are, how your character and conduct is, and how your relationship with your Maker is.

You will be judged by your contribution to humankind and your dedication to the maker of humankind, Subhanallah. That’s Islam.

Remember one thing, you need to live in Islam.

The First Thing That Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Said In his Last Most Important Lecture | Mufti Menk

The final sermon or the farewell sermon is the most important lecture ever to be delivered.

The Creator knows what you should do to get that happiness. To get the contentment you see., Amazing…

Had this world been worth more than the weight of the wing of a fly in the eyes of Allah, He would have given it to the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him first. But He didn’t because it means nothing. It weighs zero in the eyes of Allah. It’s a deception, if you think of it,

Those who have are not content and those who are content don’t have and those who don’t have sometimes are looking for what?, they don’t have and lose their contentment. So it’s only belief in Allah that will help you to actually achieve the contentment everyone’s looking for.

The first thing the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) mentioned was that the blood between you is sacred. Do not spill blood. The most powerful message commenced with your blood and your dignity, your lives, basically as well as your reputations are all sacred just like the sacredness of this day.

You don’t falsely accuse people, and you don’t go to war with people for nothing. You don’t kill people. You don’t harm people and hurt people. This is the primary message of Islam.

He says, Well, your blood and your wealth and your dignity, your honor is sacred, just like the sacredness of this day in this month in this place. just like the sacredness of this day in this month in this place.

And that’s why they say the blood of a Muslim is more sacred than the sacred house, the kaaba.

Be Advised From Those Advices Of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) First Before Advising Others | Dr. Omar Suleiman

One of the most sensitive subjects; when you talk about the rights of a Muslim on another Muslim is this concept of Naseeha / This concept of sincere advice and the most sincere advisor that has ever been sent to us was none other than our messenger (pbuh). Until now, the sincere advice of the Prophet (pbuh) lives with us and it guides us, and it pushes us forward.

Prophet (pbuh) mentioned that goodness will prevail in this nation so long as we continue to sincerely advise one another. Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala tells us that advice is to be given in the best of ways even to the worst of people.

The overall spirit of generosity, that when the Prophet Muhammed (ﷺ) was giving you advice. He put his own ego to the side ,Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, anything of the Nafs /self to the side because it was all about your welfare.

Imam shafi (Rah) said, whoever gives his brother or sister advice in private, has given them sincere advice and beautified them, they come out better. They come out stronger. And whoever gives them advice in public has humiliated them and betrayed them. We don’t put people on blast in the name of sincerity.

The Prophet (pbuh) always mentioned the good quality first of a person before he tried to correct what he saw.

Every one of these specific advice to the Prophet (pbuh) or from the Prophet (pbuh) to a companion fits us as well. There isn’t a single one of those advises that you can’t read and take for yourself as something beneficial.

Guaranteed! Simple 2 Acts | Prophet ‎ﷺ Will Recognize You On The Day Of Judgment-Shaykh Hasan Ali #Shorts

How to get the Intercession (Shafaa’ah) of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) on the day of Judgment #shorts

Five Miracles! Reasons Behind Obsessive Love With Unbelievable Stories For Prophet(ﷺ)

A father, a counselor, a judge, a teacher, a warrior; greatest of all creation to however have set foot on the face of the Earth: These are some of the descriptions of the prophet of Allah, Muhammad (Pbuh).

It’s the likes of this work ethic and Limitless Ocean of sacrifice and endless Seas of compassion and never ending struggle that caused all of humanity rather all of creation to be obsessed with him to love him.

A love that caused Stones to speak, a love that caused tree trunks to weep, love that cause trees to move from their places, love that caused animals to weep upon seeing his radiant face sallallahu alaihi wasallam and finally, this was a love That the humbled lions and caused them to stop in their tracks.

If this was the type of love that animals and stones and insects had had towards him (pbuh, what then about the men and women who saw him (pbuh)…

What type of Love did the human beings have for him, the companions?

A woman from the tribe of Bani Dinar, bn Hisham (ra) narrates,was given the news that her husband had been killed after Uhud And she said what happened to the prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam? They said to her we are very sorry to tell you that your brother has also been slain. She said what happened to the messenger of Allah (Pbuh)? They said to her, forgive us for giving you this heavy news; On this day Your father has been slain. She said what happened to the messenger of Allah (Pbuh)?

They said,Alhamdulillah, he (Pbuh) is well. She said no, no, point him (pbuh) out. Point him (pbuh) out to me so that I can see him (pbuh) with my own eyes. Can you see him(pbuh)? she looked and then when she saw him(pbuh).

They heard mutter some words to herself. She said, every Calamity in life is small so long as you (pbuh) are okay.

They saw in him (pbuh) a human being who was a perfect embodiment of all of the values that he (pbuh) called towards. He (pbuh) invited them to be good people then they saw in him the best of them all. He (pbuh) commanded them to be brave. And so he (Pbuh) was the bravest of all people. You look at his bravery, You would think that Allah had only sent him (pbuh) to rearrange the armies, to appoint the generals to lead the Warriors, to strengthen the hearts of the soldiers when they were weak.

Al Bara, he would say whenever the intensity of War would become severe, we would hide behind the prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) and the bravest companion would be the one who would be able to stand side by side with him (pbuh) on Battle because he was advancing, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He (Pbuh) didn’t fear death. He (pbuh) commanded them to be generous. They saw in him (pbuh) the most generous of Allah’s creation describing him (pbuh) like the wind that blows and scatters money, spending on people as if he does not fear poverty. He (pbuh) was the king of his wealth. His (pbuh) wealth was not the king of him. his (pbuh) money was not in his heart, His money was beneath his feet.

Money did not manipulate him (pbuh). He (pbuh) manipulated his money where he sourced it from and how he invested it, To use his money as a vehicle to bring him to jannah.

He (Pbuh) was the most generous of all people. You think that Allah had only sent him (pbuh) to spend on the poor and to pay the debts of those in need. He (pbuh) commanded the Muslims to be compassionate and gentle.

You look at him alayhi salatu was Salam and you would think Allah had sent him (pbuh) for no other purpose other than to pass a gentle caring hand over the head of the orphan and to support the Widow, to give encouraging advice to those who are let down, To respond to the invitations of the downtrodden in society, And to eat from their food, even if it was about to go off, he (Pbuh) would not break their hearts and visit those who are handicapped and disabled.

You would think Allah had sent him (pbuh) for no other reason other than to be compassionate and kind. He (Pbuh) commanded his companions to be be worshippers of Allah jalla Jalaluhu. So what did they see in him (pbuh)? A Marvel of a worshipper, A man who would fast continuously, pray at night continuously till Allah Almighty would say to him, Take it easy on yourself.

A man whose feet would grow in size because of swelling and pain whose skin would crack because of continuous praying a man (pbuh) who would soak his beard and the soil beneath him and his clothes from his own tears and his wives would be patting their bed, patting the soil to see where the husband has gone. and their hands would fall on his feet.

As he (pbuh) was bowing and prostrating to Allah jalla jalaluhu in the Masjid, They would say you are in one place and we are in another place.. subhanAllah, A worshipper of Allah. A man (pbuh) who frequently looked into the heavens and frequently looked on to the Earth, He (pbuh) recognized the Grandeur of Allah jalla jalaluhu. This is why you love to him (Pbuh). This is why they loved him (pbuh). This is why we love him (pbuh).

Our messenger sallallahu alehiwassallaam was the finest of them all.

Cultures, Marriageable age And Questions On Prophetﷺ Marriage! Mohammad Ali Vs Visitor | Speakers Corner

What is the age where you should marry a girl According to the Bible? Why is that better than a law in the country that says 18 and these ages on what basis are you picking?

Because the girls there grow up physically and psychologically in a different way where the girls do in your country. It is a part of their culture something that they are used to, is not something taboo.

But what people do, are judging their own culture when on a culture that that existed in a desert in Arabia 1400 years ago.

Do you know Aysha (Ra) was already engaged, before Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) does the contract with her. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not have marriage with her intercourse until she was nine.

Do you know one of his other wives which were called Safiyah (ra) married at the age of 10, not him someone else? That was how the culture was working at the time.

Do you know 200 or 300 years ago in the UK and in America what was the legal age of marriage? it was seven years old. Do you know why they used to marry young? There were wars. Who goes fights and Wars? Men. The girl reaches the age of puberty straightaway the girl is ready for marriage.

That’s how it was, but my question to you is this who defines an adult? Do you know according to books called ‘human development’ on average girls on the age of 10 years old reach the age of puberty.

In hot weather the physical nature of the girl grows much quicker than the cold natured, Do you know that? So, when we look back at 1400 years ago that was complete different elements. Girls used to grow maturely very easily. . It was the culture of the time. They were also psychologically very mature. Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) waited for 3 years. Why would he (Pbuh) wait 3 years? None of the people at the time of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) have accused him of doing something wrong.

This society has an age restriction. Therefore they will look at you like you’re someone different. But that’s the problem. Who says this Society is right and the society 1400 years ago was wrong?

Have you been Have you ever been to the people who live in Mountains?  The people who only strictly live in mountains; How are these people grow and how the physical nature? I’m talking about countries which are hot. If you go there you will see how the girls look. The girl is 18 years old, and she looks like 21. They have different psychological, different societal, different environmental elements. You can’t apply your own standards on anyone else.

No one criticized him for marrying Ayesha (ra). Do you know why? [No, I don’t know.] That was the norm. Do you know the first wife of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)? How old was she? I think, she was 40 years old. How old was he? [28.] He was 25. So, someone wants to marry children, why would he marry someone 15 years older than him?

All of the wives of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) were widows, divorcees. Why did he (Pbuh) need so many wives? That’s a good question. To bring the people close.

He (Pbuh) married girls, for example, Safiyyah (Ra) that I mentioned to you about. She was the daughter of the leader of the Jewish tribe in Mecca. That was their Tradition at the time.

The Distance Between The Two Worlds Is Only One Breath! Heart-Touching – Durood-E-Ibrahim

This world and the other world… the distance between this world and the next world is only one breath. Whoever is breathing is still continuous and you’re in this world and whoever’s breathing has stopped then you’re in the other world. this whole bead of breathing place inside the pearls of sending Salawat on prophet (saw) and keep on saying sallallahu alaihi wasallam between each breath.

Then whether it’s this world or the other world that will be with you if you did that? The leader of the Two Worlds Muhammad sall-Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam will be with you.

What Angels Do When You Say Salawat Upon Prophet ﷺ | AIYP Ep-12 | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

We think of the prophet (saw) many ways. But how often do we think of the Prophet (saw) as a brother and not just any brother, but as the most blessed brother.

ٱللَّٰهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَىٰ مُحَمَّدٍ وَعَلَىٰ آلِ مُحَمَّدٍ

Allah-humma salli ‘ala Muhammad wa ‘ala aali Muhammad

Oh Allah, send your blessings upon Muhammad and upon the family of Muhammad

All your concerns will be lifted

When the companion Ubai Ibn Ka’ab asked the Messenger what would happen if he dedicated all of his supplications towards sending blessings on the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ .

The Prophet replied “Your needs will be satisfied and your sins will be forgiven”.

Ubai bin Ka’ab (may Allah be pleased with him), who said; ‘I said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, I supplicate often, so how much of my supplication should I devote to you?’ He replied, ‘as you desire’. I said, ‘a quarter of it?’ He said ‘as you desire, but if you were to increase upon this, it would be better for you.’ I said, ‘half of it?’ He said, ‘as you desire, but if you were to increase upon this, it would be better for you.’ I said, ‘two-thirds of it?’ He said again, ‘as you desire, but if you were to increase upon this, it would be better for you.’ Finally I said, ‘and if I dedicate my supplication in its entirety to you?’ He said, ‘then your needs will be satisfied, and your sins forgiven.’

(Sahih Musnad Ahmed)