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Response To My Parents Created Me! Abbas VS Atheist Lady | Speakers Corner

What about the admiration of the One Who created the universe..

Who created you, who fashioned you, who gave you your eyes?

Whenever we see something that’s contingent or reliant on something that has to assemble or fashion it in a certain way.

So, for example, the universe is contingent, it’s reliant upon helium and hydrogen and all of the other things that make the universe. Whatever is reliant on something cannot be the explanation for itself, but requires an explanation for its existence.

And what you can’t have is a series of material explanations infinitely going in the past because you can never traverse an infinite number of steps to reach this step; we’re talking today here in Speaker’s Corner.

We As Muslims Don’t Believe In God blindly! Raihan VS Atheist Couple | Speakers Corner

I can give you reasons why I believe that there is the Creator. I cannot give you tangible proof for the existence of God. I can give you reason.

And if it’s a good reason then that’s a belief. We as Muslims, we’re not taught just to believe in God blindly.

In fact, if you read the Quran, it’s so intellectual, it challenges the reader.

Do they not consider the Qur’an (with care)? Had it been from other Than Allah, they would surely have found therein Much discrepancy. SURAH AN-NISA AYAT 82 (4:82 QURAN)

The Quran is actually opening for you to challenge. If you don’t believe this is from God, if you don’t believe this from Allah, prove it wrong.

This Will Happen To The Most Suffered Person On The Judgment Day! Abbas To Atheist | Speakers Corner

God forbid somebody going through that doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist. Doesn’t mean that the Quran is somehow false.


It just means that the mechanics of how everything works, we don’t understand.

Allah says, on the Day of Judgment, We will bring the person who has suffered the most in this world. In other words, throughout all of human history, this individual suffered more than anyone else, And We shall dip him for but a split second in paradise and question him did you suffer anything in this world?

And he will answer, I swear by you, my Lord, I have seen no suffering.

So Allah says that on that day, this world and what happened in this world will become inconsequential. It will not matter.

Traumatic Experiences Don’t Negate God’s Existence! Abbas & Atheist | Speakers Corner

God says to you in the Quran that I have created the jinn and the human beings; and the spirits for no other reason but to worship Me. Now, the why He did that is a secondary point.

Did He actually say that? Did He actually do that? That’s what I’m worried about more.

Because if I don’t understand the why, it doesn’t change those two things initially. Me understanding the why or not understanding the why doesn’t change the reality or whether God created me for worship or not.

Tell Me More After Hearing The Verse Of Reflecting On Creation! Hashim & Atheist | Speakers Corner

We believe that we have something good and we like to share that. And for us, that is our faith, our religion, our love for God, and our love for you as a human being. That we want to see you with us in paradise after this life.

We will show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. But is it not sufficient concerning your Lord that He is, over all things, a Witness? Verse (41:53)

Do You wear Hijab In Your Religion! Smile 2 Jannah & American Lady | Speakers Corner

In your religion where you wear hijab? Does everyone wear them or?


So once a girl has reached the age of puberty and she’s mature, it’s obligatory for her to adorn the hijab.

Prophecy About The Roman Persian War-Byzantines in the Quran! Abbas VS Visitor | Speakers Corner

In Surah Ar-Rum (The Romans). Ch 30 in the Quran. It talks about the battle of the Persians and the Roman Empire.


There were so many ways a prophecy would have failed, but Allah told us that this will happen, and indeed that is what happened.

‘Through You’ Emotional Reminders By Mansur After Her Shahada| Speakers Corner

The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says, and even if you learned one verse, convey to the people.

‘Through You’ Emotional Reminders By Mansur After Her Shahada| Speakers Corner

Try to learn about Islam. Understand Islam. Make yourself better, representative of Islam. Practice Islam so that the people by through your actions and your etiquettes and your attitudes and your manners and your behaviors, they will be more interested in Islam.

Our lives may be limited. Do we know when you’re going to die? We don’t.

But we want to continue the legacy through you, In sha Allah, continue and help the people who haven’t seen the light.

Try your best to learn and to impart this knowledge to people so people can at least accept Islam and not go into hellfire.

Comedian Agnostic Got Trapped By His Infinite Regression Logic! Hamza | Speakers Corner

Does your Creator exist in an infinite regression?

If you have an infinite regression of things, that means a number of things have happened in the past.
Then how do we get to the present?

That Reason Jesus Said The Comforter Would Come After Him! Nazam & Visitor | Speakers Corner

Jesus said, when the comforter or the Paraclete will come in John’s Gospel, he will guide us to all truths and he will remind you of my teachings. So that implies that Jesus’s teachings will become corrupt at some point in time. And this paraclete or Comforter will come. He will remind people of Jesus words and he will prophesy.

So Muslims believe that to be the prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) because after Jesus Christ, Islam is the last world major religion with over 1 billion followers.