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Pay Attention! Someone Is Addressing Your Life &Problems – Mufti Menk

Do you know when you are listening to the words of Allah subhanahu wata’ala you’re meant to be concentrating, you’re meant to be listening, you meant to be thinking, you’re meant to be paying attention?

So when the Qur’an is recited, then listen to it and pay attention that you may receive mercy. (7:204)

One very important factor that I wish to mention the Quran is so powerful that when you listen to its explanation it will seem as though someone is addressing you and your problems, your issues as though they knew your life and your problems, you will wonder; how this Person did know what exactly to address? The reality is it is from the Maker He knew, He knows, H will know and He created everyone. So the verses that are recited and explained coming to you will definitely impact upon you in a very very positive way regarding issues that you are facing in your life. that’s why Allah says listen attentively.

It will make sense and it will definitely impact upon you as though someone knew your life and your problems, yes Allah does know your life and He does know your problems. – Mufti Menk


Fix The Contents Of Your Book Before It Gets Too Late

In this Friday sermon (kuthbah) #MuftiMenk urges that on the day whoever gets their books and they see goodness in the book they should thank Allah, which book is this? The book that we are writing right now, we are writing a book, every one of us is an author, every one of us is writing a book, there is a scribe on our behalf writing the angels are writing whose book our book who is deciding the #contents of the #book, well our actions, our words, our deeds, are deciding the contents of that book. So write it well.

“You are breathing; it’s not too late, you are alive, it’s not too late. Delete what is in your book, change it and write something else. When you make a mistake you can rub it off, you can erase it and it’s not too late. Never lose hope in the mercy of Allah, Allah will forgive all your sins, you can change all the bad, only put good things in your book”. – Mufti Menk