Fix The Contents Of Your Book Before It Gets Too Late

In this Friday sermon (kuthbah) #MuftiMenk urges that on the day whoever gets their books and they see goodness in the book they should thank Allah, which book is this? The book that we are writing right now, we are writing a book, every one of us is an author, every one of us is writing a book, there is a scribe on our behalf writing the angels are writing whose book our book who is deciding the #contents of the #book, well our actions, our words, our deeds, are deciding the contents of that book. So write it well.

“You are breathing; it’s not too late, you are alive, it’s not too late. Delete what is in your book, change it and write something else. When you make a mistake you can rub it off, you can erase it and it’s not too late. Never lose hope in the mercy of Allah, Allah will forgive all your sins, you can change all the bad, only put good things in your book”. – Mufti Menk

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