Don’t Chase After The Latest Of Everything

#Materialism is taking over very fast. People really are following the latest of everything. we are drowning with that; cut it, that’s a sign of the anger of Allah .if that wealth came with the #arrogance of karun, it is a punishment and if it came with the obedience of Suleiman (as) it is actually the mercy of Allah. Be happy with what Allah has given you.

“Don’t rush behind that when you get too attached to something and it is coming between you and Allah and your heart is beginning to love it so much that it’s now getting between you and Allah , cut it. – #MuftiMenk

Do These Powerful Acts On Arafah Day To Renew That Contract With Allah (Swt) | Dr Omar Suleiman

The prophet (pbuh) described as the best day that the sun has risen upon is the day of Arafah. The day that you come to know your Lord, every single year.

All of us stood before Allah on that day, and it was upon us that an oath was taken, Alalh asked each and every single one of us, am I not your Lord? Allah asked each and every single one of us am I not your Lord? And all of us say, yes, we bear witness.

The day that represents one of the five pillars of Islam. The best thing that you can do that covenant over and over and over again.

The word Arafah means to come to know, to come to know who? To come to know your Lord, And if you know your Lord then you know yourself.

And if you know yourself then once you know your Lord and then you know yourself, then you will naturally know your own shortcomings in regards to your Lord, the blessings that He has bestowed upon you are prerequisite to understanding the deficiency with which you have responded, which then leads you to the most sincere version of your supplication, realize that the dua that we say throughout that day does not just have an acknowledgment of Allah’s oneness, but a praise for all of the blessings that He showers upon us throughout the year and the prophet (pbuh) taught us Sayyidul Istighfar.

Only The Quran Answers Those Questions Not Science! Shamsi To Visitor | Speakers Corner

In order for you and I to know which one is the message of the most High, Which one is a fake one, for example, the true messages of God that come with the prophecies, that come with the miracles, they come with the same teachings, even though they never met each other.

So we have to ask the questions; how we got here, what is our purpose in life, why we have to die? And these questions, no one answered in details like the prophets and messengers, especially in the Quran.

The Quran says we have created you one of the reasons, the wisdom behind it for purpose is to worship the Creator likewise as a test, likewise for the Creator… implement His name, attributes: attributes of mercy, of love, of anger, of justice, of wisdom, of Highness, you know, likewise to recognize one another.

Why Islam is true because Islam goes in line with our universal knowledge, our common sense; universal knowledge… Naturally, you know that you should worship one God, there is one Creator. Naturally, you know that for something to come into existence must have a creator. Naturally, you know that oppression is wrong, you see.

So with Allah, sent the messengers, especially Islam, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), He said sent him with the legislation that goes in line with that worship one God, believe all the prophets and messengers, Moses, Abraham, Noah, Jacob, Isaac, all of them, because all of them came to us to worship one God. And when we die, Islam speaks about that in details.

What distinguishes Islam from any religion or any way of life or any idea, Islam goes in line with our universal knowledge. Who give us a universal knowledge? The Creator….

Top 7 Targets For The Best 10 Days Of The Year! Dhul Hijjah Or Zul-Hijjah |Ustad Muhammad Tim Humble

One of the best, if not the best of all of the times of the year, a time which Allah (swt) swore by in the Quran and Allah azzawajal only swears by the most important of things.

So this is a huge opportunity for us after the month of Ramadan has ended and all of us felt the effect of the end of the month of Ramadan, maybe many of the effects of that month have gone from us. Many of the extra deeds that we used to do have gone from us, many of the extra prayers that we used to do have gone, many of the extra reading of the Quran that we used to do, much of it has gone. Much of the extra charity that we used to give has gone, much of the extra remembrance of Allah that we used to do has gone. Now we have a chance to bring it back again in a time that is the best time for good deeds in the whole year.

So really, we have two things to think about. The first thing is to maximize the time that we have in these 10 days. So if we are expecting Eid to be in the 10 days to maximize this time and the nights come with the days. So it’s not just the daytime because the nighttime comes with the day. So the day and the night to maximize that and get the most out of it.

The prophet (pbuh), he said, the greatest day in the whole year in the sight of Allah is the day of sacrifice.

How many amazing things happen in these 10 days; First of all, the days in which your deeds are most beloved to Allah. Second of all, the day in which Allah frees more people from the Hellfire than any other day. Third of all, the best of all of the days of the year is the day of Eid ul Adha.

Reciting tasbeeh, tahmeed, tahleel and takbeer abundantly.

There are many ways in which you can increase in reward during Dhul Hijjah. Performing dhikr (remembrance of Allah) is one of the easiest ways to obtain reward and which can fit around your work and family life.

It is a highly recommended Sunnah to recite during the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah, the following:

  • Tasbeeh (SubhanAllah) • Tahmeed (Alhamdulillah) • Tahleel (Laa ilaaha ill-Allah) • Takbeer (Allahu Akbar)

“That they may witness things that are of benefit to them (reward of Hajj in the Hereafter and also some worldly gain from trade), and mention the Name of Allah on appointed days, over the beast of cattle that He has provided for them (for sacrifice).” (Qur’an 22:28)

Where Would I End Up If Not Going To Get Into Heaven! Mohammed Ali & Visitor | Speakers Corner

What scares me a little bit is the fact that a lot of people say to me, oh, yourself as religious, you’re not going to get into heaven.

When you say I’m a good person or if you do good, who defines what is good and bad?

So what we say as Muslims is this, In order for me to say I’m a good person, I have to first define what’s good. How we define good is how God defines us good, it’s not dependent on what I think.

So I can never say I’m good unless I’m really following God’s command completely,.

In Islam to be a very brief summary, a person who goes to hell fire, he needs three conditions.

If we don’t do what God tells us to do and someone else, let’s say we don’t follow the God’s commands and he follows it, is it fair for God to deal with us both in the same manner?

For God to create the universe that God has to exist first, then create the universe. If He existed before creating the universe, He cannot be inside the universe because there was no universe.


To whom Allah Prays & What Happens on the special Moment of Arafah! Dr. Omar Suleiman

Sometimes we take for granted when Allah responds to us with how He is going to reward us, what exactly that means.

every single time you send Salah and Salam upon peace be upon him, an angel informs him and he responds to you by name.

What does it mean when Allah sends Salah upon you, what does that even mean? How does Allah sends salah upon me? In fact, how does Allah send salah upon Rasulullah (pbuh) what does it mean to say Allah sends salah, sends His prayers upon someone?

Salaah means something very specific, and that is and that is His forgiveness. And we actually take this from a hadith where the prophet (pbuh) was receiving the charity of various people and Abdullah ibn Abi Aufa (Ra), he says that when people would come to the prophet (pbuh), He would say to them as they brought their chairty to him, Prophet (pbuh) would say, may Allah send salaat upon you. and the prophet (pbuh) says, I send salah upon that person as well.

And so the particular meaning here is forgiveness, the forgiveness from Allah (swt). , when it comes to as salah in general, when Allah sends salah upon you, it carries multiple meanings that also encapsulate this.

One of the things that we learn is that as we send salah on the prophet (pbuh), Allah prays upon us, The angels pray upon us, the prophet (pbuh) prays upon us.

When it comes to Allah, Allah is praying upon you is unlike any other creation praying upon you, sending Salah upon you. It’s completely different because ultimately when the prophet (pbuh) prays, Who does he pray to? Allah.

When the angels seek forgiveness, who are they seeking forgiveness from? Allah. They’re seeking forgiveness for us from Allah, but they’re praying to Allah.

But when the Allah (swt) himself has this attribute of Salah, there’s something very special about that. And it actually combines all of the meanings in the most beautiful of ways.  The most general meaning of the Salah of Allah upon His creation is that Allah mentions you in the highest heavens.

When Allah announces to the heavens I have forgiven this person, there is nothing greater than that because Allah praises you.

Empirical Evidence To Determine The Metaphysical Like God! Hashim Vs Skeptic | Speakers Corner

Before we go to cause and effect, let’s first get one thing; We have to establish whether the existence, whatever it is, even from the minuteness, a quark within the atoms to your existence, to the existence of the universe.

No scientist will tell you that quantum vacuum is nothing. Nothing is actually a concept. In order for us to communicate, just like we use numbers, we use things like nothing, something, everything, Infinity; Yeah. This is in order for us to communicate, in order to formulate things in mathematics. So the bottom line here is it doesn’t exist, in reality. The best way to describe it as absence of everything.

My perspective is pretty clear; We have one God who created everything, you and me, the universe, everything, and it sustains all this. it might seem very simplistic to you, but to be honest with you, even logically, thinking, like I said, something cannot come from nothing. So you must have something.

Come from OK, doesn’t apply to God because He always exists. If something is something is eternal. Then it doesn’t need to come into existence.

The cause and effect, the Kalam cosmological argument goes like this. If something begins to exist, then it must have a cause. And this cause has to be something. It cannot be nothing.

What information or knowledge will convince you that you have consciousness That comes under empirical evidence?

Conscious is not something that you have data. You’re questioning your rationality; Everything depends on your consciousness, yet you have no evidence for consciousness.  You can never deny your consciousness because without that, none of your senses will work. But you believe it.

The reason I brought God in is that a person cannot deny his consciousness even with a lack of empirical evidence and the same person is asking for empirical evidence for God.

Once you acknowledge that something has to be there for all of this, the universe to exist. The universe didn’t come about by itself.

Allah Showed Her Home In Paradise! The Number One Ingredient During Hardship | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

When we ourselves go through this life as individuals or as a community through hardships, the number one ingredient the number one component of patience is paradise and this is throughout the Quran and the Sunnah.

the prophet (pbuh) says, be patient, oh family of Yasir. You have an appointment in Paradise. Paradise is waiting for you.

Allah did not promise you, Allah did not promise you as an individual that you’re going to see perfect justice in your life, in this life. And sometimes you know how we comfort ourselves. We think about just, the day of judgment and payback.

Allah promised us that paradise If we are patient; to remind about paradise, to be certain that it is there and to strive towards it and to seek its reward and to seek its bounty.

A Powerful Boost Of Faith To Overcome Anxiety During Difficult Times Or Uncertainty! Mufti Menk

A lot is happening across the globe, more so the difficulty and hardship that people are facing as a result of the changing world because of a pandemic that has overtaken the globe.

As a Mumin / believer, we do realize that everything is in the hands of Allah. We are believers and we know that Allah can change things at any time, positive or negative. It’s up to him. He does what He wishes.

Some people struggle with anxiety because they don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow and perhaps they need a boost of faith. That nothing will harm you except if Allah has written it against you and no good will comes in your direction, except if Allah has written it for you. So lay your trust in Allah, try your best and be pleased with whatever the outcome is.

As believers, you need a ton of faith in Allah in order to go through difficulty and hardship;  conviction that is required to overcome anything.

When you are far from Allah, you have forgotten Allah and you are harming other creatures of Allah, then your hardship might be a punishment from Allah.

In your life, do something that will last longer than your life. We love whatever Allah does for us because we know He’s our Lord. We are going to go back to Him and He will grant us ultimately jannatul firdaus; no matter what happened on Earth.

How To Overcome Seven Obstacles To Reconnect With Allah | Shaykh Ali Hammuda

A lifestyle that is closer to Allah (swt) and nearer to the happiness of this world, and the hereafter; people who are in regret of their past, fed up with their sin, sick and tired of being miserable, And so their eyes and their souls have finally turned towards tawbah/ repentance. this blessed group of people; They complain of what they perceive to be obstacles that limit their ability to properly repent.

The first perceived illusionary obstacle is this, he said, it’s only a minor sin, it’s minor, other people are doing far worse. Now, that statement could only be uttered by someone who doesn’t see Allah (swt) in the light that He deserves to be seen in. Do not look at the smallness of the sin, but consider the greatness of the one whom you have just disobeyed.

Second argument; he or she may say, if I knew that Allah would forgive a person like me, I would not hesitate to repent now. Allah is happier with your repentance.

Argument number three; Look, since repentance resets my sins to zero, and it does just that. What about the years that I’ve wasted? see, Shaitaan, he will attempt to derail somebody from the path of repentance. by saying other people are so ahead of you. Allah says, Except for those who repent, and they believe, and they walk righteous deeds for them, Allah will replace their sins into good deed. Sins replaced into good deeds for he who repents.

Argument number four, brother or sister may say I’ve chosen the path of repentance, but I have now pressure from my family and friends. don’t give up and don’t give people more attention than they are worth.

Arguments number five: I want to repent, but friends are threatening me. They say that if I walk away, they will expose me. You’re a dignified Muslim. You are not to be toyed with by the allies of Shaitaan. The plots of Shaitaan; remember, by their nature they are weak.

A sixth obstacle that stands in the way, he or she who wants to repent: They say, I can’t forgive myself what I’ve done in the past. That’s a sign of sincere repentance, because the Prophet (pbuh) said, regret is repentance. And Furthermore, even if the sin is erased after repentance, there are things that should never be erased. Shyness at Allah, from Allah and having confronted Him with the sin to begin with…. How foolish is he who prefers that brief moment of pleasure in Haram, the regret of which never leaves his heart, even if he is forgiven!- Ibn al-Jawzi (rah)

Argument number seven: I don’t feel that I have anything particular to repent about. no one in existence will enter Paradise through their good deeds. If it wasn’t the mercy of Allah, the Hell Fire would be our rightful home.


A Match like Made In Heaven Regarding Marriage! Mufti Menk

Nikkah/ marriage comes with great responsibility. And this responsibility is something that definitely needs to be fulfilled from all parties and by all parties.

The words given by Allah (swt) repeated by Rasulallah (pbuh), wherein he says, … Be conscious of Allah. Remember, you are taking each other with the name of Allah. Don’t do that which will displease Allah.

You must learn not to be too fussy about things. You must learn not to want things your way all the time. It’s an act of worship.

The problem with us when we want to control the lives of others, It depicts the biggest weakness in us.

It’s important for us to work on our marriages, like I said, we may have turbulence. It’s normal to have a few disagreements, a few misunderstandings. But it’s not normal to make that a source of abuse and a source of discord to the degree of belittling someone hurting them, harming them. No. Let’s solve our problems.

Sometimes you have to compromise that thing or two. You’ll never get 100%. If you get 80, 90, oh, 80 is brilliant. MashaAllah, 80% compatibility. That’s like a match made in heaven. 20%, You have to compromise.

Mahr is not a competition. Look after my daughter. Even if you didn’t give much, it’s fine. I want you to respect my child. That’s it.