Don’t Chase After The Latest Of Everything

#Materialism is taking over very fast. People really are following the latest of everything. we are drowning with that; cut it, that’s a sign of the anger of Allah .if that wealth came with the #arrogance of karun, it is a punishment and if it came with the obedience of Suleiman (as) it is actually the mercy of Allah. Be happy with what Allah has given you.

“Don’t rush behind that when you get too attached to something and it is coming between you and Allah and your heart is beginning to love it so much that it’s now getting between you and Allah , cut it. – #MuftiMenk

A Powerful Boost Of Faith To Overcome Anxiety During Difficult Times Or Uncertainty! Mufti Menk

A lot is happening across the globe, more so the difficulty and hardship that people are facing as a result of the changing world because of a pandemic that has overtaken the globe.

As a Mumin / believer, we do realize that everything is in the hands of Allah. We are believers and we know that Allah can change things at any time, positive or negative. It’s up to him. He does what He wishes.

Some people struggle with anxiety because they don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow and perhaps they need a boost of faith. That nothing will harm you except if Allah has written it against you and no good will comes in your direction, except if Allah has written it for you. So lay your trust in Allah, try your best and be pleased with whatever the outcome is.

As believers, you need a ton of faith in Allah in order to go through difficulty and hardship;  conviction that is required to overcome anything.

When you are far from Allah, you have forgotten Allah and you are harming other creatures of Allah, then your hardship might be a punishment from Allah.

In your life, do something that will last longer than your life. We love whatever Allah does for us because we know He’s our Lord. We are going to go back to Him and He will grant us ultimately jannatul firdaus; no matter what happened on Earth.

How To Overcome Seven Obstacles To Reconnect With Allah | Shaykh Ali Hammuda

A lifestyle that is closer to Allah (swt) and nearer to the happiness of this world, and the hereafter; people who are in regret of their past, fed up with their sin, sick and tired of being miserable, And so their eyes and their souls have finally turned towards tawbah/ repentance. this blessed group of people; They complain of what they perceive to be obstacles that limit their ability to properly repent.

The first perceived illusionary obstacle is this, he said, it’s only a minor sin, it’s minor, other people are doing far worse. Now, that statement could only be uttered by someone who doesn’t see Allah (swt) in the light that He deserves to be seen in. Do not look at the smallness of the sin, but consider the greatness of the one whom you have just disobeyed.

Second argument; he or she may say, if I knew that Allah would forgive a person like me, I would not hesitate to repent now. Allah is happier with your repentance.

Argument number three; Look, since repentance resets my sins to zero, and it does just that. What about the years that I’ve wasted? see, Shaitaan, he will attempt to derail somebody from the path of repentance. by saying other people are so ahead of you. Allah says, Except for those who repent, and they believe, and they walk righteous deeds for them, Allah will replace their sins into good deed. Sins replaced into good deeds for he who repents.

Argument number four, brother or sister may say I’ve chosen the path of repentance, but I have now pressure from my family and friends. don’t give up and don’t give people more attention than they are worth.

Arguments number five: I want to repent, but friends are threatening me. They say that if I walk away, they will expose me. You’re a dignified Muslim. You are not to be toyed with by the allies of Shaitaan. The plots of Shaitaan; remember, by their nature they are weak.

A sixth obstacle that stands in the way, he or she who wants to repent: They say, I can’t forgive myself what I’ve done in the past. That’s a sign of sincere repentance, because the Prophet (pbuh) said, regret is repentance. And Furthermore, even if the sin is erased after repentance, there are things that should never be erased. Shyness at Allah, from Allah and having confronted Him with the sin to begin with…. How foolish is he who prefers that brief moment of pleasure in Haram, the regret of which never leaves his heart, even if he is forgiven!- Ibn al-Jawzi (rah)

Argument number seven: I don’t feel that I have anything particular to repent about. no one in existence will enter Paradise through their good deeds. If it wasn’t the mercy of Allah, the Hell Fire would be our rightful home.


A Match like Made In Heaven Regarding Marriage! Mufti Menk

Nikkah/ marriage comes with great responsibility. And this responsibility is something that definitely needs to be fulfilled from all parties and by all parties.

The words given by Allah (swt) repeated by Rasulallah (pbuh), wherein he says, … Be conscious of Allah. Remember, you are taking each other with the name of Allah. Don’t do that which will displease Allah.

You must learn not to be too fussy about things. You must learn not to want things your way all the time. It’s an act of worship.

The problem with us when we want to control the lives of others, It depicts the biggest weakness in us.

It’s important for us to work on our marriages, like I said, we may have turbulence. It’s normal to have a few disagreements, a few misunderstandings. But it’s not normal to make that a source of abuse and a source of discord to the degree of belittling someone hurting them, harming them. No. Let’s solve our problems.

Sometimes you have to compromise that thing or two. You’ll never get 100%. If you get 80, 90, oh, 80 is brilliant. MashaAllah, 80% compatibility. That’s like a match made in heaven. 20%, You have to compromise.

Mahr is not a competition. Look after my daughter. Even if you didn’t give much, it’s fine. I want you to respect my child. That’s it.

Quran ⚠ Were They Created From Nothingness! Mansur & Young atheist visitors | Speakers Corner

When we say existential questions, what we’re referring to is some fundamental questions; human beings will inevitably ask at some point in their lives when they realize, you know, what are they doing here? Where do they come from? What’s going to happen after death, Right?

All of us agree on this, that we want the better of the human race as well as anything else within our Cosmos that we can see. So when it comes to being compassionate, having empathy, having sympathy, tolerance, mutual respect, understanding, I think we all agree that this is what should be the basis of all living in this world.

As A Muslim, we believe we are not here because of a coincidence or a mere chance that we are here. We are here with a purpose by design. We have been put here with a reason and a purpose by Someone Who has created.

So we call this someone the Creator, to fulfill a purpose and how we arrived to this conclusion that we are a creation of a Creator is the question that we might be able to now have a discussion about in terms of what are the tools that we have at our disposal, which we can use to answer some of those questions.

Absolute nothingness is a conceptual understanding in which there was nothing. Can you imagine there was at one point in the past, absolute nothingness like that?

if we understand, at least conceptually what this is, that means this nothingness doesn’t have anything within it to do anything, to create anything, to produce anything, to manufacture anything, to bring about existence of anything else. Because simply it’s the absence of everything, in general in our physics that we understand to do something, nothingness will result in nothingness all the time.

No matter how far you go back, there will be eternally something in existence. And as a Muslim, I do find that the Quran actually mentions this point for us to reflect on it, were they created from nothingness?  Quran:Ayah at-Tur (The Mount, The Mountain) ch.52. V.35

if I know for sure that I am here created by a creator for a reason and I do not fulfill that purpose, then what’s going to be my outcome?

Success in this life; It’s not only knowing who’s the best girlfriend or wife or a partner, what is the best job, what is the best restaurant? What’s the best thing to wear? Success in this life also means being successful in your purpose in this life.

So knowing these questions about our very purpose of life not only gives you the tranquility, peace and comfort in your heart, but it then gives you an outlook to live in this life. And you’ll find that outlook is one of working in harmony of this universe because the creator did not create this universe where everyone can just go and plunder and loot and and terrorize and oppressed people.

The creator wants us to live in harmony and to live in peace and tranquility, but also fulfill the rights of God as well as the rights of creation, just like the creation has rights over us.

if I know that knowing that I am a creation of a creator with certain obligations and prohibitions, I cannot wrong you even though I had the ability to wrong you. I can not commit oppression and injustice on you, even though I might have the power to do so.





Masjid Al-Aqsa: Has Allah Abandoned The Ummah Of The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)! Ustad Asim Khan

In Palestine, Palestinians are suffering. We’ve seen, we’ve seen the bombs raining down on Gaza and we’ve seen the most sacred, the third most sacred place in the entire world being desecrated in the month of Ramadan.

The most sacred of all places after Mecca and Medina, Jerusalem:  Masjidul-Al Aqsa This is a place that has been mentioned in the Quran is being blessed.

It was the place where we used to face to pray, The first qibla /direction of the Muslims; Masjid al-Aqsa And that is why it should be a place of sacredness inside the hearts of every Muslim.

One of the ways we have become confused at what we see of this Ummah, that there is so much suffering and oppression is we see the political instability in the Muslim world as a sign that Allah has abandoned us. And on top of that, we see that when the oppressors and the enemies of Islam are strong and have military might, that somehow that they are the ones in the right and they are the ones blessed. But this is not correct.

A sign of political might; is not a sign of Allah’s blessing and love. And also being military weak and politically unstable is not a sign that Allah (swt) has abandoned us.

Allah says in the Quran, The ultimate victory is for who? It is for those who fear Allah (swt).


Don’t Mess Up Your Attained Ramadan Reward On Eid Day | Mufti Menk And Dr. Omar Suleiman

Who deserves to have Eid? It’s only those who took the month of Ramadan seriously, Allah says in order that you complete the entire period So Allah gives you the day of Eid because He’s guided you. If you have followed them, you deserve a day of Eid.

If you did not respect the month of Ramadan, you don’t deserve a day of Eid. Make sure you don’t mess up the reward that you’ve attained throughout the month of Ramadan.

When you’re dressed appropriately, it doesn’t mean here is the day of eid, I remove my appropriate dress. I covered up so nicely. In Islam, clothing is there to cover. in other cultures, sometimes clothing is there to reveal. Ask yourself, am I clothing in order to cover or my clothing in order to show and reveal.

Allah says, when Ramadan ends, don’t go back to the old you That was before Ramadan, but rather maintain that goodness in that balance and understand I need to improve myself. I must do something better than I did before Ramadan, after Ramadan.

We thank Allah by what He has given to us, by what He has done for us, by Ebadh / by fasting. But celebration is very unique in Islam; the idea of Eid is very unique in Islam. Our two Eids in Islam is that they both come after worship, they both come after sacrifice.

When you sacrifice for Allah (swt), then you have the joy of reaping the acceptance of Allah (swt), the reward in that sense in this life, and you have the greater joy of seeing the reward of it in the next life.

Our Eids mark our own efforts; they come after our own efforts and then depending on the mercy of Allah (swt), celebrating the mercy of Allah (swt).

Allah says, call Me, I will answer you, call Me, I will answer you. The Prophet (pbuh) said call Allah with the certainty in His response.

It’s celebrating the mercy of Allah that ya Allah, you allowed us to worship You.

We celebrate our Eids not in heedlessness, not with disobedience of Allah (swt), We celebrate our Eid with recitation, with celebration, counting on the greater celebration with Allah (swt).

Simple These 3 Things To Uphold The Spirit Of Ramadan After Ramadan | Ustad Asim Khan

You do an Act of worship; does it automatically mean that Allah has accepted it?

Allah says He only accepts from those who are righteous, meaning not only do you have to do the good deed; you have to do it for the right reason. When those two things come together, you’re doing the good deed with the right reason. Then it is accepted by Allah (swt).

In fact, some of the scholars, they say that the tail end of Ramadan is the sign from Allah, whether the whole Ramadan has been accepted.

When you see your life in the Grand scale of the hereafter, you think that you only live for the blink of an eye. Subanallah, In the same way Ramadan comes and goes to teach us that your life will come and go as well. What then are you doing to take advantage of these moments?

Ramadan as a training camp wants that inspires you to be a better version of yourself.

So there are three things that you should continue to carry on after Ramadan

The first one is your connection with the Book of Allah (Swt).

The Second thing: fasting, fastingis an Act of worship not confined to the month of Ramadan. Don’t we know that the prophet (pbuh) used to fast every Monday and Thursday? And he did so because he said, my deeds are presented to Allah on those days, the Angels present our good deeds to Allah (swt), And he said, I want to be in a state of fasting when those deeds are presented.

And the last thing is, what, is your Salah, Salah, Salah, Salah.

If there’s nothing you can do in your life, the last thing should be is my prayer. I cannot let go of that, subhanAllah. It should be the last thing that you ever let go of. Nothing should come between you and your salah.

Are You Feeling The Pain For The Masjid Al-Aqsa! Mohammed Ali | Speakers Corner

Allah (swt) says in the Quran: Verily, the believers are Brothers.

If your brother in Islam is being harmed, if your mother is being harmed, your sister is being harmed, If your child is being harmed, would you stay silent? You wouldn’t stay silent, would you?

Our brothers and sisters in Islam are being harassed by these cowards of the occupation forces.

Allah (swt) says in the Quran; What s wrong with you? Why are you not standing in the way of Allah against those who are oppressing women, children?……

Then Allah (swt) says those who believe stand in the way of Allah and those who disbelieve stand in the way of the devil.

We should spread awareness about this. We should support their own brothers and sisters. If you see anyone talking about this, share it, like it, let other people know.

Now, where are these hypocrites of the media? Whenever a Muslim does something, You hear them speaking about it, now we don’t hear him speaking about what’s happening in Palestine.

The prophet (pbuh) said the true believers are like one body; If a part of the body gets hurt, the rest of the body feels the pain. Are you feeling the pain?

The prophet Muhammed (pbuh) said, None of you will be a true believer unless he loves for his brother while he loves for himself.

You love security for yourself, don’t you? You love to pray in the mosque in peace. You love to eat your meal in iftar, You love to sit down in your house without a bomb coming in your head, don’t you? You love to do that.

So why you don’t love it for your other brothers and sisters as well?

This is an issue of Aqidah / Creed. This is our mosque; Masjid Al-Aqsa. This is not an issue of just Muslims being prosecuted. But it’s also an issue of Creed. Who doesn’t defend Masjid Al-Aqsa today, he will not defend Makkah If something happens. He will not defend Medina, If something happens, there today today, we can see who are the true believers for who are the false believers.

Did You Know These About Laylatul Qadr| Mufti Menk

At any given time, Ramadan or out of Ramadan, a believer chooses to be in the right place and always asks Allah to guide him or her to be in the right place at the right time.

Then this evening as the Sun set, we entered into one of the odd nights from among the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Did you know that laylatul qadr could be any night of Ramadan to start with, from the beginning to the end?

But there is a greater likelihood that it is one of the last 10 nights any one of them. So we’re taught take every night seriously, the dua if I were to ask you that would be most loved by Allah on Laylatul Qadr:

o Allah, you love to forgive. You are forgiving, you love to forgive. So forgive me.

Don’t ever let the night pass without having sought the forgiveness of Allah.

Your life is Transforming is changing. You’re feeling like a rejuvenated person. That’s Laylatul Qadr.

So remember that it’s the mercy of Allah, and not only this night, all of the 10 nights of Ramadan.


Beautiful 40 Rabbana Dua From The Quran With Soothing Recitation

The Du’a Of The Fasting Person Is Not Rejected,

The Du’a Just Before Breaking The Fast Is Not Rejected And The Du’a Made In The Last Third Of The Night Is Never Rejected, This Month Literally Means Your Du’as Will Be Accepted, So Remember To Make Loads Of Du’a Throughout The Day.. And Allah SWT Ease Our Hardship And Heartaches And Accept Out Efforts Ameen.