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Paradise Is Yours Just Give A Reason To Allah! Mufti Menk

Do not become too attached to anything you found on this earth. You learn to take, give, and subhanallah, reach out.

Don’t get too attached. You’re going to lose it. But when you get something in the hereafter, it is said, even the people you’re going to meet, you will recognize them because Allah allows you to recognize them.

One of the best ways of earning the mercy of Allah is to constantly seek His forgiveness.

‘Two Scenes On Judgment Day’ The Answer Of A Negative Journey Of Doubt | Dr. Omar Suleiman

The Scene of the celebration and the scene of those who failed to stay on the straight path. May Allah make us amongst those who did not doubt, but who stayed the course and allow us to crush those whisperers.

when someone says, I’m not sure if this is all true. Maybe because inside you really don’t want it to be all true. I’m not sure. really true? Is it really true? Is this, this, this, that? Is this really there? Is this really there?

And it’s like, If I’m right and you’re wrong, then I’m going to be okay. And if you’re right and I’m wrong, then nothing’s going to happen to me.

But if you’re wrong and I’m right, you’re in trouble.

And of course, for us, we’re not playing probability here. We have certainty in it.

What Allah Said To Him In A Dream To Respond To His Unanswered Dua! Abul Basher

When we are asking Allah to show off the way out and we’re still going through that hardship and we get frustrated. The Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) mentions that someone makes dua and they abandon it because they say Allah hasn’t answered my dua.


We may find ourselves in that moment where we don’t seem to see any solution. Take a step back and remind yourself that with every hardship comes ease.

‘We Are Here Coincidentally’ Proved Wrong By One Simple Evidence | Mufti Menk

Nothing is impossible for Allah. We believe that Allah creates from nothing. He doesn’t need a thing to create.

let’s not be fooled.

We believe in Allah. We believe there is a Maker. We believe that He alone deserves to be worshipped. Because we know on the day of Qiyamah and Judgment, we will be standing with our account in front of the Almighty.

what we have is nothing that you need to be excited about if it is drifting you away from Allah.

But remember one thing, Allah exists; number one. Number, two your life is very short and so is mine.; Extremely short. You have to go back to Allah.

And when you go back to Allah, He’s going to ask you how did you spend your short time on earth?

So prepare for that day. Use whatever Allah gave you, uniquely yours to enter jannah. But don’t forget the pillars of Islam and your primary duties unto Allah.

speak to people with respect and understand that Allah is the greatest.

What Allah Is Going To Give You In Paradise In Sha Allah | Mufti Menk

Allah says to us through the blessed lips of Muhammad (pbuh), he says, in it, there is that which no eye has ever seen. You seen something, sorry, it’s not going to be in Jannah / paradise. There will be total and absolute perfection in Jannah.

Allah promises you, number one, you get whatever you want.

The hadith says, the eyes have never seen, the ears have never heard.

Don’t allow things and statements to make you think that Allah is not going to give you what you desire in the hereafter, in the hereafter.

When You enter paradise in sha Allah

How Islamic Inheritance Law Will Be One Of The Signs Of Qiyamah | Mufti Menk

Allah (swt) Speaks about the coming of the Signs of the End. And we all know that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) also prophesied so many things.

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) informed us of many things we see in our lives right now, things where evil is made mention of, that it will spread. But you need to know, when Allah says something, there is a reason. When the Prophet (pbuh) says something, there is a reason.

One of the signs of Qiyāmah, one of the signs of evil that the Prophet the Prophet (pbuh) speaks about, he says people will be ignorant because the knowledgeable will be taken by Allah subhanahu tala through death.

The laws of inheritance in Islam, People will ignore.

The Hadith says there will come a time when two people will argue over a share in the estate of the deceased, and they won’t have anyone to guide them as to what the ruling is. So it’s important for you and I to make sure that we learn.

But when it comes to the laws of inheritance, there will be people who will claim that what a woman gets is very unfair. It’s not fair. She’s getting half of a man. But they don’t realize when you implement the entire system, she actually gets more than the man.

Three Main Categories Of The Prophecies Of Muhammad ﷺ About The End of Times | Mufti Menk

The reason that we have been created is made clear by the Creator Himself. And we do know that life is very short on Earth, but the life after death is far longer. In fact, it is eternal.

We know that everything predicted and prophesied by Muhammad (pbuh) has either come true during his lifetime or later on or is about to come true.

Another prophecy of the Prophet (pbuh) where he says there will come a time when nothing nwill remain of Islam except its name and nothing will remain of the Quran except its drawing.

‘The prophecy that the clothing would degenerate. If we take a look today, they will tell you that part of civilization is actually to undress.

The less you wear, the more liberated you are’.

Islam teaches us purity. Islam says, you will be judged because of who you are, how your character and conduct is, and how your relationship with your Maker is.

You will be judged by your contribution to humankind and your dedication to the maker of humankind, Subhanallah. That’s Islam.

Remember one thing, you need to live in Islam.

Why I Believe David Wood Is Atheist And How He Earns Money! @Ali Dawah ! Ali Dawah And Visitor | Speakers Corner

just to oppose Islam they believe the creation of God is divine

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The Story Of Being With You In Jannah! Died On Faith Despite Living A Life Of Misery | Ustand Asim Khan

Hope is a very powerful thing and it can help someone achieve great things in their life. It can also bring you back from the point of despair.

Allah says, and those that will be given their book on their right hand, may Allah make us from those people (Amen), Soon they will be given an easy accounting. And then they will return to their wives or to their families…. which means the happiness that comes deep from the heart and lasts a long time.

This verse is a proof that anyone who dies on Iman will be reunited with his family in Jannah. But they also say, in another place in the Quran, Allah chose us something even more amazing that the member of the family that got the highest position in Paradise, Allah will upgrade everyone else to the same level so they can enjoy the same place in Jannah. Allahu Akbar, this is the generosity of Allah.

And this is why hope in Allah, in paradise is so important for us in our everyday life.

Do you know that the Prophet (pbuh) in a hadith in a sahih Muslim, he said that Allah (swt) on the day of judgment will bring the man who suffered the most in this world, But he was destined for paradise, meaning he died on faith despite living a life of misery…….

Oh Really! Ad-Dajjal : Sounds Funny! A Time When Faith Is No Longer Accepted | Dr. Omar Suleiman

In every one of the scriptures of the past, you find this notion of false Messiahs, false messiahs that come and go, you find this notion of false Messiahs, false messiahs that come and go, some of them are more advanced than others. Some of them have certain tools of deception, or the circumstances allow some of them have certain tools of deception, or the circumstances allow and sometimes as the tools advance, then the case becomes more convincing because every one of these false messiahs that has come makes a claim. And then, on the other hand, you have messiahs who are like Mujaddid, people who revive until you have Al Masih, the ultimate Messiah, who of course, Isa (a.s) Jesus, peace be upon him.


There’s a time when faith comes or there’s a time when faith is no longer accepted And the Prophet (pbuh) said that there are three things. At that point, if a person did not profess faith, they did not benefit from their faith.

So these are five things that we take from the Prophet (pbuh) of how to protect ourselves from ad dajjal.

the Prophet (pbuh) said, before the dajjal comes, there are years of deception. The world changes in a way that it sort of sets the ground. It sets the stage for a ad-Dajjal.

…So people can’t distinguish truth from falsehood anymore. The world prior to him is a world where realities are distorted and people seek to create their own paradise on earth.

Our natural goodness and inclination is compromised. Our natural goodness and inclination is compromised. And as people become shallower, the tools to distort shallow realities become more advanced…. But at the same time, they trust it more. This is how it affects faith.

So that’s why you see people deny faith in the name of rationality….

Islam is an intellectual faith. Use your senses, use your brain.

People have to ask themselves what motivations and weaknesses the Ad-dajjal preys upon that could be within us. The deception of the ad-dajjal cannot happen without the deception of Dunya and the deception of the devil, it can’t,