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Paradise Is Yours Just Give A Reason To Allah! Mufti Menk

Do not become too attached to anything you found on this earth. You learn to take, give, and subhanallah, reach out.

Don’t get too attached. You’re going to lose it. But when you get something in the hereafter, it is said, even the people you’re going to meet, you will recognize them because Allah allows you to recognize them.

One of the best ways of earning the mercy of Allah is to constantly seek His forgiveness.

For Whom Allah Will Remove His Veils Of Light And Pride | Shaykh Ali Hammuda

In the life of prophet Yusuf (A.S), how he practically behaved with Ihsan so that we can compare these descriptions Upon Our Lives and that we have something practical to work with.

And the answer is yes, the Quran from Surat Yusuf has given us examples of how yusuf (A.s) behaved with Ihsan in different predicaments, different circumstances and different countries as well. But the objective was always one in his life to be a person of Ihsan.

Acting upon the station of ihsan is not easy because it is a station that governs not only how you behave outwardly how you behave inwardly. How you wake up and how you sleep and how you socialize, how you talk, How you dress, how you don’t, Allahu Akbar, all of this comes under the category of Ihsan?

And therefore it is a difficult station to attain and this is precisely why Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala has told us and given us a sneak preview of what He will offer to those who trying their best to live by Ihsan.

Allah loves the people of Ihsan and the mercy of Allah Almighty is close to the people of Ihsan.

the reward for the people of Ihsan is jannah/ Paradise, the home of Ihsan But there is more than Jannah allah-u-akbar

no Angel has prepared this reward, they were taken by now is the time to see the face of Allah, the Majestic Allah Almighty begins to remove the veils of light and the veils of Pride between us and Him and all of a sudden Allah Almighty that Lord whom you and I had worshipped for many years in the Unseen, you are now able to see Him with your very eyes LA ilaha Illaallah.

seeing the face of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala is that which is better than jannah, that is why Allah, he said for the people who behaved with Ihsan we will give them the best and extra, the best that is Paradise and the extra that is seeing the face of Allah Subhanahu wa’ta’ala, Allah Akbar.

In the wake of every difficulty in your life. Make your priority How am I going to behave with Ihsan?

Oh My Gosh! Same Typical Husband In Jannah | What Will We Get Muslim Women | Mufti Menk

Jannah/ Pardise is not something that I can say…..what if I’m going there I’m going to make sure you’re not there. That’s not how it works.

Because in this Dunya, we have a power struggle in the world. When it comes to Paradise you make dua for others to earn Paradise, the Angels make that dua for you;  you ask Allah to Grant the others Paradise and  Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala May grant that to you as a result of your prayer for others. May Allah make us people who are generous.

This world Sometimes people have small problems and because Of the problem you said, you this person has really troubled me. I just wish there not in Jannah. What guarantee do you have, you going to be in Jannah?

What if they are making dua to say o Allah this person has hassled me a lot. Let us get to Jannah because I know that in Jannah they won’t hassle. Wow! What a nice way of looking at it. So people start asking, you know, what will I have remember in the process of the discussion of what you are going to actually have a lot of the times we lose focus of actually getting there.

A huge debate like a storm in a teacup. Men will have this, so, what will women have? hang on! we are losing focus, understand the main aim is to get there.  Speaking of Jannah /Jannah, Allah says  in it whatever a soul desires, that soul shall have. – Mufti Menk

How Will Your Spouse Look Like In Jannah!! Mufti Menk

In this video clip #MuftiMenk speaks about how your #spouse (wife) would be #jannah (paradise) at time of describing #hoor in jannah. He said your own spouse will be changing as per the sweetness of your eye at its liking.