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The Existence Of Creator Is Well-Rooted Within Us How | Shamsi To Couple Visitor | Speakers Corner

The Quran always direct us to use our intellect, to use our brains. Why? Because we look at ourselves and we can see how we are designed like you have eyebrows above your eyes. Why? Because, sweat… sweat contains salt. It keeps going to your eyes; it will blind your eyes. That cannot come randomly or come from a blind matter. Then there must have a Creator.

That’s why we believe that knowing the Creator exists is something which is well rooted within us.

Think, every part of my body has a purpose. What about me as a whole? Am I here just to drink and eat like animals or I’m here for a greater purpose? Those Questions’ answers are in the Quran.

What makes Islam very special; Islam comes with five things if we observe them, our society would be a good society.

How You Get Trapped Into Bad Habits & How To Break The Habit Loop | Mufti Menk

If you look at the teachings of Islam, every time there is something Allah has instructed you to do. If you look at prayer five times a day, every single day, you need a lot of discipline to fulfill that. So there must be a reason why Allah wants us to be disciplined and fulfill it every day.

When Satan wants to trap you, he has to use the similar concept that you use when you want to trap a rat.

When you discipline yourself for the sake of Allah, you will lead a very content life. You will be the happiest person yet you’ve never touched a drug, Yet You don’t smoke or drink.. Yet You don’t have bad habits. But you are a happy, content person. You know why? you are focused on the right things in life.

A habit is something you got yourself into. I promise you, don’t blame someone else for your bad habits. They are yours. You will have to work on your bad habits. No one else is going to be able to eradicate it, but they will either produce towards it or away from it.

Discipline yourself for the sake of Allah and watch your doors opening. Replace something bad with the recitation of the Quran with the dhikr of Allah. Repeat the names of Allah. Repeat some of the words taught by the prophet (pbuh) of praise of Allah, of praise of the messenger (pbuh), Send blessings and salutations upon him and see what it does to you? Sit down. Think about it.

What goodness do you have that people can take from you? Come on, you have to have it because you are part of the people on the Earth who have to leave a legacy.

Remember, your body gets tuned to something that you tuned to, so tune it towards Allah, not away from Allah. If you have a habit of anything, be it weed or whatever, you need to convert it to something good.

Shabir Yusuf’s Counter Question shocks Hebrew Israelite Regarding Alpha And Omega! Speakers Corner

Counter Questions on Alpha and Omega, the first and last, the beginning and end at Speakers Corner


I Have Been Poisoned By Betrayal & Sick of People! What Should I Do Now | Dr. Omar Suleiman

What if I just don’t want any friends? What if I’m just tired of being around people? And at this point in my life, I’ve been through so many friendships, so many relationships where I always feel like I’m the one that’s giving more where I always feel like it ends up in some sort of betrayal, someone taking advantage of me. And at this point I’m just sick of people.

And it reminded me instantly of Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) that the one who mixes with the people and encounters what naturally is some of the hardship that comes when you deal with people is better than the one who shuns the people and does not tolerate what comes from them, is not patient with the hardship that comes from them.

The Prophet (Pbuh) said, people are like a set of 100 camels, out of 100, you’ll only find one that’s good for a journey. And if you think about people, you can only rely on one person out of 100.

Prophet (pbuh) said when someone entrust you with something, then fulfill their trust. Don’t betray those who betray you, don’t act in like manner with people that act in a certain way with you.

We learn from the Prophet (pbuh), that don’t punish people with the pain that was inflicted on you and also lower your expectations in people as a whole and place your hopes in the reward of Allah (swt).

That Reason The More I Studied Islam! Ali Dawah & American Revert | Speakers Corner #Shorts

How You Came To Islam

An American Revert brother tells how He Chose to accept Islam
At speakers corner in Hyde park #shorts


Is God Something That We Made Up! Ali Dawah Vs Atheist Couple | Speakers Corner

If we have an infinite amount of dependent things, we’ll have the fallacy of infinite regress meaning, we need a necessary being for everything to make sense. Now, this necessary being which has to be independent; we need an independent being in order for us to be alive. That makes sense.

For nothing comes nothing, right? Therefore, something has to cause us, which we call God in a nutshell.

Evolution talked about, for example, the first cell, the first cell, where did that come from? Even if you go evolution, Evolution is not random events happening. There’s an order, there’s things happening. So for example, our point is the first cell that was made, where did the first cell come from, which was my argument?


Why Allah Will Judge Them First And NoThe Fragrance Of Jannah For Them | Sheikh Abdul Basir

Allah (swt) created us and Allah (swt) gave us duties. Allah (swt) Then He told us to be mindful of the duties He has given to us.

One of the important things that Allah (swt) told us after He gave us this life, after He created us to be knowledgeable, to be knowledgeable, to get the knowledge, to acquire the knowledge, to get engaged with the knowledge, to be among the knowledgeable people.

However, the scholars (Rah), they said; the greatest favor of Allah (swt), which you are experiencing in your life is acquiring the knowledge, achieving the knowledge, being knowledgeable.

Why are you trying to get the knowledge? Why are you going to school or College or why are you going to the University? To get the knowledge, Of course. But for Muslim, it is beyond that.

Why? Rasulullah (pbuh) told us that your intention for you to get the knowledge should be only for the sake of Allah (swt).

Rasulullah (Pbuh) told us that if someone is only concerned about getting the Dunya, and not concerned about the pleasure of Allah (swt) By acquiring the knowledge, in the day of judgment, that person, he or she will not smell the fragrance of Jannah.

Rasulallah (pbuh) told us in the Day of Judgment, the first people who will be judged by Allah (swt), are those who claim in the world, I was or I am knowledgeable.

If you think or if you claim that I am knowledgeable, in the Day of Judgment, Allah (swt) will judge you before everyone else.

Allah will ask him, why did you learn? And why did you teach people? So that person will proudly say Ya Allah, for Your sake, as Allah will say, you are a liar. You’ve done it for the people to tell you that you are knowledgeable.

So if this is the case, we have to purify our intention.

Sometimes we are deep too into the knowledge that we forget Allah (swt). Rasulullah (Pbuh) told us to be concerned about religion, to be concerned about the duties of Allah (swt) has given to us;

Rasulullah (pbuh) advised us to get the manners before you get the education.

How To Observe Muharram With Fasts & 3 Misconceptions Especially on 10th Muharram / Ashura | Mufti Menk

We are in the month of Muharram , which is the first month of the Islamic calendar. It has to do with something haram, something prohibited. So what is haram and why is this month called Muharram?


We’re supposed to be making resolutions every night. We’re supposed to be renewing our vows to with Allah (swt) every night. We’re supposed to be seeking forgiveness every night.

We should be making peace with Allah (swt) every single day. Seek forgiveness; promise Allah you are going to be a better person. Never give up. If you’ve fallen into sin again and again, you need to go back to Allah again and again and again.

May Allah (swt) grant us a beautiful returning to Him.

Some people believe that we are not allowed to get married in the month of Muharram because it is bad luck. Unfortunately, that is totally baseless.

Some people believe we are not allowed to wear any good clothing, which is also baseless.

And some people believe the opposite, saying that we are supposed to be celebrating to the degree that we should be partying and so on this day. That is also baseless, but rather it is more about the lesson.

some people don’t realize that in the month of Muharram, Allah (Swt) has ordained certain things and Allah (swt) has chosen the month of Muharram for certain things. He calls it Shahrullahi Al-Muharram.

let’s make resolutions on a daily basis and let’s look into the resolutions we’ve made and see how best are practicing upon them. Let’s see how best we’re actually fulfilling them.

Remember, if you have bad habits, this is the time to quit those bad habits.

Funny! You Cannot Exclude A Green Elephant! Mansur Vs Skeptic Atheist | Speakers Corner

How would you use logic to exclude possibilities? Why would a flying spaghetti monster not be the cause of our universe;

You see, if you try to deflect, you know, how you would come to believe by examining your mind, and then you haven’t really thought about yours properly?

What would you include as a possibility about the origins of our universe? Can our University be itself, the cause of its existence?

There are many things we don’t know, but we can exclude by logic and rationality.

How can you use logic and yet you still believe in contradiction?….