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What Will Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal Call Himself When He Comes Out | Ustad Belal Assad

We, Muslims, have been told about this man who is called dajjal/ ad dajjal by our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam More than any other religion in the entire world.

He (Saw) spoke about him in so much detail because the time for dajjal to arise And walk on earth and do what he’s going to do is very close.

Deception which is to mix truth with lies and make people believe it and make it so hard to disbelieve it. dajjal is the biggest trial that’s going to come to the people. why he is tied up for now?

O Children Of Adam! Beware Of The Beautification Of The Devil’s Traps | Mufti Menk

In suratul Al-A’raf,  subhanahu wa’ta’ala addresses us all by calling us Ya bani Adam! o children of Adam, don’t let shaitan trap you with his traps

Shaytan /devil trapped Adam and Eve/ Adam and hawwa May peace be upon them, and promised with his two things:

Be careful go and read about that, go and find out what shaitaan did, shaytan promised them two things, shaytan said if you disobey Allah, you’re going to live forever, and you will own everything.

Allah says shaitaan’s /devil’s Aim is to make you reveal your private parts, to make you take off your clothing,

Allah says watch out, shaytan wants you to be immoral, shaytan wants you to actually forget Allah. So He wants us and says be careful, don’t fall into the same trap of the devil. Otherwise, you will be exposed.

How To Know The Signs Of A Successful / An Accepted Ramadan

If you’re feeling more spiritual this moment at the end of Ramadan, then your Ramadan has been successful.

If the day of Eid is a day of obedience, a day where you still pray your qiyamul lail, a day where you still pray in the Masjid five times a day, a day where you still read the Quran and this is a huge sign that Allah azzawajal has accepted your qiyam and your reading of the Quran and your prayers in Ramadan.

So it’s important that we’re trying to form habits in sha Allah tala that will Outlast Ramadan and go beyond Ramadan.

one of the signs of an accepted Ramadan Is that our life changes, even if it were to mean or even if it was to mean just by a few inches, but the life has changed. If my life changes after Ramadan It means my Ramadan was correct.

“Ya Allah Allow This Ramadan To Be A Testimony For Us” | Dua By Shaykh Omar Suleiman

A hear-touching dua / Supplication made at the end of Ramadan by Shaykh Omar Suleiman

“Ya Allah as we meet our Quran on the Day of Judgment, let the Quran testify in our to do right by ya rabbal alamin”, Ya Allah make us among those that observe lailatul qadr in its entirety, Yeah rabbil al-amin….”

Justice Comes Before Kindness | Important Message | Mufti Menk

Allah says When You Speak, When You Judge Between People, Be Just, Be Very Very A Fair And Balanced Even If It Is Against Your Own Relatives.

Allah says He Justice Comes First Whether It Is Against You, Your Mum And Dad Or Your Relatives.

I Make Mistakes, You Make Mistakes And Sometimes The Human Nature Or The Habits Begin To Show. If Those Habits Are Oppressive, You Need To Stand For Justice In Order To Comfort Yourself In That Crisis.

People Are Suffering, A Lot Of Homes Are Plunged Into Crisis And Those Crises Grow So Big Simply Because A Word Was Needed From You And You Didn’T Say It.

Don’T Confuse Obedience With Respect And Kindness And Remember Allah Said Justice Overrides Everything

Allah Instructs You Three Things, He Wants You To Be Just, He Wants You To Be Kind And He Wants You To Give Your Relatives, Look After Them. Justice Comes Before Kindness.

Come Across Believers Who Don’t Have Much ! Mufti Menk

Allah (swt) tells us in a beautiful way that never be judgmental when it comes to people who greet you, people who are good Even if they come across poor.

Allah says when you see the Believers who don’t have much, they might look like they’re downtrodden their clothes maybe tatty, in Ruins Etc. They may be homeless. Allah says, you know what give them importance.

Reach out to those who are not on your level as well reach out to those who are not on your level as well, materially because they may be on a higher level in their relationship with Allah. It should bring tears to our eyes.

Learn to greet people; learn to respect people no matter who they are. The poorest from amongst us, the homeless from amongst us those who come across like they have absolutely nothing from this worldly material provision, Sometimes they are the closest to Allah.

How To Protect The Faith From A Massive Wrongdoing In Islam | Mufti Menk

Allah Almighty is the most merciful. He says anyone who seeks forgiveness from sin while they’re alive breathing, they are Well, they will be forgiven, no matter what the sin is.

There is one sin that is considered the worst possible sin that man could commit according to the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet salallahu alaihe wasalam, this sin is Known as shrik, shrik meaning to worship Someone besides Allah or with Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala Association of partnership with Allah, Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala states that He will not forgive shirk under certain circumstances.

If a person has committed shirk in their lives and they seek forgiveness from they will definitely be forgiven without a shadow of doubt.

The only time He doesn’t forgive shirk according to Him is if you died and you did not repent from your sins.

If you want to achieve comfort in any situation don’t insult people, don’t abuse them. You disagree, express that disagreement with utmost respect, respect yourself to begin with and then respect others.

If you really care for mankind and you really care for people and want them to see the truth, the truth will never be communicated to them via insult and abuse rather it will be done in a very respectful manner that is convincing.