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My Father Is Forcing Me To Marry – Mufti Menk

🛑Don’t create a disaster for your future generation ‼️
⚡️Ask yourself a question in the same way that I don’t like people to do wrong to me. Do I do wrong to others that are a very powerful question? Because many people want to be protected from harm but they don’t protect others from their own harm.

Let the children communicate with you. If what they want is not Haram, facilitate it for them. If Allah allowed it who are you to disallow it? The children belong to Allah. Allah gave them to you temporarily just to see what you would do, are you going to do what we asked you to do or you’re going to do what your whims and fancies want…………..

Sisters! Never Ever Reveal Your Marital Problems Online | Mufti Menk

In this video clip #MuftiMenk advised not to know every detail of your spouse and assist her/him to walk towards Allah. If there is a problem in your #conjugallife , seek advice from the right source but Never Ever Reveal Your #MaritaProblems To Someone #Online.