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The Quran Gives A Powerful Argument For Creator’s Existence! Hamza, Raihan VS Athiest | Speakers Corner

Do you believe the universe is eternal?

Believe in the existence of God, We can give you rational and decisive proofs.

There is an argument in the Quran.
The Quran gives a powerful argument for who deny or doubt the existence of the creator like yourself.
The only option that is left on the table. There has to be the originator.

Unbelievable! A Very Risky Claim Of The Quran! Smile 2 Jannah To Visitor | Speakers Corner

That’s Why the Quran Claims there is no contradiction

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Great Schooling About Muhammed (pbuh)’s Marriage Made Him Run Away! Abbas | Speakers Corner

Left the debate in the pretext of bring the reference about the prophet Muhammed (pbuh)’s marriage.
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