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These 2 Things For Your Ultimate Success And Victory! Mufti Menk

The message is about two things.


Number one; work on your prayer. You won’t go wrong. It’s ultimate success.

The second thing; keep calling out to Allah. Keep asking Him. Don’t be tired of asking Allah. Allah loves it when you repeat and repeat and keep going.

Success and victory ultimately is all yours for as long as you have Allah by your side.

‘Through You’ Emotional Reminders By Mansur After Her Shahada| Speakers Corner

The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says, and even if you learned one verse, convey to the people.

‘Through You’ Emotional Reminders By Mansur After Her Shahada| Speakers Corner

Try to learn about Islam. Understand Islam. Make yourself better, representative of Islam. Practice Islam so that the people by through your actions and your etiquettes and your attitudes and your manners and your behaviors, they will be more interested in Islam.

Our lives may be limited. Do we know when you’re going to die? We don’t.

But we want to continue the legacy through you, In sha Allah, continue and help the people who haven’t seen the light.

Try your best to learn and to impart this knowledge to people so people can at least accept Islam and not go into hellfire.

The Quran Says How Mother Of Jesus Defended Her Honor! Mansur & Lady | Speakers Corner

Maryam (A.S), meaning the Mary Mother of Christ; When she had the child, how did she defend her honor from accusations of adultery?

The Quran tells you about this real historical information.

Know Marriage Before Donating Your Heart & Soul As A Boyfriend Or A Girlfriend | Mufti Menk

It is recommended to talk to someone you’re intending to get married to, to communicate with them. Don’t hide behind holiness and religion to say, I’m not going to communicate at all.

Let’s face another reality. The problem with us is we develop a haram relationship and donate our hearts free of charge to this charity known as a boyfriend or a girlfriend. And we’ve given them the heart and the soul before we’ve involved the first family member. So we were blinded to all their faults.

And then we come up and want to impose it on everyone and say, you know what? I’m going to marry this jackal from down the road.

Don’t make mistakes. Don’t donate your heart before involving your folks.

I tell you what, the kids of those who have had decent marriages, may Allah make all of us from among them. You see it in the children. You see when children witness the love and affection between parents, the time you spend to look at each other and smile and say good words and words of love and romance, wallahi, it empowers them.

That Reason Jesus Said The Comforter Would Come After Him! Nazam & Visitor | Speakers Corner

Jesus said, when the comforter or the Paraclete will come in John’s Gospel, he will guide us to all truths and he will remind you of my teachings. So that implies that Jesus’s teachings will become corrupt at some point in time. And this paraclete or Comforter will come. He will remind people of Jesus words and he will prophesy.

So Muslims believe that to be the prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) because after Jesus Christ, Islam is the last world major religion with over 1 billion followers.

A Powerful Dua To Allah When You Ask Allah To Hear Your Duas | Dr Omar Suleiman

You’re making a dua that your duas are not amongst those that are unheard, because you know that no one else is going to solve that problem for you except Allah. And so Allah, if I’m doing something that is causing my dua to be unheard, then let me make dua to you so that I can be guided to the things that would cause it to be heard.

So when you call upon Allah (swt) you’re calling upon A Lord who is merciful. You’re calling upon a Lord who is generous. You’re calling upon a Lord who hears. You’re calling upon a Lord who can give whenever He wants, sometimes to someone who doesn’t deserve it at all.

the Prophet (pbuh) said that Allah (swt) certainly answer your dua so long as you don’t ask Him for something that is sinful, for something that’s haram or established through that dua the cutting off of your relatives, cutting off family members.

Don’t Let Satan Convince You Not To Pray To Allah For Repeated Sins! Mufti Menk

Perhaps the gap between the sins is actually made longer, which is a sign of improvement. But the day you think you’re not clean enough to pray to Allah is the day the devil, Shaitan, has convinced you that you’re not even worth it. That was his plan.

Don’t allow that day to come. Remember to turn to Allah. Don’t give up. Never give up. You navigate through your difficulties just like we all do. They may be bigger, but Allah has given you the strength to go through it.

Transforming Life –Year End & New Year by the Sign of Allah’s Love For You~ Mufti Menk

We love Allah so much that we should be concerned about earning His anger or doing something that would spoil the relationship between us and Allah.

Whenever we have faltered, whenever we have done something wrong, because we are human beings, Allah Almighty has favored us with one of His greatest favors, and that is the acceptance of repentance of a worshiper.

If Allah forgives you, even if you have nothing on earth, you have succeeded.

And if Allah has not forgiven you, even if you have everything on earth, you have failed.

Makeup For Yourself Or Society While Questioning On Hijab! Hashim VS English Lady Speakers Corner

We don’t believe that there is a competition between men and women. Men and women complete  each other, if that makes sense.

Because the reason Muslim women cover is first and foremost, it is what the God has told them to do.

God is not saying to dress for Him. God is telling you what is good for you, what is good for you and for your family and for the environment and everything.

there are many things which are prohibited in Islam; drinking alcohol, gambling, fornication, adultery, even eating food which is harmful to you. Smoking cigarettes, taking drugs and all these things which harm you, All these things are prohibited. Why is that?

It’s not because God doesn’t want you to have fun. He wants you to have fun. But not at the expense of your body which we believe is a gift from God.

The Response Of My Istikhara Was So Positive But Now All The Doors Are Closed! Mufti Menk

Istikhara is seeking the guidance of Allah. So you want to open a business, you want to get married, you want to do something, .. a major and you’re confused about it. then you ask Allah, guide me, Allah, if this is good for me.

People say, how do I know the response of my Istikhara?

Go back and find out what you said. That’s the response. You said Oh Allah, if it is good for me, make it easy and facilitate it. Open the doors.

So you get up the following morning and Mashallah, The doors are opening, one after the other. That’s a sign. Allah is starting to open your doors.

You get up the following morning and your doors are closing one after the other. That’s a sign. Allah is closing the doors.