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Can You Make This Dua As This Will Happen | Mufti Menk

How do you prepare?

It’s a little bit scary, but when you have iman / faith it’s not scary, it’s reassuring.

Oh Allah, take me when You’re happy with me.
The Prophet (pbuh) used to say, Oh Allah keep me alive for as long as you know that life is good for me.
We have no guarantee.
Turn to Allah. If you would like to prepare for death, one of the best ways is seek the forgiveness of Allah and together with that, change your life.

The Answers To Why I Am A Muslim | Mufti Menk

I am a Muslim because I believe I was created by a Maker and I believe that Maker is the only One Who deserves any act of worship. I want to have a direct relationship with my Maker, that’s why I’m a Muslim.

I believe I’m a Muslim because I’m so sophisticated that when I die, I cannot just disappear into thin air. I have to go back to the one who had me before I was even born. That’s why I’m a Muslim.

You cannot have everything you want here on Earth, but Allah promises you and all the rules and regulations He made are just and fair in order to instill discipline in mankind so that you lead the best of lives.

When Allah tells you we have predestined things, do you know what He says; don’t become arrogant because Allah gave you something. It was predestined as a test for you, that’s what it was.

Allah says when you get don’t become arrogant. Remember, it’s a test and when you lose, don’t lose faith. Allah says don’t become too saddened by what you’ve lost. Why? These are the days of the world.

Islam is one faith, there will always be people from among the Muslims who will consider the prohibited, prohibited right up to the end and the permissible, permissible right up to the end.

Oh Believer! Still Not praying Your Salah But Why | Mufti Menk

You really think all the sophisticated creation was there for nothing?


Allah says, We will show you signs not just in the horizons, but within your cells. We will show you signs that the Quran is the truth.
Look at your organs. Look at how they work. One small thing goes goes wrong, OH man! And you are in such pain that you don’t feel like living. And you can’t even pray for the One Who made you.
You really think all the sophisticated creation was there for nothing from nothing, and is going to return to nothing?
Allahu Akbar, I’m a believer. I believe that there is a Maker

The Response Of The Quran To ‘How Can I Believe in Allah if I Can’t See Him’ | Mufti Mek

Allah Almighty has always challenged man and promised that every time you discover something, it will lead you to the confirmation you discover something, it will lead you to the confirmation that this revelation of the Quran is the truth and that Allah Almighty is indeed the Creator and whatever He has revealed is the truth.

If you want to look deeper into the cells of your own body, Allah says, We will show you signs not just in the horizons, but within your cells. We will show you signs that the Quran is the truth.

I’m a believer. I believe that there is a Maker, and I worship Him alone. And I believe that He has not yet told us or shown us or allowed us to see more than a little droplet of what he has in terms of creation or even a fraction of His knowledge.

That’s my Maker and yours.

Don’t lose your faith in Allah; When Allah Almighty speaks about His greatness and He tells you about the heavens and He tells you about the skies, those are used and connected, although separated.


Must Sacrifice These Things Along With Qurbani On Of Eid Ul Adha! Powerful Reminders | Mufti Menk

More important than the sacrificing of the animal is sacrificing for the sake of Allah, That which is holding you down onto the ground and disconnecting you from Allah in any way, be it big or small, that’s more important.

You love something so much, is it coming between you and Allah?

Your business, Is it such that you just leave your salah, your earnings, your money did it make you arrogant?

Your power, your position does it make you feel like you are better than others?

If that’s the case, put a knife to that bad habit. Slice it. Cut it.

If you did not learn that, you learned nothing from the sacrifice.

This celebration of Eid Ul Adha is a celebration of separation from materialistic items of this dunya that might be bogging you down.

A Life Changing Analogy Of Overcoming Sufferings From The Importance Of Hajj By Mufti Menk

Ibrahim (a.s) sacrificed a lot, yet he was known as Kalilulah, the friend of Allah. Allah has proven to us that closeness to Allah has nothing to do with how famous you are, how popular you are, how powerful you are, how much wealth you have, how much strength you have, what your looks are like, or your body, et cetera.

The closer you are to Allah, the more challenges you will face in your life. The closer you are to Allah, the more people will make your life difficult. Because, Allah wants you to trust Him fully.

The greater the trust, the greater the challenge and the bigger the miracle, the day that happens, Allahu akbar….

This yaqeen and conviction of Ibrahim (a.s) is what is being celebrated over and above, his dedication to Allah alone. He worshiped Allah alone.

We never ever compromise our relationship with Allah for anything that comes first.

How to Fast 6 days of shawwal Answering 3 frequently Asked Questions | Dr. Omar Suleiman

I wanted to summarize all of the positions or all of the questions about Shawwal. And of course the basis of that is the Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh), He said that whoever fasts in Ramadan and then follows up Ramadan with six days from Shawwal, it is as if they have fasted an entire lifetime to it.

If you feel like it’s going to be tough and you might miss out on the six days of Shawwal, if you try to make up the days, especially if there are a lot of days, then make the priority in sha Allah to fast the six days first and then make up those days afterwards ‘Allah’s will’ up until Shaban of the next year.

How To Know You Have Succeeded In Ramadan By Your Two Acts | Mufti Menk

We must be thankful to Allah (swt) Almighty for accepting us to be from among those who worship Him alone. We should always look into our acts of worship and purify them for the sake of Allah alone.

If you come out of Ramadan and your Salah has improved, you have succeeded. If you come out of Ramadan and you have a new love for Salah, you have succeeded.

Young people don’t realize true success is when Allah loves you to pray for Him because Allah puts it in the heart.

You want to succeed? Success is depicted by how you fulfill your Salah.

You can have the millions and the billions and maybe in this worldly life you have everything, luxury. It is nothing in the eyes of Allah.

Allahu Akbar, If Allah helps you to get up early for SalatAlFajr, to make wudu and to come and fulfill your two sunnah.. It is better for you than the whole Dunya and whatever it has, this whole world and whatever it has.

It is time to purify our heart. The diseases of the hearts are plenty. The heart is the seat of government of your entire body.

The Hadith says, In your body there is a piece of flesh. If it is pure, the body is pure. If it is dirty, the body is dirty.

Want The Goodness Of This World But Not By The Cost Of The Eternal Goodness! Ramadan Boost | Mufti Menk

We are in the blessed month of Ramadan. This month is unique. From the moment it starts, we already feel rejuvenated. And Allah Almighty has given us so much that the blessed blessings are felt, the mercy is felt, the need within ourselves to change, to do something good. We thank Allah Almighty for giving us this month.

Make your relationship firm, with Who?

With the One Who owns the moment your eyes close and your life right now.

That temporary survival, How on Earth can you give up your relationship with Allah? You want the goodness of this world, fair enough. But not at the price of the eternal goodness that you and I are living for.

While you’re enjoying the moments on Earth, bear in mind that they are temporary. Wallahi. Your happy days are temporary. Your sad days are also temporary. You are going through a problem. It will not last. You are going through ease. It’s not going to last.

Someone has to die or you have to die. They have to. They’ve gone before you, after you. So it will not last forever.

The everlasting life is only one. It’s in the hereafter.

Allah gives us Ramadan to prepare for it.

Improve These Things For A Successful Ramadan | Mufti Menk

The most important things for us to note is why the fasting was prescribed in the first 1st place;

O you who believe fasting has been prescribed upon you, just like it was to those before you, in order that you achieve Taqwa- the consciousness of Allah, the fear of Allah.

One of the primary things you and I need to understand is the consciousness which means to know that He is your Lord. He made you. He is in control of everything on Earth. And you are going to helplessly go back to Him.

So Allah says, I have prescribed fasting so that your relationship with Me can be on the highest level. You need to value the Lord Who created you so that you can achieve consciousness of Allah.

I can never imagine putting my head on the ground in that position or posture for anyone or anything besides my Maker.

If you have a connection with Allah, you will realize that the same Allah I’m trying to impress made this guy here sitting next to me or this person sitting on the other side, the same Allah made that person.

So if I want to impress Allah, I got to just be good to what Allah has made people. Reach out to them, speaking with respect to a creature of Allah would probably earn you paradise.

This Deen, This religion is so beautiful. It teaches us goodness, kindness, compassion, closeness to your Maker, a very high level of morality, a beautiful level of character and conduct.