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Is God Something That We Made Up! Ali Dawah Vs Atheist Couple | Speakers Corner

If we have an infinite amount of dependent things, we’ll have the fallacy of infinite regress meaning, we need a necessary being for everything to make sense. Now, this necessary being which has to be independent; we need an independent being in order for us to be alive. That makes sense.

For nothing comes nothing, right? Therefore, something has to cause us, which we call God in a nutshell.

Evolution talked about, for example, the first cell, the first cell, where did that come from? Even if you go evolution, Evolution is not random events happening. There’s an order, there’s things happening. So for example, our point is the first cell that was made, where did the first cell come from, which was my argument?


Funny! You Cannot Exclude A Green Elephant! Mansur Vs Skeptic Atheist | Speakers Corner

How would you use logic to exclude possibilities? Why would a flying spaghetti monster not be the cause of our universe;

You see, if you try to deflect, you know, how you would come to believe by examining your mind, and then you haven’t really thought about yours properly?

What would you include as a possibility about the origins of our universe? Can our University be itself, the cause of its existence?

There are many things we don’t know, but we can exclude by logic and rationality.

How can you use logic and yet you still believe in contradiction?….

Simple These 3 Things To Uphold The Spirit Of Ramadan After Ramadan | Ustad Asim Khan

You do an Act of worship; does it automatically mean that Allah has accepted it?

Allah says He only accepts from those who are righteous, meaning not only do you have to do the good deed; you have to do it for the right reason. When those two things come together, you’re doing the good deed with the right reason. Then it is accepted by Allah (swt).

In fact, some of the scholars, they say that the tail end of Ramadan is the sign from Allah, whether the whole Ramadan has been accepted.

When you see your life in the Grand scale of the hereafter, you think that you only live for the blink of an eye. Subanallah, In the same way Ramadan comes and goes to teach us that your life will come and go as well. What then are you doing to take advantage of these moments?

Ramadan as a training camp wants that inspires you to be a better version of yourself.

So there are three things that you should continue to carry on after Ramadan

The first one is your connection with the Book of Allah (Swt).

The Second thing: fasting, fastingis an Act of worship not confined to the month of Ramadan. Don’t we know that the prophet (pbuh) used to fast every Monday and Thursday? And he did so because he said, my deeds are presented to Allah on those days, the Angels present our good deeds to Allah (swt), And he said, I want to be in a state of fasting when those deeds are presented.

And the last thing is, what, is your Salah, Salah, Salah, Salah.

If there’s nothing you can do in your life, the last thing should be is my prayer. I cannot let go of that, subhanAllah. It should be the last thing that you ever let go of. Nothing should come between you and your salah.

Allah Gifted Laylatul Qadr To Prophet ﷺ For The Ummah And A Narration Of Catching It | Dr. Omar Suleiman

When we look at the prophet (pbuh) and his relationship with Allah and our blessing and good fortune of being from the Ummah of Rasulullah (pbuh) There are two things that Rasulullah (pbuh) always does on our behalf.

He always advocates for Allah (swt) to lessen our burden and he always advocates for Allah (swt) to increase our blessing.

Imam Hasan al-Basri (rah) tells us about our Messenger (pbuh) anytime Allah gives him, the prophet (pbuh) thinks how does that translate into giving to the ummmah?

The prophet (Pbuh) wanted something for his Ummah. So Allah gave him Laylat-al-Qadr;  Allah (swt) gave him Laylat-al-Qadr as a gift to the Prophet (pbu)’s ummah. The Night of Glory is better than a thousand months.

for some people, laylatul qadr is not even a thousand months. It’s thousands of months. For some people, the Tasbeeh of Ramadan is not even times a thousand. It’s times thousands up toward Allah (swt) decides to reward his servants with and that comes back to each and every single one of us calling out to Allah and Subhanallah you connect that …… better than a thousand months.


When And How To Prepare To Catch Best Night Laylatul Qadr During Last 10 Nights Of Ramadan | Mufti Menk

In these 10 nights there is one night; There is more in terms of value than a thousand months, which is 83.33 years. And Allah speaks about the night of decree is better than a thousand months. That’s Allah (swt) speaking about it.

The Prophet (pbuh) says search for the night of Qadr or the night of decree in one of the odd nights from among the last 10 nights of this month of Ramadan.

It is one of the best seasons that you can have. The primary aim is to achieve the forgiveness of Allah.

One might ask, well, which are more blessed; Is it the first 10 days of dhul hijjah or these ones? The first 10 days have the most value from all the days of the year, Right? In terms of a season, those are 10 days in a row. Here, It’s the night that we are being spoken about the last 10 nights.

Imagine, when we meet with Allah, We’re going to be presenting our deeds and it’s for ourselves and Allah is there.

The last 10 nights of Ramadan, Become conscious nof what you’re doing. What you’re saying. Do you read the Quran? Do you fulfill your five daily prayers? Start that this is the preparation of your vehicle for the main day of the race, Right? So my Salah needs to be in order. My dress needs to be in order. My recitation of the Quran needs to be in order. My relationships need to be in order.

Seek the forgiveness of Allah even prior to these 10 days.

There is a beautiful quality that Allah loves; when you forgive others, Allah will forgive you.

One Of The Most Blessed Times When Allah Calls You Out To Make Dua | Mufti Menk

Ramadan is going by so quickly. Has your life changed? Have you taken this month seriously yet before you know it, it’s going to come to an end. And this may just be the lastRamadan that you and I are witnessing.

So the primary aim is to achieve God consciousness, to achieve Taqwa and to achieve the forgiveness of Allah (swt).

One of the most blessed times that you could actually call out to Allah is the time of  suhoor. That is the time, the last third of the night, the time of Tahajjud, the time just before the fajr adhan is called and at this particular time the Hadith says, Allah Almighty descends to the lowest heavens in a manner that is befitting His Majesty. And He calls out when the last third of the night remains. He calls out saying, Is there anyone seeking forgiveness that I may forgive him? Is there anyone who is repenting that I can accept the repentance? And is there anyone asking Me anything that I can give them?

Call out to Allah with your needs because Allah is calling out at that time. Answer Allah to say yes. I am the one who needs. I am the one who’s repenting. I am the one who’s seeking forgiveness.

And together with that, the second thing is it is the time of Tahajjud which is the best prayer after the fajr prayer and the Witr.

If you were to look at what you can do to earn the pleasure of Allah, He mentions in the Quran in surah Sajdah, Allah speaks of those men and those people who liven up their beddings at night, they call out to Allah with hope and with fear, fearing His punishment and hoping in His mercy. And they spend a lot from what Allah has given them.

Every night is a night where Allah writes the names of those who are granted freedom from Hellfire. At least one of these nights, my name should be on there.



The Things Allah Wants From Us In Ramadan | Ramadan Reminders | Mufti Menk

Islam is the only religion on Earth that strongly encourages its followers to go through every word of the Quran at least once a year. It has dedicated an entire month known as as Shahrul Quran / the month of the Quran.

What is Ramadan?

It is the month, month of peace, the month of tranquillity, the month of cure, the month of goodness, the month of forgiveness, the month of mercy, the month of attaining Paradise, the month of the Quran, the month of Revelation, the month of celebration of being a Muslim, where we practice self restraint. We don’t just do what we want. We do what the Almighty has ordained; subhanAllah or it is our duty to make an effort with the word of Allah.

The term shahrul Ramadan is only used once in the Quran. And Allah connects it not to the fasting, but rather to the book that He revealed to us. Allahu Akbar.

The Quran is, Subhanallah, supposed to have an impact on the heart, and we are supposed to become more generous.

Make an effort to fulfill taraweeh, to read the Quran on a daily Like I told you, Revelation, make an effort to go through its meaning. Make an effort to actually let it impact on you. Then you know this is the month of Ramadan.

Soften your hearts towards people, learn to love others, learn to appreciate and respect people. Learn to understand that we will have differences of opinion, but we will love each other with those differences. We will learn to respect each other with those differences. We will not insult. It’s the month of protection from Shaytaan.

Fasting is not all about food and drink alone. It’s about molding yourself.


Why Putting Ego Aside: Follow 5 Tips To Fix A Relationship | Watch Must In Ramadan | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

The Prophet (pbuh) has told us about a people that show up on the Day of Judgment. And this is perhaps the scariest thing of them all; completely bankrupt. The prophet (Pbuh) said, a person comes on the Day of Judgment and they have their prayers, they have their fasting, they have their charity, but they cursed this person. They mocked this person, they hit this person, and they backbit this person. They have all of these wrongdoings that they committed against the people so that the people line up in front of them on the Day of Judgment and they take their good deeds away from the transgressor.

A person is left with absolutely nothing to the point that they still have those that they owe, but they don’t have any good deeds left.

And the Prophet (Pbuh) mentions at that point that those that they have wrong but still have not gotten their recourse, they will put their sins on you. And so you’ll end up exchanging your good deeds for no good deeds and then eventually being burdened in the sins of of other people because you have no more good deeds to give to the people that are lined up in front of you.

Allah has made sacred the honor of people and Allah (swt) has made sacred the rights of people. And so you have to be very careful not to transgress.

The time for reconciliation and how we start to make up with people that we may have hurt or people that we were hurt by, where there was a mutual hurting that took place.

Number one, that a person, first and foremost has to come to the conclusion that it’s not worth it. It’s not worth losing out on the pleasure of Allah (swt). I don’t want my needs to not be looked at by Allah because I refuse to put my ego to the side and reconcile with this person. So I will reconcile with this person.

The second thing is that the entire exercise of Ramadan is the preference of Allah to yourself, right? to swallow your anger and to part in the people is one of the greatest exercises of preferring Allah (Swt) to yourself.

As Wadil (Rah) says, the nufs of ego is so much harder to overcome and so when you swallow that, and when you pardon people and when you reconcile and you put your nufs down, that is the greatest show to Allah (Swt), that you are seeking Him over yourself, that you are seeking His pleasure over your own pleasure, that you are willing to go through the difficulties of that process so that you could find ease on the day of judgment.

The third thing, that the prophet (pbuh) reminded us that when we are in a place of anger, that we want to disconnect ourselves from acting while the Satan is overtaking us, what does that mean?

The fourth thing: family, right now, we are seeing a time in which people cut off their lineage and to sever the ties of kinship / Ar- Rahim is far more severe than severing the ties with anyone else, and those ties are tied to the throne of Allah (swt). And whoever severs the ties, then Allah (swt) severs them.

If the sin of ignoring your brother for three days is so severe than what then of the sin of ignoring your parents, ignoring your spouses, ignoring your siblings for more than three days?

So reconciliation with family should be prioritized, because the relationship with family is so much more sacred and so much more precious than any other relationship that you’re going to find in your life.

Number five and I don’t want to be little in any way. if a person maintains a difficult relationship or a person holds a grudge, that holding of the grudge will directly burden you and hold you back from being able to take that next step towards Allah (swt).

When you remove a grudge and when you reconcile when you get over that hump, it allows you to focus on your spirituality because we are creatures that only have a certain capacity and in our limited capacity, If we fill that capacity with hatred or if we fill it with a grudge, then we can’t sleep at night, can’t think about other things during the day, we can’t fill our hearts with the love of Allah (swt) because we’re too busy filling them with the hatred of someone else.

We can’t experience the Sakina / the tranquility of our prayers because we’re too busy focused on the distraction and the enmity and the hatred and the hardship that comes with a difficult relationship or someone that we’re upset with or someone that we feel wronged by.

Ramadan is a time for us to set new paths towards Allah (swt). It’s time for the good doers to excel further; it’s a time for the sinners to abandon their sins.

Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting SubhanAllah, when a person is talking about fasting from drinking, you don’t want to drink the poison of a grudge. You wait for the other person to be hurt. But at the end of the day, you are the one that remains in a state of pain.

And so doing away with that grudge is like doing away with that poison that you have been drinking and that has been holding you back And Allah knows how hard it is to forgive, And that’s why Allah (swt) forgives those that forgive.



8 Golden Tips To Perform Ramadan Well! Never Miss | Mufti Menk

The Hadith of the prophet (Pbuh), where he spoke about the destruction upon a person who witnessed the month of Ramadan and did not achieve forgiveness. you achieve taqwa, you achieve God consciousness and you achieve forgiveness that’s Allah wants from you and I, SubanAllah.

Let’s say this from today, Let’s read a portion of the Quran, Let’s start thinking about how we’re going to dress, especially for those who found it difficult to be on the straight and narrow regarding your dress code. So if you want to make your dress code even more modest and there’s always room for improvement, start thinking and planning from now.

Now we also need to become conscious of our tongues that needs to start from before Ramadan, from now.

I occupy it with the Remembrance of Allah rather than with The Remembrance of shaitaan. What does it cost you to speak upright, to speak beautifully What does it cost you, to Abstain from a vulgar word What does it cost you, to express your disagreement in a respectful way? Even the scholars are beginning to be disrespectful when they express their disagreement. And that’s how you distinguish between the one who’s actually wise and the one who’s not.

A wise person doesn’t stoop so low, but a person who’s not wise would actually just come and vent their frustrations and say what they want and think about it later. Subhanallah, Let’s not do that. When you’ve hurt someone, you need their forgiveness before Allah forgives you. That’s something that we are taught by the Prophet (Pbuh).

Start cutting down on your food a little bit. Subhanallah, Think about the poor from now. learn to reach out to others with your tongue meaning, speak good words to others. Make them feel reassured. Give them hope and courage. Give them hope about forgiveness. Ramadan is definitely the month of forgiveness, hope and mercy. And we must ask Allah (swt) to free us from Hellfire.

start planning; Where will I make taraweeh? Which masjid will I go to? How much Quran am I going to read? How am I going to improve it? Am I going to, for example, join any lessons?

How are you going to solve your matters and your problems with those you have issues with? You need to forgive in order to attain forgiveness.

In Islam we’re encouraged to forgive. Never does it say forget about it. We can’t forget where human beings, we’ve been hurt. So I may not hold a grudge and I may have forgiven completely, but I don’t want to have anything to do with such people. Nothing is wrong with that statement.

If you cannot do a lot of good in Ramadan, at least don’t do bad. If you cannot do a lot of ebada and acts of worship, minimum is, don’t sin in Ramadan, and it’s not like we should be sinning outside Ramadan. But be more conscious of Ramadan with the gift of that, Allah will protect you from sin even outside Ramadan.

Must Do That Immediately Before Ramadan To Reap Maximum Reward

Although we are short distance away from Ramadan, there’s no guarantee we’re going to make. Life itself is very fragile.

The Prophet (pbuh) says, Keep these two behind. Don’t forgive them, Make them wait until they reconcile, They fix the problems between themselves and the prophet (Pbuh) repeated it three times.

The end of the relationship that is between us and our family members, the wombs that connect us and we cut those ties because of what? wealth than anything else in this world that was their life.

So the Prophet (Pbuh), he says, Two slaves of Allah, They come,Yawm al-Qiyamah, and they are on their knees in front of Allah, the Majesty, the Lord of all honor And might, Then the prophet (Pbuh), he continues, and he says, That one slave, he says To Allah Oh my Lord| take for me, my right from my brother. the right he took from me in Dunya,  take it for me this day; judgment.

So then Allah tells the slave, and He says, What are you gonna do with your brother, Since there’s no good deeds left for your brother, what are you gonna do with him? So this slave, he says to Allah, Let him carry my sins then. So then after the slave says, this, Allah says to him, Raise your eyes, Have a look up there. Look in Paradise. Look in the gardens. So the slave he looks, and he says, I see palaces of gold.

And he’s astonished at the beauty, the richness, the wealth that he sees by any human being would be. So he says to Allah, Who do they belong to? And then Allah says to him, They belong to the one who’s given the price, who’s paid the price for them. So the slave asks, What’s the price for these? Allah says to him, A price that you own. You have this price to purchase these cities and palaces that you can see. He says, What is it?

Allah says to him By forgiving your brother, by forgiving your brother, you will own all of these.

Then the Prophet (Pbuh) finishes the Hadith by saying, he says, Fear Allah, And this is the moral; fear Allah and fix the problems between you.

The Prophet (Pbuh)  says to the Companions, Shall I not tell you of that which is greater in status than extra prayer, extra fasting and extra sadaqah. What did the prophet (PBUH) say?

He said, fix the problems between yourselves; The prophet (PBUH) says that these problems that destroys the religion.

Because of these problems, you don’t care what Allah said, what His Messenger (PBUH) said, what the guidance is. You just want what you want. You want to fulfill your desire, take your vengeances. Take whatever it is you possibly can, and you cause so much harm. That’s what the prophet (PBUH) meant that it destroys the Deen. It destroys your Deen and can destroy the other person’s deen, ruin families, And this is such an enormity in the sight of Allah.

All of us have issues with people. Are we going to allow Ramadan to come And these issues still remain amongst us, Is it not time for us to let these things go? But you know why there’s so much rewarding it?

Because when you try to let these things go, what stops you? Your pride, your ego, you have to lose out on a bit of wealth maybe. you have to eat a bit of humble pie sometimes, it’s very hard on nafs/ the soul, the inner self doesn’t want to lower itself.

But Allah is saying, lower yourself for the sake of Allah, and as the prophet (PBUH) said, whoever humbles themselves for the sake of Allah, Allah raises them. This is why there’s so much rewarding it.