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What A Lost People But Who! Mufti Menk

At the end of Ramadan, now what?

Allah Almighty made things compulsory in Ramadan that are not compulsory out of Ramadan, and we did those things, and we tried to do a few more things.

So I’m still going to stick to what Allah has made compulsory out of Ramadan.

But after Ramadan, there is a statement of the predecessors that they used to state, what a lost people who worship Allah only in the month of Ramadan.

Without bearing in mind that the same Allah who was in Ramadan is here out of Ramadan.

What a bad nation or what bad people who only worship Allah in the month of Ramadan, or they don’t worship Allah, except in the month of Ramadan.

When things happen to change our lives in a beautiful positive way, you begin to feel the blessings of Allah in your life.

You appreciate the halal in your life to the degree that you don’t even incline towards haram.