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What Keeps Marriage Alive | Mufti Menk & Nouman Ali khan | Important Tips

Nouman Ali khan and Mufti Menk point out very important tips on why love disappears after marriage. #MuftiMenk addresses spouse is one of the signs from the signs of Allah (swt). Both spouses should be genuine to get Allah’s mercy to keep marriage alive in conjugal life.

#NoumanAlikhan brings forward that #smiling, #greetings, silence and courtesy help to develop harmony between #husband and #wife following the #Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (saw) in this video clip. These are simple solutions but they’re powerful solution for a healthy and strong #relationship in #marriage which prevents corruptions in the earth.

Question On Why Only Islam For Peace | Mufti Menk With Nouman Ali khan & Yasir Qadhi

#MuftiMenk was asked why #Islam is only for #peace whereas there are many #religions calling towards peace. In Reply , Mufti Menk told that true peace is achieved by worshipping the One Who made you alone without any #deities together with that and Islam is the only faith that goes into every a way that I would be able to achieve inner and outer peace, peace within needs to be rectified in such a beautiful way that’s a whole topic on its own and the entire condition, I am at peace with my own limbs and with entire #creation around me and on top of that I promote that peace that we are talking about.

#NoumanAlikhan explained how to achieve internal& External peace overcoming emotional imbalances, depression, sadness, anger, anxiety, injustice, etc.

#YasirQadhi presented why Islam is The Perfect Religion of #God brilliantly.

Internal Spirituality For Selecting Spouse | Mufti Menk & Nouman Ali Khan

#MuftiMenk highlights how internal #spirituality plays a vital role to lead a happy conjugal life. He mentions some are not worried in regards to select spouse whether that person has #deen or not, #religion or no religion, good #character and #conduct or no good character and conduct. If you look at the outside #beauty, it goes away but the internal beauty develops with the #Wrinkles, but when it comes to external beauty of a person who has no internal beauty as they grow old, they become ugly. If we follow what the Prophet Muhammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has taught he says you want to marry you look at the religious level of the person you want to marry. Mufti Menk said that anyone Whose Role Model Is One Of The Two #Parents, Has A Far Greater Chance Of Success In This #Life Than Someone Whose #RoleModel Is Someone else.

#NoumanAlikhan reminds us how to approach to opposite sex regarding #marriage proposal in terms of Islam in this lecture.

Have The Quran As A Lawyer For Judgement Day | Mufti Menk With Nouman Ali Khan & Ali Hammuda

#MuftiMenk mentions that on the day of Qiyamah a person who’s made an effort to memorize and put into practice part of the Quran if not all of it, the person will be told on the day of judgement read recite as you used to in the dunya that’s why I told you read melodiously in the dunya from hadith.

#NoumanAlikhan highlights that Allah Azzawajal described it with light and that light is the only thing that matters on Judgement Day from the verses 12-15 of Surat Al-Hadid and how is it that we can continue to preserve our light and continue to remind ourselves because the day of judgement day is completely dark and the only light is the light coming out of my chest to show us the path to the Jannah (paradise). We can make stronger the light in this world by remembering Allah (swt) more and more through reciting His book.

#AliHammuda cites that the second lawyer of a person on the day of judgement is the book of Allah-the Quran. Quran will speak, defend and intercede for people on the day of judgement and give special attention to two surahs of the Quran Al-Baqarah and Al-imran chapter 2 and Chapter 3 Of The Quran Because they will come on the day of judgement in the form of two clouds or in the form of two canopies or in the form of two flocks of birds and they will be arguing for their people on the day of judgement from hadith.

How To Balance Wife-Mother Relation | Mufti Menk with Bilal Assad & Nouman Ali khan

#MuftiMenk highlights that It is very important is to support your #spouse to stand by your spouse to be fair and just when it comes to your relation with #wife & #Mother in this video clip.

#BilalAssad points out that sister, take it easy on your husband and lessen the burden of him; try to tolerate as much as you can from the misbehaviour mistreatment of your in-laws. If you do that wallahi 90% of the time your husband will only grow to love you more. He will love you more because you are helping him; if he loves you more he will serve you better and he will protect you from them more. Bilal Assad mentioned above the quote in response to a sister’s question.

#NoumanAlikhan mentions that sisters you’re stuck with your husband; stop being angry accept it and try to love your husband try to make your #husband happy because believe me if he gets even a little bit happy you will be really happy. Then, Nouman Ali khan advises #husbands to appreciate and to say good words to their wivies for making a good family which will raise their status on the day of Judgement.