Question On Why Only Islam For Peace | Mufti Menk With Nouman Ali khan & Yasir Qadhi

#MuftiMenk was asked why #Islam is only for #peace whereas there are many #religions calling towards peace. In Reply , Mufti Menk told that true peace is achieved by worshipping the One Who made you alone without any #deities together with that and Islam is the only faith that goes into every a way that I would be able to achieve inner and outer peace, peace within needs to be rectified in such a beautiful way that’s a whole topic on its own and the entire condition, I am at peace with my own limbs and with entire #creation around me and on top of that I promote that peace that we are talking about.

#NoumanAlikhan explained how to achieve internal& External peace overcoming emotional imbalances, depression, sadness, anger, anxiety, injustice, etc.

#YasirQadhi presented why Islam is The Perfect Religion of #God brilliantly.

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