Think Over These Questions When You Feel Sad | Mufti Menk

In this lecture #MuftiMenk presents how to overcome sadness by asking a few questions by oneself as things do not happen according to what or according to how we want them to happen. We are human beings it is only natural and normal that sometimes we feel very #happy and sometimes we feel sad. So when we are happy we need to ask ourselves what is it that has made us happy if it is the relationship you have with Allahsubhanahu wata’ala that is something everlasting; if it is something material connected to this world remember it is temporary and the day will come when Allah will test you by reversing it, it has to be. This life on earth is absolutely it is not going to last long; we in actual fact are here to be tested. So this is Allah He is the one who gives you glad tidings. So do not lose focus and we should praise Allah upon all conditions.

Mufti Menk ends with a powerful narration that always brings about a lot of comfort in our hearts “Amazing are the affairs of a true believer, all of his /her affairs are always good; nothing bad can happen to a true believer. When goodness happens he / she is thankful, when bad happens he /she is patient but he / she never upsets with Allah, he /she never be angry, He /She is always smiling, he/ she is always remembering Allah (swt)#Subhanallah, #Alhamdulillah these are the words these are the actions that will alleviate the #sadness that we feel sometimes as human beings.

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