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Don’t Worry! You Can Marry Her Or Him In Jannah In Sha Allah IF…. | Dr. Omar Suleiman

Allah (swt) says, from the signs of Allah that he created for you spouses from amongst yourselves, so that you could dwell with one another. So the dwelling of Adam (a.s) with Eve was the first part of it.

And then Allah put compassion and mercy and love between the spouses.

Now, this is very powerful and this is very important that The propeht (pbuh) said, No one is single in paradise

Lastly, something very beautiful, the Prophet (pbuh) said about spouses in Jannah, the messenger (pbuh), he said that their spouse is more beautiful than the last time they saw them.

And you would say to your wife that you’re even more beautiful than the last time I saw you. And she would say, subhanallah, and you’re even more handsome than the last time I saw you.

Meaning part of Jannah is that Allah (swt) makes the spouses perpetually more attractive, more beautiful, more loving, and so on and so forth.

The Main Key Secret To Have A Happy Marriage From Three Verses Of The Quran | Mufti Menk

As a human being, If you make a mistake, you make an error, a blunder or you do something perhaps that might not have been the best way of doing things, Quickly learn to apologise, learn to come forth and make amends; Learn to seek forgiveness not only from those whom you’ve wronged but from Allah (swt) primarily because you know I have to go back to my Lord, He made me. I’m going to answer to Him.

You’re getting married to someone and that person is the child of someone and they have a family and they have a loving family and they’ve been treated with kindness and goodness throughout their lives. Treat them in a similar, if not better way.

The tongue in marriage will make or break it.


Whoever follows Allah and His messenger has indeed succeeded the great success.

Your connection with Allah is closely related to how you address the rest of the creatures of the same Allah.

What Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) Said For Women On The Day Of Arafah | Mufti Menk

Prophet (pbuh) on the Day of Arafah, he said something amazing. He said everything that was of the period of ignorance. I’m putting it under my feet, it no longer is valid.

if we’re believers, here is the messenger (pbuh), on the Day of Arafah, saying, no racism or the period of ignorance, kick it out. Don’t maltreat women, the period of ignorance, kick it out. Don’t think you’re superior, the period of ignorance kick it out. Learn to respect people.

The prophet (pbuh) said, Fear Allah regarding your treatment of women. He says you married the women using the name of Allah, so fear Allah how you treat them.

Watch out, those women. You used the name of Allah, You used the name of Allah to take them, to marry them; treat them well.

Allah clearly tells us this in the surah known as Surah An-Nisa’ (The Women); Allah tells us to fear Allah and to fear the womb that gave birth to…..

And that’s why the Prophet (pbuh) says, the best from amongst you are those who are best to their wives.

This is the day where the women were empowered by Islam, subhanallah.

No Betrayal Of Your Dead Spouse If You Were To Remarry | Mufti Menk

Life must carry on. How many times you have a person who passes on and the wife or the husband or someone says, you know what, that’s it. I’m calm here and I’m never going to marry again. That’s your statement because of the loss. But that’s Allah’s plan.

There is no betrayal of your deceased spouse if you were to remarry. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, married those who lost their spouses before.

Rekindle Your Married Life With These Five Love Languages | Shaykh Shaqur Rehman

Family relationship, our family, This is central to us having a strong Ummah.

Our reference point must be Allah, not what the west telling us. This is how relationships should be, not what the media is telling us. This is the romance story that you must live, not what the novels are telling us.

They are not the ones who understand what true right and responsibilities are and what will actually lead to the greatest outcome in the future.

It’s not about the self. It’s about bringing up a righteous family.

Islam tells you, It’s about Allah and you’re bringing up righteous children and you’re not falling into Haram / forbidden because you’re fulfilling each other’s physical needs, then you’ve got  a good marriage but at the same time, treat them and live with each other in a good way.

The more work that we do in this regard, the stronger Ummah we will have.

Why Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) Said Fear Allah Regarding Women! Mufti Menk

Prophet (Pbuh) speaks about women He says, Oh, people, oh people, women have rights over you, just like you have rights over them. In his final sermon, he’s speaking about the rights of women. He says, Women have rights over you.

The Prophet peace be upon him has expressly mentioned that according to Islamic teachings, it should be the male and the female should support him and he should support her. He needs to respect her and love her and help her to fulfil her duties unto Allah.

And that’s why the Quran says she has rights upon her in the same way that you have rights upon her.

It is a beautiful partnership, and men are definitely responsible for women.

He (pbuh) says, when you married them, you married them with the name of Allah. You took them with the Amana and the trust entrusted by Allah. So look after them.

Remember when you speak to females; speak to them with utmost respect. That’s a real Muslim. That’s a true follower of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

A Match like Made In Heaven Regarding Marriage! Mufti Menk

Nikkah/ marriage comes with great responsibility. And this responsibility is something that definitely needs to be fulfilled from all parties and by all parties.

The words given by Allah (swt) repeated by Rasulallah (pbuh), wherein he says, … Be conscious of Allah. Remember, you are taking each other with the name of Allah. Don’t do that which will displease Allah.

You must learn not to be too fussy about things. You must learn not to want things your way all the time. It’s an act of worship.

The problem with us when we want to control the lives of others, It depicts the biggest weakness in us.

It’s important for us to work on our marriages, like I said, we may have turbulence. It’s normal to have a few disagreements, a few misunderstandings. But it’s not normal to make that a source of abuse and a source of discord to the degree of belittling someone hurting them, harming them. No. Let’s solve our problems.

Sometimes you have to compromise that thing or two. You’ll never get 100%. If you get 80, 90, oh, 80 is brilliant. MashaAllah, 80% compatibility. That’s like a match made in heaven. 20%, You have to compromise.

Mahr is not a competition. Look after my daughter. Even if you didn’t give much, it’s fine. I want you to respect my child. That’s it.

What To Do When Your Parents Tell You To Divorce Your Spouse | Mufti Menk

In Surah An-Nisa, which is obviously dedicated to the women. One thing that is clear in the Surah; Allah has repeated the issue of Justice several times in the Surah.

Many of us are guilty for not being just when it comes to our women folk; Be it our wives, be it our mothers, our sisters, sometimes our daughters and even our in-laws and so on.

May Allah (swt) grant us an understanding that when we came, we brought nothing. When we are going to leave, we will leave with nothing besides our deeds. So this whole world is actually there for us to do as many good deeds as we can.

Allah will throw into your examination; Women, wives, children, parents, siblings, in-laws, business partners, whoever else. Allah throws them into your test in order to see what do you do?

this is why, when it comes to laws of money, there is no other Act of worship that Allah has mentioned in such great detail than that of the wealth that you leave behind when you die. There are very few minor differences of opinion when it comes to inheritance. There are very few minor differences of opinion when it comes to inheritance.

So I call on you, my brothers and sisters, to learn the rules of inheritance, to learn that the money is not yours. The wealth that you found on Earth belonged to Allah.

Today, for some petty reasons, your father could tell you divorce your wife. What is right for you to do; You need to ask yourself, Is my father right, or is my wife right? The answer is, when it comes to who is right, you’ve got to look at what the issue is.

Sometimes you might have to protect your wife from the harm of your own mother, and sometimes you might have to protect your mother from the harm of your own wife.

What’s the point of me failing in the last moments when I’m about to meet with Allah (swt)? And my will is totally upside down, completely unislamic, totally in the opposite direction of the instruction of Allah. And that’s the last thing I needed to do as I left. You’re not going to take your wealth with you.

Why Putting Ego Aside: Follow 5 Tips To Fix A Relationship | Watch Must In Ramadan | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

The Prophet (pbuh) has told us about a people that show up on the Day of Judgment. And this is perhaps the scariest thing of them all; completely bankrupt. The prophet (Pbuh) said, a person comes on the Day of Judgment and they have their prayers, they have their fasting, they have their charity, but they cursed this person. They mocked this person, they hit this person, and they backbit this person. They have all of these wrongdoings that they committed against the people so that the people line up in front of them on the Day of Judgment and they take their good deeds away from the transgressor.

A person is left with absolutely nothing to the point that they still have those that they owe, but they don’t have any good deeds left.

And the Prophet (Pbuh) mentions at that point that those that they have wrong but still have not gotten their recourse, they will put their sins on you. And so you’ll end up exchanging your good deeds for no good deeds and then eventually being burdened in the sins of of other people because you have no more good deeds to give to the people that are lined up in front of you.

Allah has made sacred the honor of people and Allah (swt) has made sacred the rights of people. And so you have to be very careful not to transgress.

The time for reconciliation and how we start to make up with people that we may have hurt or people that we were hurt by, where there was a mutual hurting that took place.

Number one, that a person, first and foremost has to come to the conclusion that it’s not worth it. It’s not worth losing out on the pleasure of Allah (swt). I don’t want my needs to not be looked at by Allah because I refuse to put my ego to the side and reconcile with this person. So I will reconcile with this person.

The second thing is that the entire exercise of Ramadan is the preference of Allah to yourself, right? to swallow your anger and to part in the people is one of the greatest exercises of preferring Allah (Swt) to yourself.

As Wadil (Rah) says, the nufs of ego is so much harder to overcome and so when you swallow that, and when you pardon people and when you reconcile and you put your nufs down, that is the greatest show to Allah (Swt), that you are seeking Him over yourself, that you are seeking His pleasure over your own pleasure, that you are willing to go through the difficulties of that process so that you could find ease on the day of judgment.

The third thing, that the prophet (pbuh) reminded us that when we are in a place of anger, that we want to disconnect ourselves from acting while the Satan is overtaking us, what does that mean?

The fourth thing: family, right now, we are seeing a time in which people cut off their lineage and to sever the ties of kinship / Ar- Rahim is far more severe than severing the ties with anyone else, and those ties are tied to the throne of Allah (swt). And whoever severs the ties, then Allah (swt) severs them.

If the sin of ignoring your brother for three days is so severe than what then of the sin of ignoring your parents, ignoring your spouses, ignoring your siblings for more than three days?

So reconciliation with family should be prioritized, because the relationship with family is so much more sacred and so much more precious than any other relationship that you’re going to find in your life.

Number five and I don’t want to be little in any way. if a person maintains a difficult relationship or a person holds a grudge, that holding of the grudge will directly burden you and hold you back from being able to take that next step towards Allah (swt).

When you remove a grudge and when you reconcile when you get over that hump, it allows you to focus on your spirituality because we are creatures that only have a certain capacity and in our limited capacity, If we fill that capacity with hatred or if we fill it with a grudge, then we can’t sleep at night, can’t think about other things during the day, we can’t fill our hearts with the love of Allah (swt) because we’re too busy filling them with the hatred of someone else.

We can’t experience the Sakina / the tranquility of our prayers because we’re too busy focused on the distraction and the enmity and the hatred and the hardship that comes with a difficult relationship or someone that we’re upset with or someone that we feel wronged by.

Ramadan is a time for us to set new paths towards Allah (swt). It’s time for the good doers to excel further; it’s a time for the sinners to abandon their sins.

Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting SubhanAllah, when a person is talking about fasting from drinking, you don’t want to drink the poison of a grudge. You wait for the other person to be hurt. But at the end of the day, you are the one that remains in a state of pain.

And so doing away with that grudge is like doing away with that poison that you have been drinking and that has been holding you back And Allah knows how hard it is to forgive, And that’s why Allah (swt) forgives those that forgive.