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How To Deal With The Thought ‘Why Everyone’s Life Is Better than Mine’ – Mufti Menk

The reason why Allah (swt) allows a believer to go through certain stages at times is in order for us to realize that the mistake was right at the beginning.

The minute we fall ill, the minute calamity strikes, the first thing we need to do is turn to Allah. The difference between a believer and one who does not believe is that the believer primarily turns to Allah before everything we say Bismillah..

You cannot blame the Takdir of Allah (swt), the predestined of one thing that may have led to another thing, When Allah gave you the capacity and the mind and the ability to do or not to do.

Allah creates positives out of a negative. What seems negative to you is a positive to Allah (swt). If you are a believer and you lay your trust in Allah, nothing can go wrong. You’re a believer. You don’t look at it negatively. It’s a trying time. It’s a test. It’s a difficulty.

But amazing are the affairs of a true believer. For indeed, all his or her affairs are good. If something bad happens physically to us, as we human beings would look at, we would consider it to be the decree of Allah. It was a good thing. We bear patience and the patience will result in us being rewarded immeasurably.

And if something good according to us happened where we achieved what we thought, we wanted to achieve as humankind, we make what is known as Shukr. We thank Allah. We don’t become haughty. We don’t become arrogant. We don’t become people who think they are mighty and so on. We understand this was from Allah. It is also temporary. But Allah has given us this gift. And so we will become even closer to Allah.

Don’t ever question the decree of Allah. Thank Allah. Let it be a means of drawing you closer to Allah through all your Ibada and staying away from sin and engaging in Istighfar and you need to know daybreak only follows the darkest hours of the night.

Don’t forget, you’re a human being. You will falter. But you will also repent immediately and make amends regarding your relationship with Allah.

How You Get Trapped Into Bad Habits & How To Break The Habit Loop | Mufti Menk

If you look at the teachings of Islam, every time there is something Allah has instructed you to do. If you look at prayer five times a day, every single day, you need a lot of discipline to fulfill that. So there must be a reason why Allah wants us to be disciplined and fulfill it every day.

When Satan wants to trap you, he has to use the similar concept that you use when you want to trap a rat.

When you discipline yourself for the sake of Allah, you will lead a very content life. You will be the happiest person yet you’ve never touched a drug, Yet You don’t smoke or drink.. Yet You don’t have bad habits. But you are a happy, content person. You know why? you are focused on the right things in life.

A habit is something you got yourself into. I promise you, don’t blame someone else for your bad habits. They are yours. You will have to work on your bad habits. No one else is going to be able to eradicate it, but they will either produce towards it or away from it.

Discipline yourself for the sake of Allah and watch your doors opening. Replace something bad with the recitation of the Quran with the dhikr of Allah. Repeat the names of Allah. Repeat some of the words taught by the prophet (pbuh) of praise of Allah, of praise of the messenger (pbuh), Send blessings and salutations upon him and see what it does to you? Sit down. Think about it.

What goodness do you have that people can take from you? Come on, you have to have it because you are part of the people on the Earth who have to leave a legacy.

Remember, your body gets tuned to something that you tuned to, so tune it towards Allah, not away from Allah. If you have a habit of anything, be it weed or whatever, you need to convert it to something good.

Why Allah Does Not Forgive Five Types Of Person | Firm Your Faith Before Ramadan | Mufti Menk

Never lose hope in the mercy of Allah. Always seek the forgiveness of Allah (Swt). But we have a major problem because we are taught that there are certain people Allah doesn’t forgive.

Allah (Swt) forgives all those besides certain people, who are those certain people? That Hadith is in Sunan ibn Majah (15th Shaban)

If you want to achieve the forgiveness of Allah save yourselves from the following:

Number one, mushirk – straight. That Hadith says, a person who associates partners with Allah in worship. Allah says, I won’t forgive that person. But we are talking of a person, who passes away, and he did not seek forgiveness or she did not seek forgiveness. Allah says, I can forgive everything. But shirk, I won’t forgive.

The second one is a person who holds in his heart grudge and hate and ill feeling and malice towards others. Clean your heart, my brothers and sisters; If you’re a Mumin and you want Paradise, clean your heart.

Clean your heart of hatred, enmity, malice, jealousy, etc, etc against anyone else. And the prophet (PBUH) confirmed that that was a quality of Jannah.

Another quality that is mentioned is a person who lengthens his clothing well below his ankles. It is depictive of pride. So the quality that Allah does not like is the quality of pride. Allah says, I don’t like the one who is proud and arrogant. The Quran says that, Allah doesn’t like those who are haughty and they belittle others.


The sign of pride is when a person rejects the truth and belittles others, you treat them like rubbish. Treat people with respect. Allah will forgive you.

Another type: a person who cuts relationships with their family for no reason or for worldly purposes because of money, because of wealth.

Don’t break relations unnecessarily. People ask, What about obedience to parents? Obedience to parents within that which is reasonable is a duty of Allah has placed on our shoulders. Allah subhanaw in the Quran has always told us to be kind to your parents, even if you disagree.

You choose a respectful means and a respectful way of disagreeing because you are never allowed to be unkind to your parents, even when you disagree with them. And even if they are unkind, be kind, disagree politely.

Another type: a person who is addicted to intoxicants of any nature and they don’t even have a plan to actually quit it or to seek the forgiveness of Allah.

Remember one thing, when you are doing something wrong, habitually, as a mumin / believer, at least feel in your heart, what I’m doing is wrong. wallahi, that feeling will save you.

So Allah says when you feel bad with your sins, it’s a sign that you’re a believer, why would I feel bad? Because I love Allah. I have a weakness. But I love Allah. I want Him to forgive me, strengthen me.

If Allah has accepted you, how do you know that’s the last question? How you know? Your life changes.

How do I know my hajj was accepted?  I will know it when if I come back and things have changed in my life positively.

When you fast in Ramadan your life changes. You are forgiven and all the sins are wiped out. How do I know that Ramadan was accepted? When Ramadan exits and you know, your life has changed.

When you seek forgiveness of Allah, How do you know Allah has forgiven you? When you quit a few of these things in your life changes somehow.

Marriage Is A Big Sacrifice | Powerful Reminders | Mufti Menk

We Need To Strike A Balance. A Balance Between What’s Happening On The Ground, Understanding It, Doing Something About It, Living Your Life, Fulfilling Your Responsibilities To Allah And To Your Family And At The Same Time Trying To Make Sure That When You Die You Go To A Good Place And Those Whom You Leave Behind Will Be Left Behind In A Good Place As Well. What A Big Challenge!

A Big Challenge! Subhanallah, May Allah Make It Easy For Us.

What Islam Says About Uncovering The Ankles And Above, Tattoos, Piercing Body! Ustad Asim Khan And Mufti Menk

Question; I would like to ask you on the ruling on covering the feet. I’m aware that women must cover, must cover from the ankle and above but I’m not sure about the covering of the ankle and below in front of non -Mahrams.

So is it permissible to leave what is below the ankle uncovered?

When Allah gave me the body it’s only to use for a few years that I’m on Earth after that it will decompose into the soil in the case of the vast majority.

Once we understand and realize that the body is entrusted To Us by the Supreme deity who it belongs to and we wants it back. We will then realize that we’re not allowed to do with it Whatever we want to do, but we will only be allowed to do what He allows us to do, what He has permitted.

But let’s look at the issue of tattoos.

We as Believers look at it by saying who gave me the right to make a permanent change to

This body of mine that the almighty has entrusted me with. So we should not be doing permanent tattoos.

The Young and the old don’t do permanent tattoos in a rush. I did a tattoo and now I don’t Know what to do;

What Exactly Happened On The 10th Of Muharram & It’s Some Misconceptions | Mufti Menk

What is Haram and why is this month called Muharram?

As Muslims we are Supposed to be making resolutions every night. We’re supposed to be renewing our vows to with Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala every night. We’re supposed to be seeking forgiveness every night. We’re taught to make sure when we go to bed, We make peace with Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala there is a supplication that you and I are supposed to be reading before going to bed every night and part of it  Is that o Allah if you take my soul away in Sleep then have mercy on it.

And if you send it back then meaning if you allow me to awaken in the morning, then protect me in the same way that you protect the pious friends of yours or the pious slaves of yours.

If you’ve fallen into sin again And again, you need to go back to Allah again And again and again


The month of Muharram, Yes as much as it is the first month of The Islamic calendar, we need to realize it has a certain value, the prophet Muhammad  sallallahu alayhi wasallam towards the end of his life used to fast a lot in the month of Muharram and the fasts of Muharram also hold great value with the 10th of Muharram being the peak of these fasts, subhanallah.

What Exactly Happened On The 10th Of Muharram & It’s Some Misconceptions

This depicts the Victory of the oppressed over the oppressor. It also depicts the defeat of the oppressor, no matter how powerful he thinks he is. So we should be pondering for a moment and we should be thanking Allah and we should have hope in Allah if someone has wronged Remember Triumph will come remember, they will be Defeated.

Remember Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala is not oblivious of what is happening. He knows and he is going to deal with the matter decisively.

The Day Of Deleting Bad Habits From The Spirit Of Eid Al-Adha | Very Powerful one

I commenced by congratulating you upon this beautiful day of Eid which is also a Friday. We thank Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala for giving us this great opportunity and I remind yourselves and myself that this eid is all about the sacrifice and the submission to Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala that of Ibrahim alayhi salatu wassalam when Allah instructed him to do something, he did it without questioning that pleased Allah so much that Allah gave us a day where we can remember that sacrifice and also consider it a very happy occasion.

This would mean that every time Allah has instructed us to do something. We should be doing that without questioning Allah.

You will be questioned about your prayers. I want to draw your attention to things that are happening in our midst nowadays that people take for granted and they don’t realize that they need to do better in order to display their obedience to Allah.

“Everything you do;  your actions, whatever you do, your words, your movements all of that. Ask yourself when I meet with Allah, I’m going to be shown this action. Will I be proud of it?

When you meet with Allah, on that day when the book is spread. When the book is placed he’s going to show you everything; The book of Deeds.

The use of social media, the way we’re using social media at times we tend to forget; I have a lord to answer to, I have a day of judgment that I’m going to go to, all these Deeds are going to be shown to me

Your Social Media Accounts Can Earn Your Paradise | Powerful 10 Days Of Dhul Hijjah Reminders | Powerful 10 Days Of Dhul-Hijjah Reminders ~ Mufti Menk

A Good thing to do during these 10 days: teach someone, some good, subhanallah. The prophet Muhammad (saw) was sent as a teacher to us.

If Allah has given you an opportunity To have a following online perhaps on social media make sure you’re leading them in the right direction.

I tell you if you’re leading them in the right direction, you can earn jannah simply by your social media accounts. You can earn Paradise simply by the correct use of your social media accounts.

Don’t be, don’t be shy to delete that which is bad, no matter how popular it’s become…

The Best Deeds You Can Do During The Best 10 Days Of Dhul Hijjah | Mufti Menk

The days of the first 10 of Dhul-Hijjah are more valuable than the days of Ramadan speaking of daylight.

The prophet Muhammed (Saw) said there are no days in which Allah loves Deeds more than those that are done during these first 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah.

So if we were told that there are no days wherein Deeds are more loved by Allah then these 10; what should we be doing?

There is no point in sinning especially during a time when Allah says good deeds are most loved to me. We should be doing seeking the forgiveness of Allah often.

Why do you think He gives us these auspicious days and nights Him to tap us on the shoulder and tell us, it’s time you turned it to Allah.