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Do It Immediately But Don’t Dare Justify Sin! Mufti Menk

What’s the whispering of the devil? You hear it in your mind. It comes and contaminates your system. Your thinking becomes clouded.

So Allah tells you, every day, fulfill your prayers. The devil will come to all of you and try to protect yourself.

And if you fall into committing something that Allah has declared prohibited, immediately seek the forgiveness of Allah without trying to justify your deed.

When You Will Understand Allah! Mufti Menk | Goosebumps Reminders

Let’s lead our lives in a way that Allah gives us also a good death.

It is all part of the greater plan of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, that certain things He does not give you a choice about. Those things, Allah Almighty has decided for reasons known to Him.

One of the factors that Allah has kept is a very interesting, beautiful teaching that your final judgment depends on how your life ends.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, used to make a du’a,

اللهم إني أسألك حسن الخاتمة

Allahumma inni as aluka husnal khatimah: O Allah, I ask You for a good end to my life.

Because there is a hadith that states that a person who does a lot of good for so many years and suddenly messes up at the end, they’ve lost. And the person who’s done a lot of bad through his life, but suddenly made everything right at the end.

They’ve gained a person who was a disbeliever, and suddenly they became a Muslim. They believed in Allah and submitted just before they passed on.

They died as submitters. Good news to them. Islam deletes the bad that was done before it. The same applies to tawba and repentance. Whatever was before it is deleted.

A gift of Allah is that we are not judged by our sins. We are judged by our repentance.

My Life Has Changed For This Incident! Mufti Menk

Don’t delay the preparation for the meeting with Allah because that’s what might just happen.

Allah’s knowledge encompasses absolutely everything. Right now, He’s given you capacities and powers. Use them and get closer to Him.

Allah is looking at your heart, your deeds, your worship, your compassion, the softness of the soul, your intention, your seriousness, and the way you’re moving forward. And Allah says, You know what? For this person is paradise.

The most content of people on earth are not those who did whatever they wanted, not even one of them. The most content people on earth are those who discipline themselves.

They got up at a certain time, they worked hard, they respected everyone, they fulfilled rules and regulations, and they followed by the book. They are the happiest, the most content in all honesty.

What A Lost People But Who! Mufti Menk

At the end of Ramadan, now what?

Allah Almighty made things compulsory in Ramadan that are not compulsory out of Ramadan, and we did those things, and we tried to do a few more things.

So I’m still going to stick to what Allah has made compulsory out of Ramadan.

But after Ramadan, there is a statement of the predecessors that they used to state, what a lost people who worship Allah only in the month of Ramadan.

Without bearing in mind that the same Allah who was in Ramadan is here out of Ramadan.

What a bad nation or what bad people who only worship Allah in the month of Ramadan, or they don’t worship Allah, except in the month of Ramadan.

When things happen to change our lives in a beautiful positive way, you begin to feel the blessings of Allah in your life.

You appreciate the halal in your life to the degree that you don’t even incline towards haram.

Know The Secrets Of Seeking Laylatul Qadr Including 27th Ramadan! Mufti Menk

The narration of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, wherein he speaks about searching for the night of decree, the night of power or the night of decree in the Arabic language, Laylat al Qadr.

When we search for it, the idea is to be able to worship Allah through a number of days, not just one.

The most powerful nights are the nights of Ramadan. From them, there are powerful nights towards the second half of Ramadan. In the last 10 nights, there is a greater chance that Laylat al Qadr is in those 10, the ones we are in right now.

Then he says, search for the night of decree in the odd nights from the last 10 nights of Ramadan.

How do I search for the night?

Although Laylat al Qadr is inside Ramadan, It is one night that has the value of the whole of the rest of Ramadan and beyond.

Laylat al Qadr that night of decree is more powerful or better than a thousand months.

If everyone is rushing towards Allah, don’t be the only few left out.

Learn Two Thing For One Of The Most Difficult Things Is To ‘Forgive’! Mufti Menk

one of the most difficult things for us as human beings to do is to forgive others. It is very difficult, especially when it is done by someone who was close to you, when they’ve wronged you and they have oppressed you or harmed you or usurped your wealth or something has happened.


Sometimes it’s a misunderstanding. But this is the month of forgiveness. We need to talk about the most difficult of things and we need to encourage one another to forgive and to reconcile because to mend relationships is a great act of worship.

if we’re all connected, surely it means we should try our best to understand one another, to make life easy for those on earth who are our family members anyway.

Get used to not holding too much. Leave it be. Let it go.

Why Does The Quran say Not To Raise Your Voice Sound Like The Braying Of Donkeys! Mufti Menk

Character and conduct is something that Allah Almighty has enshrined and shown us an example in the beautiful Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him. In fact, when Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, was asked about the character of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, she said his character was an embodiment of the Quran.

Similarly, when the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, spoke himself, he says, The best from amongst you are those with best character. Similarly, he said, The best from amongst you are those who are best to their wives or their family members.

Islam has come about with teaching you to worship your Maker alone. Then what Allah Almighty wants you to do once you have fulfilled the rights of his, of the Maker, you fulfill what is known as the rights of the creatures, the worshipers,..

Before you say something, think about how you can say it and look at the options you have and choose the best possible option. That is when you’re a true believer.

Allah Answered All Of That In One Verse & Reading Quran By Andrew Tate In Prison! Mufti Menk

Didn’t Allah say that this Quran was revealed in order for us to ponder deeply over its verses? Didn’t Allah say that we have revealed to you that which will bring about comfort to the heart, the soul?

This is the book that will bring about comfort. It will bring about goodness. When you just listen to its verses, you are mesmerized.

All those who have been distressed in one way or another have told us, and they have borne witness, that when we sincerely looked into these words and this Quran, or listened to it, or interacted with it, it brought about tremendous comfort.

These Amazing Things happen If Your intension Is only To Please Allah! Mufti Menk

Purify the intention is one of the cornerstones of acts of worship in this deen that Allah has sent to us. When you have a pure intention and when you really would like to do something for Allah and you want to please Him, you will make sure you’re conscious about everything else.

You purify your intention when it’s done solely for Allah to please Allah.

Then what happens? You begin to become conscious of the type of person you are.

A person who’s sincere would easily be able to work on their jealousy, their hatred, their ill feeling, the qualities of the heart that are negative.

Islam is all about being sincere. Sincere to Who: Be sincere with intension to Allah by worshiping Him alone

This Will Happen If You Ask Allah Acknowledging His Favours Upon You! Mufti Menk

If we take a look at how Allah Almighty has blessed us and favored us, we would need to ponder over it in order for us to be able to realize the favors and the bounties of Allah upon us.

Look to begin with within yourself. Do you not have a body with limbs and organs, with bones you don’t even know the number of? Do you not have a heart that beats more than 100,000 times a day?

Allah Almighty tells us very clearly, If you are going to count the favors of Allah upon you, you will never count all of them because that is the system of Allah.

But the opposite is true. If you count the difficulties, the hardships, the calamities that Allah has thrown at you or made you go through, you will definitely be able to count them, all of them, and you would be able to say, I’ve got this problem and this and this and this and count them.

So if you want increase from Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, you must make sure that you first ponder over the gifts of Allah.