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A Life Changing Analogy Of Overcoming Sufferings From The Importance Of Hajj By Mufti Menk

Ibrahim (a.s) sacrificed a lot, yet he was known as Kalilulah, the friend of Allah. Allah has proven to us that closeness to Allah has nothing to do with how famous you are, how popular you are, how powerful you are, how much wealth you have, how much strength you have, what your looks are like, or your body, et cetera.

The closer you are to Allah, the more challenges you will face in your life. The closer you are to Allah, the more people will make your life difficult. Because, Allah wants you to trust Him fully.

The greater the trust, the greater the challenge and the bigger the miracle, the day that happens, Allahu akbar….

This yaqeen and conviction of Ibrahim (a.s) is what is being celebrated over and above, his dedication to Allah alone. He worshiped Allah alone.

We never ever compromise our relationship with Allah for anything that comes first.

Debunking Massive Misunderstandings About Hijab Even By Some Muslims | Mufti Menk

In Islam, we believe that Allah Almighty has given us a certain type of modest beautification through clothing and yes, to cover your private parts, to cover yourself in a nice way, to look presentable, all of this is actually part and parcel of the gift of Allah Almighty upon us.

Hijab is a whole system that we tread upon and live by for the sake of Allah.

When we say hijab, many people think it’s just a piece of cloth, on the heads of women covering their hair, not realizing it’s an entire lifestyle.

Allah says don’t show everything that you have to everyone that is there, otherwise you will not be appreciated.

Part of hijab is to love yourself the way Allah has made you, to appreciate it, to thank Allah for it and dress in a beautiful, modest way whereby your body parts are not being revealed.

Hijab requires you to speak very respectfully to the opposite gender with utmost respect. They should see the character in you, of modesty, honesty, goodness and so on.

No Betrayal Of Your Dead Spouse If You Were To Remarry | Mufti Menk

Life must carry on. How many times you have a person who passes on and the wife or the husband or someone says, you know what, that’s it. I’m calm here and I’m never going to marry again. That’s your statement because of the loss. But that’s Allah’s plan.

There is no betrayal of your deceased spouse if you were to remarry. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, married those who lost their spouses before.

The Best Words To Remove Jealousy From The Heart! Mufti Menk

The most important organ that we have is the heart. The heart is closely connected to the mind. So if you have a clean heart, it actually affects the mind and the mind begins to do things that are correct and pleasing to Allah Almighty. Because the heart is clean.

To cleanse the heart is the duty of every Muslim. How do I clean my heart? What should I do to clean my heart?

What is your connection with the word of Allah? Do you make an effort with it? If not, your heart cannot be pure. It’s impossible that’s the word of the owner of the hearts. And He’s the one who turns the hearts.

If you don’t have a connection with His words, His reminders, His warnings, then how can you expect your heart to be clean? So if you don’t read the Quran and you don’t want to know its meaning and it irritates you when people tell you what the Quran says, then you have a diseasedheart that requires attention.

If you don’t want to take Allah’s reminder, whose reminder do you want?

Sometimes you might think you have everything. Are you sure that’s not only material items you’re talking about?

When you don’t have Salat Al Fajr, you have zero.

How To Know You Have Succeeded In Ramadan By Your Two Acts | Mufti Menk

We must be thankful to Allah (swt) Almighty for accepting us to be from among those who worship Him alone. We should always look into our acts of worship and purify them for the sake of Allah alone.

If you come out of Ramadan and your Salah has improved, you have succeeded. If you come out of Ramadan and you have a new love for Salah, you have succeeded.

Young people don’t realize true success is when Allah loves you to pray for Him because Allah puts it in the heart.

You want to succeed? Success is depicted by how you fulfill your Salah.

You can have the millions and the billions and maybe in this worldly life you have everything, luxury. It is nothing in the eyes of Allah.

Allahu Akbar, If Allah helps you to get up early for SalatAlFajr, to make wudu and to come and fulfill your two sunnah.. It is better for you than the whole Dunya and whatever it has, this whole world and whatever it has.

It is time to purify our heart. The diseases of the hearts are plenty. The heart is the seat of government of your entire body.

The Hadith says, In your body there is a piece of flesh. If it is pure, the body is pure. If it is dirty, the body is dirty.

Heartbrokenđź’”! Know The Permanent Solution | Mufti Menk

We all suffer at some point or another, heartbreak or things do not go exactly as we had planned.

Allah says those whom, when calamity strikes them or something negative strikes them.

Allah also speaks about testing us by not giving us things that we desperately want. Sometimes you desperately want something and Allah wants to delay it a little bit, but you want it urgently. Sometimes Allah doesn’t want to give you something you desperately want. And sometimes there is a huge barrier between you and something and Allah wants to give it to you. Allah will give it to you. And if there is no barrier between you and something and Allah does not want to give it to you, it’s not going to happen.

So we need to attach with Allah and to Allah. You must realize Allah does one of a few things. He either grants you what you want later on, or He replaces what He has taken away from you with something far better than that.

This worldly life is temporary. So for us to think that we will have permanent solution to our problems, that’s not possible. The only permanent solution is when you get paradise.

You just need to know how to navigate, Number one, through your crisis. Number two is to call out to Allah, who is the owner of the heart of that child as well.

Want The Goodness Of This World But Not By The Cost Of The Eternal Goodness! Ramadan Boost | Mufti Menk

We are in the blessed month of Ramadan. This month is unique. From the moment it starts, we already feel rejuvenated. And Allah Almighty has given us so much that the blessed blessings are felt, the mercy is felt, the need within ourselves to change, to do something good. We thank Allah Almighty for giving us this month.

Make your relationship firm, with Who?

With the One Who owns the moment your eyes close and your life right now.

That temporary survival, How on Earth can you give up your relationship with Allah? You want the goodness of this world, fair enough. But not at the price of the eternal goodness that you and I are living for.

While you’re enjoying the moments on Earth, bear in mind that they are temporary. Wallahi. Your happy days are temporary. Your sad days are also temporary. You are going through a problem. It will not last. You are going through ease. It’s not going to last.

Someone has to die or you have to die. They have to. They’ve gone before you, after you. So it will not last forever.

The everlasting life is only one. It’s in the hereafter.

Allah gives us Ramadan to prepare for it.

Look At The Favours Of Allah – Pre-Ramadan Boost 2022 | Mufti Menk

Ramadan Is the month of forgiveness. It is a month in which there is a night more powerful than a thousand months. So before we get into Ramadan, one of the first things you should do to seek the forgiveness of Allah so that you start Ramadan with a clean slate.


Let’s remember, Allah doesn’t need us. We need Allah. So Allah is watching us. He put an instruction and he says, what are you going to do? Pray five times a day for me, but the benefit is actually yours.

If the whole world had to transgress against Allah, it doesn’t deplete anything from Allah’s Kingdom. It doesn’t decrease His value even in iota. And if all of us had to obey Allah, may Allah make us from among those, it doesn’t increase the value of Allah, it increases our value. We become closer to Allah.

Spend a bit of time with the people; serve the people, especially those who are underprivileged. The Prophet (pbuh) has told us to serve those who have been struck with calamity disaster.

About A Smooth Sailing In A Tumultuous Life | Mufti Menk

Before you were born Allah Almighty has already written certain things about you and I. The exact time of birth, the exact time of death, whether or not we will be fortunate, and at the same time the sustenance that will be ours, the tests and the major challenges.

So the major aspects of your lives and mine were written prior to your birth. Now the tests that you were going to have, are going to have, shall have are also determined by Allah Almighty.

You need to know your tests. You will go through them. You have to go through them one by one. It is impossible for anyone on Earth to have it smooth sailing totally.

It’s up to you to realize you cannot have it smooth sailing. There is not a soul on earth who has everything because you came on to this Earth in order to be tested.

Tests come from Allah. You can manage but only with the help of Allah. On your own, you cannot do it. If you remove Allah from the equation and you don’t want to pray and you don’t want to bear patience, you won’t succeed.

There’s no chance that we are not going to have someone without anxiety. You don’t know the future. That itself is the level of anxiety.

But faith will keep you going with calmness.