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Happier Days Will Come But Connect With Allah Being Patient At Difficult Times! Mufti Menk

You will see happier days. Be patient. You will see a reward for everything you’ve done. Be patient. Justice will be served. Be patient. It is a matter of time.

Keep calling to Allah. Be patient.

When we say be patience, in no ways are we telling you to continue living in a toxic situation that is destroying you, your mental health, and your physical health that is breaking you to pieces.

what’s more important than the provision of this world, the life is that of the Hereafter.

How To Call Out Allah With This Best Dua Not Giving Up! Mufti Menk

The first supplication that is made in that Quran For the Guidance of Allah

We need to call out to Allah. The most important du’a or supplication is guide us to the straight path.

The opening Surah of the Quran, the first supplication that is made in that Quran, Allah says, Guide us to the straight path.

We are to repeat this supplication. That’s what Allah wants. This goes to show us that the most important matter in existence is the issue of guidance.

When you seek Allah’s guidance, genuinely, sincerely, He will not let you down. When you seek Allah’s guidance and you really want to look for it and you are trying hard and you would like to search for that which is the most authentic, that which is the best, that which really would bring you towards the best relationship with your Maker and you ask that to Allah, He will not let you down.

You need to make sure you’re asking someone whom you know owns it without a doubt.

Don’t Allow These Things Of The Heart To Resolve A Broken Relationship! Mufti Menk

Strengthening bonds is something very important in Islam. Allah Almighty has created us in a way that we are related to people.

When Allah has kept a relationship of blood between you and someone, biologically, you’re connected, you need to know lineage in Islam is sacred. Sacred means it cannot be tempered with.

Because Allah has kept so many rules and regulations, each one of them connected to our success in this world and the next. The ultimate contentment and victory, happiness and success relies on understanding what the Almighty has said and adopting it to the best of our abilities.

Allah Almighty wants us during this beautiful month to achieve a reward by going to those whom we don’t have a relationship with, starting with our family members, the closest from amongst the family, and either apologizing or extending a hand of goodness, a hand of forgiveness, a hand of solidarity, a hand of building the bonds.

Very important for us to develop a big heart, as we say, and to extend the arm and to be the first one to extend that arm of reconciliation.

So to go out of your way to mend relations is an act of worship.

The biggest charity, the biggest donation you can ever make right now is to resolve the matters with those who are right around you.

The Biggest Gift Of Allah For The Eternal Life In Ramadan! Mufti Menk

Allah has blessed us as being part of the ummah of the Quran.

This month of Ramadan is not just the month of fasting, it is the month of the Quran.

Allah says in Surah Al Baqara that the month of Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was revealed.

Now, one of the things we need to realize is for Allah to give so much of importance to the Quran every single year and to let this month come back every year.

What you need to do is you need to read the Quran, understand it, put it into practice, correct your recitation.

It’s the most important book in existence. It’s the most important message ever. It is the message of Allah.

The Specialized Gate In Paradise For Who Fast In Ramadan! Mufti Menk

This month, there are special gates that we need to know about. They are the gates of paradise. There are so many gates.

Allah Almighty makes mention of but eight gates of paradise. One of them is a specialized gate known as Ar-Rayyan.

Ar-Rayyanis a gate through which those who fasted dedicatedly shall enter through by the will of Allah, because Allah says, Whoever fasts correctly in the month of Ramadan with full conviction in Allah, hoping for a reward from Allah, all their previous sins will be forgiven.

Allah says, breath of fresh air, we give you a spirituality. Beautiful days that are filled with such amazing ambiance that it’s not felt in any other month outside of this particular month of Ramadan. We will give you some amazing opportunity to soften your heart. If you don’t soften it during this month, when would you like to soften it?

If you don’t repent in the month of repentance, when are you going to repent? If you don’t turn to Allah during the month of turning to Allah, when are you going to do that?

No Suffering Is Punishment If You Do This But Remember 2 Things! Mufti Menk

Seek the forgiveness of Allah on a daily basis, so many times a day because you need to have good news.

The Quran tells you that for as long as you’re seeking the forgiveness of Allah; whatever Calamity comes in your direction is not a punishment from Allah.

If the Almighty has given you an opportunity to seek forgiveness and to make amends and to build a relationship with Him and to exchange your love with Allah, what that means is you’ve had an opportunity of rushing towards Him…..

Paradise Is Yours Just Give A Reason To Allah! Mufti Menk

Do not become too attached to anything you found on this earth. You learn to take, give, and subhanallah, reach out.

Don’t get too attached. You’re going to lose it. But when you get something in the hereafter, it is said, even the people you’re going to meet, you will recognize them because Allah allows you to recognize them.

One of the best ways of earning the mercy of Allah is to constantly seek His forgiveness.

Wow! Subhanallah! Your Toxic Husband In Jannah in Sha Allah! Mufti Menk

When you get something in the hereafter, it is said, even the people you’re going to meet, and you will recognize them because Allah allows you to recognize them. But the way they look will be superb and perfect.

The Hadith says, when you get to the other side, whatever you wish for, you will have.

Divorce Those Two Terms For Salah! Mufti Menk

Take your time in Sujood (prostration). Beautify your prayer, take time in Sujood. Don’t just rush, take your time. Allah, Lord of the world, it might be the last Sujud (prostration),

try not to use the word quickly and salah in the same sentence.

I’m not going to say I’m rushing, it might just be my last prayer.

How can I say even for a moment that let me quickly do my salah?

I want to do salah, I want to pray, oh, I want to fulfill my salah.

Never Ever Say It For The Ramadan! Mufti Menk

It is only if something is the most important event in the year or month in the year that we will be speaking in advance regarding the preparation of the month of Ramadan.

To prepare for the month of Ramadan, you need to start off by thinking about what it is, how blessed the month is.

Happiness and contentment is achieved primarily by understanding Allah’s plan. By understanding, you have to worship Allah alone. You have to build a relationship with the one whom you are going to go back to one day helplessly. Helplessly. I’m going to go back to Allah.

That’s what I want to say today, that your preparation for Ramadan is a commitment from now to say, I’ve started it.