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Oh Really! Ad-Dajjal : Sounds Funny! A Time When Faith Is No Longer Accepted | Dr. Omar Suleiman

In every one of the scriptures of the past, you find this notion of false Messiahs, false messiahs that come and go, you find this notion of false Messiahs, false messiahs that come and go, some of them are more advanced than others. Some of them have certain tools of deception, or the circumstances allow some of them have certain tools of deception, or the circumstances allow and sometimes as the tools advance, then the case becomes more convincing because every one of these false messiahs that has come makes a claim. And then, on the other hand, you have messiahs who are like Mujaddid, people who revive until you have Al Masih, the ultimate Messiah, who of course, Isa (a.s) Jesus, peace be upon him.


There’s a time when faith comes or there’s a time when faith is no longer accepted And the Prophet (pbuh) said that there are three things. At that point, if a person did not profess faith, they did not benefit from their faith.

So these are five things that we take from the Prophet (pbuh) of how to protect ourselves from ad dajjal.

the Prophet (pbuh) said, before the dajjal comes, there are years of deception. The world changes in a way that it sort of sets the ground. It sets the stage for a ad-Dajjal.

…So people can’t distinguish truth from falsehood anymore. The world prior to him is a world where realities are distorted and people seek to create their own paradise on earth.

Our natural goodness and inclination is compromised. Our natural goodness and inclination is compromised. And as people become shallower, the tools to distort shallow realities become more advanced…. But at the same time, they trust it more. This is how it affects faith.

So that’s why you see people deny faith in the name of rationality….

Islam is an intellectual faith. Use your senses, use your brain.

People have to ask themselves what motivations and weaknesses the Ad-dajjal preys upon that could be within us. The deception of the ad-dajjal cannot happen without the deception of Dunya and the deception of the devil, it can’t,

Unbelievable! A Very Risky Claim Of The Quran! Smile 2 Jannah To Visitor | Speakers Corner

That’s Why the Quran Claims there is no contradiction

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Why Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) Said Fear Allah Regarding Women! Mufti Menk

Prophet (Pbuh) speaks about women He says, Oh, people, oh people, women have rights over you, just like you have rights over them. In his final sermon, he’s speaking about the rights of women. He says, Women have rights over you.

The Prophet peace be upon him has expressly mentioned that according to Islamic teachings, it should be the male and the female should support him and he should support her. He needs to respect her and love her and help her to fulfil her duties unto Allah.

And that’s why the Quran says she has rights upon her in the same way that you have rights upon her.

It is a beautiful partnership, and men are definitely responsible for women.

He (pbuh) says, when you married them, you married them with the name of Allah. You took them with the Amana and the trust entrusted by Allah. So look after them.

Remember when you speak to females; speak to them with utmost respect. That’s a real Muslim. That’s a true follower of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Be Advised From Those Advices Of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) First Before Advising Others | Dr. Omar Suleiman

One of the most sensitive subjects; when you talk about the rights of a Muslim on another Muslim is this concept of Naseeha / This concept of sincere advice and the most sincere advisor that has ever been sent to us was none other than our messenger (pbuh). Until now, the sincere advice of the Prophet (pbuh) lives with us and it guides us, and it pushes us forward.

Prophet (pbuh) mentioned that goodness will prevail in this nation so long as we continue to sincerely advise one another. Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala tells us that advice is to be given in the best of ways even to the worst of people.

The overall spirit of generosity, that when the Prophet Muhammed (ﷺ) was giving you advice. He put his own ego to the side ,Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, anything of the Nafs /self to the side because it was all about your welfare.

Imam shafi (Rah) said, whoever gives his brother or sister advice in private, has given them sincere advice and beautified them, they come out better. They come out stronger. And whoever gives them advice in public has humiliated them and betrayed them. We don’t put people on blast in the name of sincerity.

The Prophet (pbuh) always mentioned the good quality first of a person before he tried to correct what he saw.

Every one of these specific advice to the Prophet (pbuh) or from the Prophet (pbuh) to a companion fits us as well. There isn’t a single one of those advises that you can’t read and take for yourself as something beneficial.

Great Schooling About Muhammed (pbuh)’s Marriage Made Him Run Away! Abbas | Speakers Corner

Left the debate in the pretext of bring the reference about the prophet Muhammed (pbuh)’s marriage.
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Islamic Rituals Override Russell Brand’s New Age Ideas! Smile 2 Jannah And Visitor | Speakers Corner

The whole purpose of salah is to gain nearness to Allah, to ultimately get awareness, like you said excellence. So that’s the ultimate objective of Salah.

The study said that prayer; It comes the amygdala, amygdala part of the brain amygdala part of the brain that makes a person feel very stressful, agitated The flight or flightresponse,…

So we have even scientific reasons or justifications of why praying salah can calm a person. If science can tell us how Salah is coming up, ensurely religion should have something more to offer and the more they offer is purification of the heart.. It removes sins from the heart, makes you see things clearer, calmer.

Praying salah and doing the remembrance of Allah, it ultimately leads you to Ihsan /excellence. So excellence is the goal, salah is the means. These rituals are worshipped to the means. and the means is taqwa/ God consciousness…

So definitely these two books, ‘A thinking person’s guide to Islam’ and Imam Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali (Rah)’s book ‘IHYA’ ‘ULUM AL-DIN’ to delve in deeper into the kind of spiritual aspects.