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Two Profound Scenes On Laylatul Qadr | Dr. Omar Suleiman

There are two scenes on Laylatul Qadr that are profound and engage the Angels in a way that they are not engaged at any other time of the year.

The first scene is the scene of hope, the scene of traffic where you literally have Angels transferring between the heavens and the Earth, descending upon the various  Masajid, descending upon the various homes, descending upon every individual that is engaged in a state of dhikr, in the state of the remembrance of Allah and taking those names back up to Allah.

As Ibn Kathir (rah) says, what comes down on that night is everything that will happen of that year in terms of the recording of your sustenance, what you’re going to gain that year. So as you’re doing your accounting for the year and you’re making all sorts of your strategic decisions of what you want to earn that year, just as Allah decrees, every drop of rain that will fall, Allah on that night decrees every single Penny that will go into your account, your rizq, your sustenance is decreed. What will happen in terms of your lifespan, the events of the year that will come.

Do These 3 Things To Increase Your Rizq With The Blessings Of The Almighty | Mufti Menk

Mostly people think others have more money than they actually have. But anyway, what is of greater interest is people want the money for themselves.

Allah Almighty says that certain things have been beautified for man as a test. So money is one of them.

There is no point in having wealth that comes without blessing. There is no point of having so much when it comes with you having lost your connection with the Almighty or no happiness, no contentment, no good health.

So how would we be able to earn wealth and sustenance and at the same time ensure that it’s coming with the blessings of the Almighty?

Point number one: Your five daily prayers and bear patience upon it.

The second thing you need and lots of contentment and goodness and happiness and even multiplication in wealth, you must ensure that you seek the forgiveness of Allah on a daily basis.

And the last point I want to make mention of if you would like Baraka and Blessings, my brothers and sisters, ensure that your character and conduct is amazing. Don’t hurt a soul.

Worship Allah alone and remember to treat everyone else with utmost respect.

Know 7 Reasons To Search For Your Heart! Ali Hammuda

There isn’t anything on planet Earth that requires more attention and polishing and purifying and curing than the condition of the human heart.

The first Prophethood was heralded with open heart surgery. So Prophet would began with the purification of the heart from a physical perspective, this is why this topic is so serious.

The receptor of Islamic admonition is the heart. The receiver what receives the Islamic reminder, whether Quran or Hadith, or a Friday sermon or a lecture like this, what is receiving it primarily is your heart not your ears, not any other sensory faculty that you have.

The analogy of the human heart and how it behaves to revelation.

The motivator towards the doing of good deed is the heart. The practitioners of Islam, those who practice their religion, they do so because of their hearts that encourages them.

The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, there is a limb in the body. If it is sound, the rest of the body will be sound. If it is corrupt, the rest of the body will be corrupt.

The place where fitnah is presented to is the human heart.

The home of happiness is the heart. If you leave your heart unattended, watch how happiness will vanish. And the opposite is true. Give your heart the attention it deserves. And watch how Allah will bring happiness back into your life

Imam Ibn Qayyim (Rah) said, who should be written with ink of gold or something more precious than the ink of gold, like the tears of the righteous believer that he sheds for the sake of his Lord.

He said, but in the human heart there is a sense of scattering that can only be gathered by returning back to Allah. And in the human heart there is a sense of loneliness that can only be erased by finding companionship with Allah.

And in the human heart, there is a sense of fear and anxiety that can only be removed by fleeing back to Allah. And in the heart there is a sense of regret that can only be extinguished by being content with Allah.

The greatest of all deeds, they are the deeds of the heart. in the absence of certain internal acts of worship in the heart that are absent, all of it will be in vain.

The center of attention on the Day of Judgment will be the human heart.

Science Works More Than God! Nazmul VS Atheists | Speakers Corner

We muslims, We believe in one God. We believe that God is independent. That God is self-sufficient that God created everything. This God doesn’t need help. He is the owner of everything.

So the problem is here, to making the evolution; you need to make the mutation of a cell (DNA)

My question is, if you need the DNA to making the evolution, how does the DNA come? And the mutation you spoke about, this mutation cannot be happen exact time in exact way, in exact time for everyone.

You do not believe God for what? Because it is a belief, but you are believing many things which is against the science.

We believe that there is an intelligent Creator who makes everyone  in a very, very nice way, in a certain way, Who makes every human being, and this God, what we believe this God is one,

So, the problem is if you die without believing God, and God exists, you have to get the punishment.

Atheism Is Just A Psychological State Not A Intellectual! Raihan VS Atheist | Speakers Corner

In reality they never ever deny the existence of Allah. They reject to Worship Him.

Atheism Just A Psychological State Not A Intellectual! Raihan VS Atheist | Speakers Corner
The very fact, atheism in reality does not exist in the real world. Do not give them intellectual arguments.

Want The Goodness Of This World But Not By The Cost Of The Eternal Goodness! Ramadan Boost | Mufti Menk

We are in the blessed month of Ramadan. This month is unique. From the moment it starts, we already feel rejuvenated. And Allah Almighty has given us so much that the blessed blessings are felt, the mercy is felt, the need within ourselves to change, to do something good. We thank Allah Almighty for giving us this month.

Make your relationship firm, with Who?

With the One Who owns the moment your eyes close and your life right now.

That temporary survival, How on Earth can you give up your relationship with Allah? You want the goodness of this world, fair enough. But not at the price of the eternal goodness that you and I are living for.

While you’re enjoying the moments on Earth, bear in mind that they are temporary. Wallahi. Your happy days are temporary. Your sad days are also temporary. You are going through a problem. It will not last. You are going through ease. It’s not going to last.

Someone has to die or you have to die. They have to. They’ve gone before you, after you. So it will not last forever.

The everlasting life is only one. It’s in the hereafter.

Allah gives us Ramadan to prepare for it.

The Test Of Temptation! What Should You Do If You Feel Temptation | Usatd Asim Khan

Allah (swt) created every single one of us as pure, decent, and with a sense of innocence about us. And then He ingrained within us the desire to protect that purity and innocence as we live our life journey towards Him (swt).


This religion that provides us a lifestyle that would protect and preserve that purity that is inside of us all.

That is why in the Quran and in the teachings of the prophet (pbuh), we find practical advice on what we can do to try to protect our purity and to safeguard our chastity.

When you try, Allah will open the door for you. As Allah says, whoever is mindful of Allah, He will make a way out for you.


The Thing That Shakes One’s Atheism! Smile 2 Jannah Vs Visitor | Speakers Corner

One argument of design; – And this is mostly based upon probability.

Professor Fred Hoyle was looking at how we came across the elementary matter of carbon. And the way you get carbon is by getting three helium molecules together.

But when he brought three helium molecules together, it just wasn’t happening. And it was just really frustrating for him.

He realized that needed, you needed to have the nuclear ground state energy to be within 1% for the carbons to form for life. And in fact, Sir Fred Hoyle actually said that because of how precise this actually is, that actually shook his atheism.

the fact that we’re here as conscious beings that question our existence, that live harmoniously, that we have such adapted creatures around us, and then we look at the kind of situation that actually… that have led up to this, it surely does lead to the fact that you can’t have so many coincidences one after another leading to our existence.