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Does Tolerance Mean Giving Up Your Opinion!? Mufti Menk

Many people think  tolerance means I’m going to give up my faith I’ll tolerate. So I don’t have to do what Allah has said. I don’t have to dress in a specific way. I don’t have to pray in a specific way. I don’t have to do X Y & Z that the Almighty has instructed that is a misconception completely. Tolerance has nothing to do with giving up your opinion. It has more to do with respecting the same right that others have of not giving up their opinions amazing!

As much as I am passionate about slam there are people who are passionate about Christianity, there are people who are passionate about Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism whatever other ISM even atheism. I can believe that I am correct and I do right to believe as human beings in whatever they consider to be the most correct, subhanAllah!

Religion has partly been hijacked by those who don’t understand scriptures, those who have misinterpreted it intentionally to suit their own agendas of creating disaster on the globe in the name of the most merciful.

O people, We have created you from a single male and female and thereafter We have made you spread as different peoples and tribes [From the Quran] why? Why is there black and white and yellow and brown, why are there different races, ethnicity, different sizes, different understandings, one word in order that you can recognize each other? You are different, not so that you can discriminate against each other.

Every race and every nationality and every ethnicity has in it good and bad. So you would be totally uneducated if you thought that a nationality in its entirety is bad just because of the acts of a few. – Mufti Menk

People Told Me That You Are Losing Your Faith – Mufti Menk

🛑How to react with differences in opinion‼️
📌Everyone has the right to live everyone has the right to believe whatever they feel is correct. We are not in desperate need of a balanced voice that does not take away from us our religion nor does it take away from anyone else their right to believe in whatever they feel is correct but rather it gives us that mutual respect which results in the peaceful coexistence.

⚡️Let’s educate ourselves, let‘s become people who are willing to peacefully coexist that is the entire meaning of tolerance.

When I Am Totally Different From You – Mufti Menk

🛑Never feel or never allow yourself to become so proud and arrogant that you deny the truth. ‼️
📌Especially when we become religious, when we become people who are very close to scripture in any religion and sometimes even ideologically, when we believe we are very intelligent and we have the right way. We tend to forget that others could be more intelligent or equally intelligent and their intellect might lead them to something else.

☑️if I am weak and I am a coward, I might want to harm them and attack them but if I am strong and if I display that level of intellect I will engage them in discussion to prove certain factors and who knows they might prove to me that they are right and I am wrong.

Are You Really A Merciful Servant Of Allah!! – Mufti Menk

🛑The difficulties can be divided into many different categories but two main categories those in this world and those of the hereafter; I promise you the difficulties of this world if you manage them correctly as a believer you will never have difficulties in the hereafter. Some people who don’t manage their difficulties and hardships in this world properly, Allah speaks about them by saying they have lost this world and they have also lost the afterlife.

📌As much as we would like to have hope in the mercy of Allah through our difficulties in this dunya, we need to make sure we are not the point of suffering of someone else, remember that.

✅Prophet Muhammad (saw) speaks about a true Muslim is he who doesn’t use his tongue or his hands to harm anyone; in another narration a Muslim is the one whom the other people are saved from the evil of his tongue or his hand which means no verbal abuse and no physical abuse. One narration speaks of the Muslims protecting the Muslimeen in that way making sure you don’t harm and the other one speaks about mankind at large.

✔️Allah does not have mercy on the one who doesn’t have mercy on the rest of the people, are you a merciful servant of Allah? Are you really a merciful servant of Allah? Do you have mercy in your home with your children, with your spouses, with your daughters, with your brothers and sisters? If you would like the mercy of Allah, you need to show the quality of mercy at least to others- Mufti Menk

The Street Cleaner Who Was Reciting The Quran So Melodiously – Mufti Menk

🛑Change your attitude; what is it costing you to smile to greet the man who’s cleaning the street? He may be a friend of Allah‼️

✔️Learn to greet people. You don’t know who is closer to Allah. We judge people based on material items, the man.. The perfume smells nice….. Salaam alaikum, the same man if he were to come with tatty clothing we would not even say walaikum assalam if he greeted. We want hope in the mercy of allah, we are not having mercy on others. We don’t even acknowledge people – Mufti Menk

My Father Is Forcing Me To Marry – Mufti Menk

🛑Don’t create a disaster for your future generation ‼️
⚡️Ask yourself a question in the same way that I don’t like people to do wrong to me. Do I do wrong to others that are a very powerful question? Because many people want to be protected from harm but they don’t protect others from their own harm.

Let the children communicate with you. If what they want is not Haram, facilitate it for them. If Allah allowed it who are you to disallow it? The children belong to Allah. Allah gave them to you temporarily just to see what you would do, are you going to do what we asked you to do or you’re going to do what your whims and fancies want…………..

Anger Will Destroy You – Mufti Menk

🛑You don’t need to get angry‼️
⚡️The problem with us when someone swears us, we don’t know the guidance, we don’t even have hope in the mercy of Allah. we swear them back with a double swear words, subhanAllah. We swear them back. that’s not what Mumin is and you can smile and you can say oh Allah guide him, he doesn’t know that is a true believer. You have hope, you are living with a smile on your face.

✔️Anger will destroy you, it will destroy your health, it will destroy your relationships. You’ll end up oppressing your children and your family members without realizing it. Because someone said something to me today and I didn’t like it. I vented on those I love the most. So you have a problem now at home because of what? You didn’t realize what it was. But if you learn to let go and have hope in the mercy of Allah perhaps Allah will guide this person – Mufti Menk