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You Came On Earth A Winner | Mufti Menk

The Quran says We created you from a droplet. I don’t recall. I don’t remember a thing. I now know that I was there, I’m in awe of the Maker.

Every one of us was a champion at one stage. Why? Because that was the droplet of semen that actually won the race, fertilized. You won. You came on earth a winner. Remember this.

Allah’s Response To You Is Quicker Than Your Own Initial Call! Pre-Ramadan Reminders | Mufti Menk

Oh Allah, I promise that I’m going to try my best to be a person who pleases You more.

If you can come with that much of a promise, you’ve achieved more than anything you can imagine.

Allah comes to them a foot, meaning Allah is always quicker in response to you than your own initial call.

Happiness, goodness, contentment, true contentment will only come about when you discipline yourself.

These 2 Things For Your Ultimate Success And Victory! Mufti Menk

The message is about two things.


Number one; work on your prayer. You won’t go wrong. It’s ultimate success.

The second thing; keep calling out to Allah. Keep asking Him. Don’t be tired of asking Allah. Allah loves it when you repeat and repeat and keep going.

Success and victory ultimately is all yours for as long as you have Allah by your side.

Oh Men! Know Your Reward For Fulfilling Your Base Desire In A Halal Way | Mufti Menk

If something bad earns you a sin, the opposite of it, when it’s good, will earn you a reward.

I’ll give you an example, the hadith of the Prophet (pbuh), he says, you know, when you fulfill your base desire in a halal way, you get a reward; reward of a charity.

How To Know Your Material Achievement Is A Blessing Or A Punishment! Mufti Menk

Never let your happiness disconnect you from Allah. And never let your sadness disconnect you from Allah.

Whenever you’re happy, thank Allah; Two units of prayer.
Whenever you’re sad, praise Allah; Two units of prayer. Seek help from Him.
I promise, if anything has ever brought you close to your Maker, even by a millimeter, it was a blessing from Allah, not a punishment. A punishment is when you’re driven so far away from Allah that you’ve just forgotten it.
So sometimes when you’re getting a lot of things, it could be something negative. When if you’ve been driven away from Allah by what you received.

‘Allah’s Favors Vs Your Problems’ Which One Can You Count! Mufti Menk

When Allah Almighty tells us that He has favored us and He has given us, He tells us, if you try and count the favors I have blessed you with, We challenge you, You will never be able able to count them. Never.

But guess what? The opposite is true. If you are trying to count the tests that Allah put in your life. You will be able to count them.
So Thank Allah, not just by your mouth, but by your actions, your deeds, your worship, and ultimately your repentance.

What To Do If Somebody Happens To Fall During Compulsory Prayer | Mufti Menk

If we are engaged in a compulsory prayer and somebody happens to fall, it is your duty for those around that person to break the prayer and go and try and save that person, help them, save their life.

Because the sacredness of that life is way beyond that of your prayer.