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Allah’s Response To You Is Quicker Than Your Own Initial Call! Pre-Ramadan Reminders | Mufti Menk

Oh Allah, I promise that I’m going to try my best to be a person who pleases You more.

If you can come with that much of a promise, you’ve achieved more than anything you can imagine.

Allah comes to them a foot, meaning Allah is always quicker in response to you than your own initial call.

Happiness, goodness, contentment, true contentment will only come about when you discipline yourself.

This Will Happen To The Most Suffered Person On The Judgment Day! Abbas To Atheist | Speakers Corner

God forbid somebody going through that doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist. Doesn’t mean that the Quran is somehow false.


It just means that the mechanics of how everything works, we don’t understand.

Allah says, on the Day of Judgment, We will bring the person who has suffered the most in this world. In other words, throughout all of human history, this individual suffered more than anyone else, And We shall dip him for but a split second in paradise and question him did you suffer anything in this world?

And he will answer, I swear by you, my Lord, I have seen no suffering.

So Allah says that on that day, this world and what happened in this world will become inconsequential. It will not matter.

These 2 Things For Your Ultimate Success And Victory! Mufti Menk

The message is about two things.

Number one; work on your prayer. You won’t go wrong. It’s ultimate success.

The second thing; keep calling out to Allah. Keep asking Him. Don’t be tired of asking Allah. Allah loves it when you repeat and repeat and keep going.

Success and victory ultimately is all yours for as long as you have Allah by your side.

‘Through You’ Emotional Reminders By Mansur After Her Shahada| Speakers Corner

The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says, and even if you learned one verse, convey to the people.

‘Through You’ Emotional Reminders By Mansur After Her Shahada| Speakers Corner

Try to learn about Islam. Understand Islam. Make yourself better, representative of Islam. Practice Islam so that the people by through your actions and your etiquettes and your attitudes and your manners and your behaviors, they will be more interested in Islam.

Our lives may be limited. Do we know when you’re going to die? We don’t.

But we want to continue the legacy through you, In sha Allah, continue and help the people who haven’t seen the light.

Try your best to learn and to impart this knowledge to people so people can at least accept Islam and not go into hellfire.

How Is It Possible Sin Leads To Paradise And Good Deeds Lead To Hellfire| Ustad Asim Khan

It is possible that a person can go to paradise because of a sin and go to the hellfire because of good deeds.

It is possible that a person, he commits a sin and he feels so bad about he feels so guilty about it that he decides to take a U turn in his life.

He repents to Allah and makes a solid determination to change his lifestyle such that he starts to do good deeds. And he continues that pursuit until he breathed his last breath and entered paradise.

And it’s also true that person that the good deeds ends up in hellfire because when they do great deeds, they start to think highly of the souls. Because when they do great deeds, they start to think highly of the souls. They become conceited. And then that leads to pride in the heart. And Allah does not like pride.

And eventually they start to turn away from Allah, both inwardly and outwardly, until they breathe their last breath and let end up in Jahannam.

Oh Men! Know Your Reward For Fulfilling Your Base Desire In A Halal Way | Mufti Menk

If something bad earns you a sin, the opposite of it, when it’s good, will earn you a reward.

I’ll give you an example, the hadith of the Prophet (pbuh), he says, you know, when you fulfill your base desire in a halal way, you get a reward; reward of a charity.

How To Know Your Material Achievement Is A Blessing Or A Punishment! Mufti Menk

Never let your happiness disconnect you from Allah. And never let your sadness disconnect you from Allah.

Whenever you’re happy, thank Allah; Two units of prayer.
Whenever you’re sad, praise Allah; Two units of prayer. Seek help from Him.
I promise, if anything has ever brought you close to your Maker, even by a millimeter, it was a blessing from Allah, not a punishment. A punishment is when you’re driven so far away from Allah that you’ve just forgotten it.
So sometimes when you’re getting a lot of things, it could be something negative. When if you’ve been driven away from Allah by what you received.

Have My Own Truth Which Brings My Joy And Happiness! Mansur VS Spiritualist | Speakers Corner

This something which is the energy that you already believe in; to assemble something, it requires a lot of knowledge and wisdom and will. [I agree] So you are already personifying this energy.

God is a Creator of all things that you see and things that you don’t see. He’s the Creator. That’s why we call Him the Creator.

If we are here, there has to be something always and there has to be the necessary being because there cannot be a point where those absolute nothingness.

So something that is always in existence is called the eternal existence, which eternal existence is not brought about by something else, because it is inherently self-subsisting and self-existing.

The Amana Which Is Being Betrayed Frequently & How To Stop It | Ustad Ali Hammuda

Allah said, Allah instructs you that you are to return the trust to the rightful owners of those trusts. And that when you judge between people, you judge with justice, how excellent is that which Allah instructs you to do. Allah Almighty is ever hearing and ever seeing.

Our Prophet’s (pbuh) life was defined by the upholding of Amana, the restoring of trust to their owners. And they knew him as “Al-Amin”, a trustworthy individual. He advocated it, he called towards it, applied it.

And he told us that towards the end of time, one of the signs of the Day of Judgment will be people will lose trust.

Alrazi, he said, in his tafseer, when you interact, he says, you are dealing with one of three categories; either you are dealing with your Lord, or either you are dealing with people, or either you are dealing with yourself.

He said, and a Muslim has to uphold the trust in every one of those three categories.

It affects us every second of our life. And there will be heavy questions to expect on the Day of Judgment.

The Best Shot- Why The Creator Created The Universe! Mansur VS Atheist | Speakers Corner

If I tell you why something exists rather than nothing is something that we can understand by looking at what something is. Because if something exists now, if something exists today, there cannot be a time in the distant past where there was absolute nothingness.