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Always Stay Upon Justice And Angels’ Guidance To The Truth | AIYP Ep-13

At times we are called to judge in a dispute where cause to pass judgment on something that’s unfolding before our eyes.

Always stay upon Justice and that is a quality and trait that you were rarely find even amongst righteous people.

The prophet Muhammed (saw) said when a person is asked to Judge and they judge righteously, the prophet (saw) said no person is asked to judge and they’re reluctant to do so because they fear doing wrong by someone except that Allah Subhan Allah sends an angel and Allah SubhanAllah, guides them a right, guides them to the truth.


so when you are called to a dispute to judge between two people you could either play the role of the shaitaan/ you could play the role of the devil and perpetuate things and make them worse and be unfair or you can play the role of the truth and make sure that you establish justice to the best of your ability and Allah would send a special Angel to assist you in doing so.

Stop Messing With People And Belittling Good Deeds As Allah Has Hidden Two Within Two | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Allah has hidden His pleasure within his Good Deeds. So you don’t know which of your good deeds is going to attain his pleasure and Allah has hidden His friends/ His awliya amongst His servants. And so you don’t know which of the Servants of Allah one of His friends is.

When it comes to our Good Deeds, we do not belittle a single Good Deed because that might be the good deed that attains Allah has pleasure that earns us Allah’s pleasure.

we don’t belittle any person in front of us and how we treat that person because that person might be one of those whom Allah is highly pleased with and so honoring that person attains us a greater honor in the sight of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala because you’re treating someone with honor that Allah has honored as well.


Identify Shapes Of Locks Upon The Heart And How To Grow The Fruits Of Eman By The Quran | Shaykh Ali Hammuda

Try your level best to make some space in your Your heart for the Quran. There are locks upon the heart sins that prevent the heart from benefiting it.

The Quran is primarily intended to affect the human heart and that is why Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala chose the heart of a human being as the landing platform of the Quran, not a mountain, not soil ,not a building, a heart of a human being.

But if the heart is not ready to receive it, the fruits of eman can’t grow grow, you recite and the Quran pushes you further and further away from Allah. Identifying locks which prevent from benefiting of the quran; open them up using the key of istighfar- astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah

Three Things Seemed To Be Negative But Positive In The Run | Surah Al-Kahf | Mufti Menk

The moral of all these three for me is that if you believe in to do good deeds Allah will take care of you and your Offspring, SubhanAllah So amazing amazing.

A day will come when you will be smiling all the way and you’re going to say o Allah indeed when you took that thing away from me or when I suffered a loss back in the days. It was the best thing that could have happened. – Mufti Menk

Let’s Not Let The Devil Overtake Us To Solve Problems | Mufti Menk

A way of earning the pleasure of the almighty is to go back to the one who actually pleased him. It was none other than the prophet Muhammad peace be upon If you would like to please Allah, go and look at how Muhammad peace be upon Him pleased Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala.

Allah Is in control. Remember take all the precautions, lay your trust in Allah, do that which is pleasing to Allah. Try your best to stay away from that which is displeasing to Allah.

Don’t concoct things and think I’m going to please Allah if I were to do it this way or that way simply go back to what the prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him taught and follow it.

A Beautiful Incident Of Showing Good Character And Excellence Hatim Alasam Rah And Old Lady | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

The beautiful incident there, the nature of that incident and how these people went above and beyond; To show good character and to demonstrate excellence and compassion and sometimes that means being sensitive to the person you’re speaking to and the person that’s in front of you and making sure that you don’t embarrass them. You don’t humiliate them and you even try to play off a situation where they’re embarrassed or humiliated

Hatim al asam (rah) that he was so concerned with hurting the feelings of that woman or letting that woman be embarrassed that he  immediately went above and beyond to make sure that she did  she wasn’t even heard in that embarrassing moment of hers.

He showed excellence and so he wasn’t just an excellent worshiper, but he was excellent in his character.

Don’t Wait For Ramadan While People Are In Desperate Need Of Charity | Mufti Menk

Help others in their time of desperation


When there is a desperate need for the Charities, do not delay that charity to the month of Ramadan, especially when the Month of Ramadan is a month away few weeks away. And the desperation is current; Allah will reward you for having given that charity as though it was given in the month of Ramadan.


o son of Adam o human being spend and it shall be spent on you, help others and you will be helped, be merciful upon others and the Lord will be merciful on you and so on.