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Quran ⚠ Were They Created From Nothingness! Mansur & Young atheist visitors | Speakers Corner

When we say existential questions, what we’re referring to is some fundamental questions; human beings will inevitably ask at some point in their lives when they realize, you know, what are they doing here? Where do they come from? What’s going to happen after death, Right?

All of us agree on this, that we want the better of the human race as well as anything else within our Cosmos that we can see. So when it comes to being compassionate, having empathy, having sympathy, tolerance, mutual respect, understanding, I think we all agree that this is what should be the basis of all living in this world.

As A Muslim, we believe we are not here because of a coincidence or a mere chance that we are here. We are here with a purpose by design. We have been put here with a reason and a purpose by Someone Who has created.

So we call this someone the Creator, to fulfill a purpose and how we arrived to this conclusion that we are a creation of a Creator is the question that we might be able to now have a discussion about in terms of what are the tools that we have at our disposal, which we can use to answer some of those questions.

Absolute nothingness is a conceptual understanding in which there was nothing. Can you imagine there was at one point in the past, absolute nothingness like that?

if we understand, at least conceptually what this is, that means this nothingness doesn’t have anything within it to do anything, to create anything, to produce anything, to manufacture anything, to bring about existence of anything else. Because simply it’s the absence of everything, in general in our physics that we understand to do something, nothingness will result in nothingness all the time.

No matter how far you go back, there will be eternally something in existence. And as a Muslim, I do find that the Quran actually mentions this point for us to reflect on it, were they created from nothingness?  Quran:Ayah at-Tur (The Mount, The Mountain) ch.52. V.35

if I know for sure that I am here created by a creator for a reason and I do not fulfill that purpose, then what’s going to be my outcome?

Success in this life; It’s not only knowing who’s the best girlfriend or wife or a partner, what is the best job, what is the best restaurant? What’s the best thing to wear? Success in this life also means being successful in your purpose in this life.

So knowing these questions about our very purpose of life not only gives you the tranquility, peace and comfort in your heart, but it then gives you an outlook to live in this life. And you’ll find that outlook is one of working in harmony of this universe because the creator did not create this universe where everyone can just go and plunder and loot and and terrorize and oppressed people.

The creator wants us to live in harmony and to live in peace and tranquility, but also fulfill the rights of God as well as the rights of creation, just like the creation has rights over us.

if I know that knowing that I am a creation of a creator with certain obligations and prohibitions, I cannot wrong you even though I had the ability to wrong you. I can not commit oppression and injustice on you, even though I might have the power to do so.





Allah Gifted Laylatul Qadr To Prophet ﷺ For The Ummah And A Narration Of Catching It | Dr. Omar Suleiman

When we look at the prophet (pbuh) and his relationship with Allah and our blessing and good fortune of being from the Ummah of Rasulullah (pbuh) There are two things that Rasulullah (pbuh) always does on our behalf.

He always advocates for Allah (swt) to lessen our burden and he always advocates for Allah (swt) to increase our blessing.

Imam Hasan al-Basri (rah) tells us about our Messenger (pbuh) anytime Allah gives him, the prophet (pbuh) thinks how does that translate into giving to the ummmah?

The prophet (Pbuh) wanted something for his Ummah. So Allah gave him Laylat-al-Qadr;  Allah (swt) gave him Laylat-al-Qadr as a gift to the Prophet (pbu)’s ummah. The Night of Glory is better than a thousand months.

for some people, laylatul qadr is not even a thousand months. It’s thousands of months. For some people, the Tasbeeh of Ramadan is not even times a thousand. It’s times thousands up toward Allah (swt) decides to reward his servants with and that comes back to each and every single one of us calling out to Allah and Subhanallah you connect that …… better than a thousand months.


How Believing In The Unseen Overcomes Skepticism From Logic | Dr. Omar Suleiman

It is very easy for us 1400 years later, when we hear the stories of these miracles that took place with our beloved Prophet (pbuh) and with the prophets that came before him to say that had we been there, we would have believed the two right away. We would have, without any reservation, accepted what has come to us through him (pbuh).

What did Abu Bakr (Ra) answer when they told Abu Bakr (ra) what the prophet (pbuh) said? If he said it, he’s telling the truth. Abu Bakr (Ra) said, I believe him when he says that he receives revelation from the Lord of the heavens and the Earth in an instance and that’s a far greater miracle than this.

None of it physically make sense. It defies my logic in terms of physical dimensions. miracles, that if they were to happen in front of us, we would not know how to come to terms with it, and perhaps we would deny them. Why is that? And Subhanallah, We find that Allah connects the inability to believe in miracles from Him that defy our physical norms to believe in the hereafter/ to believe in the akirah.

Remember at the very beginning of the Quran, those who believe in the unseen.

Allah (swt) says, when the Prophet (AS) read the Quran to them, it’s a powerful verse. When you read the Quran to them, oh messenger of Allah, a barrier is placed between you and those that don’t believe in the hereafter. It’s like a hijab is between them because they can’t come to terms with the idea of the hereafter. Make these miracles make sense to me, okay. And the same barrier that would be in us to cause scepticism with the miracles is the same barrier that would cause us skepticism with the akirah,

And that’s why Allah specified we put a barrier between you and those who don’t believe in the akirah. If they have a hard time with the hereafter, how are they gonna believe that something miraculous is happening around them in real time?

There’s no such thing as easy or easier or hard or harder with Allah. It’s just Allah says, and it is … and it is.

How that scepticism starts to creep in you read some fiqh books, some Aqidah the books, and you say, you know what? This doesn’t make sense to me. My logic is greater than what Quran and the sunnah say.

So I’m gonna come up with some modern answer to undermine the Scripture, undermine the text, undermine the Quran And Sunnah because the dimensions it all has to fit with my dimensions with my thinking and Allah (swt) says, Know your place. Your dimensions have no relevance to Allah (swt)’s Dominion. Your perception has no relevance to Allah’s power.

Know your place and call upon the Lord who worked these miracles that seemingly defied logic and understand that Allah (swt) has that same power with you.

We believe in the unseen. We have no issues in our heart. When we read anything in the Quran, we believe the prophet (pbuh) went to Jerusalem and heavens and came back in one day.


Is My Reciting Going All In Vain! 7 Best Tips To Connect With The Quran | Ustad Bilal Assad

Question is, is my reciting going all in vain? And some people even say, well, can I read it in English? Is my reward gonna go, am I not gonna connect to the Quran and if I do that and the answer is no, Brothers and sisters.

The question is, how or why would Allah (Swt) tell us that you have immense reward for just reciting it without understanding? And then in other parts of the Quran, Allah says, why do they not ponder and reflect upon the Quran?

How will you ponder and reflect upon the Quran, if you don’t even open it up, if you don’t even recite it, if you don’t even read it?

So first of all, the Quran and the prophet (Pbuh), they call you to read it first and then comes upon pondering and the reflect naturally and automatically when you really want to connect with the Quran, Allah (swt) guides you through its reading to take that next step.

The Quran calls you to be consistent in reading it and not abandon it, for each time you read the Quran, It amazingly has something to say about what you are going through.

To the point that if you read it with reflection in care, you will soon discover that, as I said before, the Quran is actually reading you and knock the other way around.

The first thing I want to advise you is this, make time to learn how to read in Arabic. Even if you’re extremely slow at the start, keep going, grab a Quran app.

The second step is to recite once you know how to read, start reciting the surahs that you already know off by heart.

Number three; spend about 10 minutes or so looking up the translations of the meanings of the verses which you have recited, even if it’s just one verse, even if it’s just one word.

Number four, as you’re reciting to what and ask yourself the question, Do I do this? What actions do I do that I may be falling into what this verse is saying to me or a particular commandment you come across; you might say, am I doing enough of this Act lately?

Number five, after you ask yourself that question, don’t keep yourself there because then you might feel depressed. Answer your questions and give yourself an answer.

Now, number six, grab a pen or just put it mentally in your head and say to yourself, This is my next plan. For the next week or two, I’m gonna focus on practicing this particular verse, or I’m gonna focus on monitoring myself in this verse on making myself even better.

And Lastly, I’ll just add a number seven for you. Sometimes you don’t feel like we can…the Quran too often. Sometimes you get a little bit bored. Well, listen, even if you listen to the Arabic words being recited with a melodious voice, grab your favorite reciter.

8 Golden Tips To Perform Ramadan Well! Never Miss | Mufti Menk

The Hadith of the prophet (Pbuh), where he spoke about the destruction upon a person who witnessed the month of Ramadan and did not achieve forgiveness. you achieve taqwa, you achieve God consciousness and you achieve forgiveness that’s Allah wants from you and I, SubanAllah.

Let’s say this from today, Let’s read a portion of the Quran, Let’s start thinking about how we’re going to dress, especially for those who found it difficult to be on the straight and narrow regarding your dress code. So if you want to make your dress code even more modest and there’s always room for improvement, start thinking and planning from now.

Now we also need to become conscious of our tongues that needs to start from before Ramadan, from now.

I occupy it with the Remembrance of Allah rather than with The Remembrance of shaitaan. What does it cost you to speak upright, to speak beautifully What does it cost you, to Abstain from a vulgar word What does it cost you, to express your disagreement in a respectful way? Even the scholars are beginning to be disrespectful when they express their disagreement. And that’s how you distinguish between the one who’s actually wise and the one who’s not.

A wise person doesn’t stoop so low, but a person who’s not wise would actually just come and vent their frustrations and say what they want and think about it later. Subhanallah, Let’s not do that. When you’ve hurt someone, you need their forgiveness before Allah forgives you. That’s something that we are taught by the Prophet (Pbuh).

Start cutting down on your food a little bit. Subhanallah, Think about the poor from now. learn to reach out to others with your tongue meaning, speak good words to others. Make them feel reassured. Give them hope and courage. Give them hope about forgiveness. Ramadan is definitely the month of forgiveness, hope and mercy. And we must ask Allah (swt) to free us from Hellfire.

start planning; Where will I make taraweeh? Which masjid will I go to? How much Quran am I going to read? How am I going to improve it? Am I going to, for example, join any lessons?

How are you going to solve your matters and your problems with those you have issues with? You need to forgive in order to attain forgiveness.

In Islam we’re encouraged to forgive. Never does it say forget about it. We can’t forget where human beings, we’ve been hurt. So I may not hold a grudge and I may have forgiven completely, but I don’t want to have anything to do with such people. Nothing is wrong with that statement.

If you cannot do a lot of good in Ramadan, at least don’t do bad. If you cannot do a lot of ebada and acts of worship, minimum is, don’t sin in Ramadan, and it’s not like we should be sinning outside Ramadan. But be more conscious of Ramadan with the gift of that, Allah will protect you from sin even outside Ramadan.

Which Type Of The Soul Will Suffer For Debt In The Grave! An Alarming Hadith-Ustad Asim Khan

In the Sunan of Imam at-Tirmidhi wherein the Prophet (Pbuh) said, is that the soul of the believer after he’s died inside the grave is being held back, tied to the debt that was outstanding, that he had to pay off somebody else until somebody pays it off on his behalf.

It means that the soul itself will be suspended in limbo where the person will not know; Am I going to be punished? Am I going to be rewarded? Am I going to the hell fire? Am I going to Paradise? And that state of uncertainty is enough to become a source of torture for that person.

And that is why the prophet (Pbuh) said, until somebody then settles that for you.

This hadith first to teaching us that, look, don’t borrow money that you know you can’t pay off. live within your means and don’t let greed get the better of you. Because debt is going to follow you into the grave and you’re going to suffer as a consequence.

So don’t spend what you don’t have and live within your means, then don’t borrow if you really in really don’t need to borrow that money.

Before you split the inheritance, you must pay off your mum’s or your dad’s debt.

Either one of Two Things Lead To Paradise Without Hisab! Amazing Lecture | Mufti Menk

Every one of us wants  JANNATUL FIRDAU. We want to enter paradise, and we wanted to be easy. So Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala has told us of several categories of people who will enter Jannah without Reckoning.


So there is a Hadith wherein the prophet (Pbuh) said that on the day of judgment before the Reckoning, a caller will call and he will say, the people today are going to know who is of Honor, who is generous, who is truly generous, and here it’s referring to the generosity of Allah (swt) in forgiving people. Then when he will call, The same caller will call, and he will say where are those who used to praise Allah upon all conditions: be it difficult or easy.

The Hadith says they will stand up and they will be few in number, not so many, and they will be told to enter Jannah without Reckoning, no Reckoning for you. Before We start taking Reckoning you used to thank Us upon all conditions. As a result, We are giving you entry into Jannah, no Reckoning, subhanallah.

Thank Allah upon all conditions. So if goodness comes to you, thank Allah. If something bad happens to you, thank Allah. There is another Hadith, the prophet (Pbuh), It is reported that he used to say,

Wa zid-nee ‘ilman al hamdulillah ‘ala kulli haal wa a’oothu billahi min haal ahlin naar

Wa zid-nee ‘ilman al hamdulillah ‘ala kulli haal wa a’oothu billahi min haal ahlin naar
“And increase me in knowledge. All praise is for Allaah in all circumstances
and I seek refuge with Allaah from the condition of the people of Hell.”


The reason is they understood that everything comes from Allah, and it’s in Allah’s control, the minute you understand that and live by it, you worshipped Allah upon the highest degree.

There’s a second category; where are those who used to at night forsake their beddings worshipping Allah, calling out to Him when everyone else was asleep, and they used to call out to Allah with a sense of hope and the sense of fear?

So the last part of the Hadith says those who used to forsake their beddings they will stand up as well. And they will also be few in number and they will be told enter Jannah before we start Reckoning with everyone else.

Surah Ad Duha With Heart-Touching! Keep Reciting And Listening When Sadness Fills Your Heart

Many of us know Surah Ad-Duha off by heart and have probably read its meaning many times as well, which seems quite straightforward. How many of us, though, have actually gone into the reason behind its revelation and derived the lessons and implications this surah has in our lives? This is a great text to save and make intention to learn the surah if you don’t know it already.

*Surah Ad-Duha* was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (saw) at a time when he had not received any revelation for six months, not even in the form of a dream! The Prophet (saw) was in a very disturbed state of mind, feeling negative and depressed and believing that Allah was displeased with him, had forgotten him, and did not want him as a Nabi anymore.Don’t we have similar feelings in our lives? *Times when our level of imaan is low, our khushoo in salah wavers and we feel a drop in our connection with Allah?* We feel like our duas are not being answered, our salah is not having a positive impact on our hearts, and worst of all the feeling that we’re horrible human beings, that Allah doesn’t love us or doesn’t care about us anymore.*Surah Ad-Duha* was revealed to the Prophet (saw) to relieve him of these negative feelings and to give him hope, positivity, and the assurance that Allah is with him no matter what. From it we too can find peace, hope, and a renewed faith in Allah when we go through similar states of depression, sadness, and hopelessness.So what does this surah say?..

A Point In My Life I Start Looking For The Truth! Subboor, Father And Son | Speakers Corner

We (Muslims) believe Jesus (A.S) to be messiah.We believe him to be a prophet, not to be God or the Son of God. So we believe he is a messenger of God, and the early Christians; they never believed Jesus was God. This was a later on invention and the idea of the Trinity.

Islam teaches is God can forgive Give us and God doesn’t need a human sacrifice. We shouldn’t just follow the religion of our forefathers. We should look at what is true. And Islam is something which appears not only to your heartable but also to your intellect. It tells you things which are logical.

There’s a Christian Deacon. His name is Dr. Gerald Dirks. He was a Christian and he studied the early history of Christianity and he realized the early Christians did not believe in Jesus being God. They had many different beliefs. And many of these beliefs, they came after Jesus. So, he converted to Islam and he has a lecture on YouTube. You can watch called Islamic trajectories in early Christianity.

‘Do what you desire’ and this is the opposite of what God’s message to humanity is. God’s message is do the right thing not just do what you want, and that’s where I see the conflict between God’s message and the message that we have in contemporary society today.

In the Quran, that God says Think, reflect, question, Ponder; don’t just blindly accept, and one of the messages of the Quran is don’t follow your ancestors. Follow the truth. Don’t follow desire, follow the truth.

God says in the Quran is whoever comes to God with a sound heart will be saved, with a sound heart. So having a connection with God, we can decipher what is God’s intervention in our life. What does God want from us? And one of the messages of the Quran is God is closer to us than our jugular veins, right?

Even though God is above everything, God is closer to us than our jugular veins meaning if we remember God, God remembers us.   If we try to connect with God, God connects with us.

In Islam, it teaches us through connecting with God, through prayer we can make sense of what’s happening to us in our life.

Islam says the purpose of life is to worship God. It’s a very simple thing. What does worship mean? It means you love, Hope, fear, trust; Everything’s in God and everything we do in our life ultimately is for God’s pleasure and we believe as Muslims, The only way to be truly happy is by making God happy, then you will have peace and happiness.

When Allah Revealed Himself On The Mountain! Hashim And Sheikh Mohammed | Speakers Corner

The Christians also asked this question that if Jesus is the word of Allah and Allah says this in the Quran then why are we being condemned for worshiping the word of god which is eternal, which is Jesus.. So, you guys also believe in the Quran which is the word of god?

They have to understand what is the aqidah /creed of the Muslim. and one of the important things; people get confused is that the attribute of allah Azzawajal and the difference between the essence and attributes of Allah Azzawajal, and the action attributes of Allah Azzawajal.

They do not distinguish or do not differentiate is the fact, that the Quran is   is an expression of Allah. Yes, but the Quran is not something which has his own mind or it has its own will, for example, both of which was true in the case of Jesus Christ.

So, we need to distinguish this. The Christians normally ask this question. Why do you condemn us for worshiping and saying that we are committing shirk, when you guys are doing the same thing with the Quran?

A very clear distinction between who Allah is, what His Essence are, which essence of His are Eternal and which essence of His, He will it to happen or manifest those Essence in time as temporal, like when Allah wishes for His Mercy to descend on Earth or on a particular person, Yes, He wills it and this happens in time obviously.

So, we need to clearly distinguish between what is it Eternal in terms of essences and what is temporal in terms of his manifestation of those Essence.

So, anyone who says that the the word of Allah, which is the Quran is Allah in the sense that the Christians they believe that the word of God is God in the sense of Jesus Christ.

So, they are making a false equivalence and incorrect or illogical comparisons. So let’s distinguish between the essence and the attribute; is very very important, the actions as well.

The manifestation of that essence in time, which is action attributes that also we should distinguish.