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Something Even More Scarier Than Ad-Dajjal! Ustad Asim Khan

The prophet (pbuh) said to them, Should I not tell you about something even more scarier in my opinion, than this person, ad-Dajjal,; Now just pause and consider how much effect of ad-Dajjal will pose to people when he arrives.

He (pbuh) said, it is a ‘Shirk al-Khafiyy’ (the hidden polytheism). A person who believed in Allah but yet his heart was so corrupt was so hung up on what other people think of him. we need to be sincere with Allah (swt).

When you do a good deed or when you abstain from doing something wrong, you do it for Allah, not for yourself, not for your reputation and not for the sake of other people.

a danger that is corrupting our hearts and affecting our sincerity is social media. And the reason being is because if you really think about it most of the time that people tweet or upload pictures, it’s what is to brag is to talk well about themselves.

And sometimes as Muslims, what we do is that we brag about good deeds….. people have fallen into this trap of what, social media is all about, trying to boost me, myself and my ego.

Are you bragging about your good deeds? Are you just trying to boost your own reputation in the eyes of other people?

Monitor how you talk and how you are posting about yourself. Ask yourself, Is this a good deed? If it is, am I doing it to show off or am I doing it to inspire other people?



Signs For Those Who Contemplate! Adnan Rashid Ali Dawah & Sincere Visitor | Speakers Corner

Do you believe that the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the final messenger?

No yet..

Well, we have many reasons to believe that, that he was a true messenger, because when we read the Quran, the Quran makes it very clear that it could not have come from human mind.

Humans are categorized in three categories: Believers, disbelievers and hypocrites, simple that.. This is not to insult or degrade or to put down others. It is simply to clarify who is who. It is an identity exercise.

There is no other option for humans than to worship God. There is no other option for humans than to worship God. We are in submission, willingly or unwillingly. Maybe we don’t realize it. We are bound by the changing of the day and night.

And even in the Quran, Allah / God, He points to that reality that in the changing of the night and the day, there are signs for those who contemplate.

You cannot cause the sun to rise from the west or the moon to disappear, For example, you cannot change your seasons. Your climate is not under your control. You may influence it somewhat, but you cannot change it.

So you have to understand is that you are in submission to God, okay; either you do it willingly and submit entirely, or you are in submission anyway.

Unbelievable! A Very Risky Claim Of The Quran! Smile 2 Jannah To Visitor | Speakers Corner

That’s Why the Quran Claims there is no contradiction

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Be Advised From Those Advices Of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) First Before Advising Others | Dr. Omar Suleiman

One of the most sensitive subjects; when you talk about the rights of a Muslim on another Muslim is this concept of Naseeha / This concept of sincere advice and the most sincere advisor that has ever been sent to us was none other than our messenger (pbuh). Until now, the sincere advice of the Prophet (pbuh) lives with us and it guides us, and it pushes us forward.

Prophet (pbuh) mentioned that goodness will prevail in this nation so long as we continue to sincerely advise one another. Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala tells us that advice is to be given in the best of ways even to the worst of people.

The overall spirit of generosity, that when the Prophet Muhammed (ﷺ) was giving you advice. He put his own ego to the side ,Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, anything of the Nafs /self to the side because it was all about your welfare.

Imam shafi (Rah) said, whoever gives his brother or sister advice in private, has given them sincere advice and beautified them, they come out better. They come out stronger. And whoever gives them advice in public has humiliated them and betrayed them. We don’t put people on blast in the name of sincerity.

The Prophet (pbuh) always mentioned the good quality first of a person before he tried to correct what he saw.

Every one of these specific advice to the Prophet (pbuh) or from the Prophet (pbuh) to a companion fits us as well. There isn’t a single one of those advises that you can’t read and take for yourself as something beneficial.

Islamic Rituals Override Russell Brand’s New Age Ideas! Smile 2 Jannah And Visitor | Speakers Corner

The whole purpose of salah is to gain nearness to Allah, to ultimately get awareness, like you said excellence. So that’s the ultimate objective of Salah.

The study said that prayer; It comes the amygdala, amygdala part of the brain amygdala part of the brain that makes a person feel very stressful, agitated The flight or flightresponse,…

So we have even scientific reasons or justifications of why praying salah can calm a person. If science can tell us how Salah is coming up, ensurely religion should have something more to offer and the more they offer is purification of the heart.. It removes sins from the heart, makes you see things clearer, calmer.

Praying salah and doing the remembrance of Allah, it ultimately leads you to Ihsan /excellence. So excellence is the goal, salah is the means. These rituals are worshipped to the means. and the means is taqwa/ God consciousness…

So definitely these two books, ‘A thinking person’s guide to Islam’ and Imam Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali (Rah)’s book ‘IHYA’ ‘ULUM AL-DIN’ to delve in deeper into the kind of spiritual aspects.

The Golden Traits Of Prophet Muhammed (ﷺ) To Be An Ideal Husband In Our Modern Day- Mufti Menk

Discussing the various aspects of the life of Rasulullah (Pbuh), the best of creation, the most Noble of all prophets of Allah; the best of creation, the most Noble of all prophets of Allah.

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a great man. He was known as Assadikul Amin. Assadikul Amin meaning the Truthful, the trustworthy as a result of his truthfulness and trustworthiness he e became a husband for the first time

Today we are taught when you’re looking for a spouse, you look at two main things, the Deen / Religion and the Khuluq / Good Nature. If the person has outstanding religion and they have outstanding character, that’s who you want as the father of your children, as an eternal leader of the home for example, a person who will take you through to JANNATUL FIRDAUS.

Your spouse, Allah chooses both of you for a purpose. There is a purpose you will fulfil either a good one or a bad one. Make Dua. It’s a good one. Make Du’a. It is a purpose that will make you earn JANNATUL FIRDAUS as a result.

Don’t become sad when your spouse is asking you to become closer to Allah because that is what your success would ultimately be through mercy of Allah.

the more religious you are, One of the characteristics is you become romantic with the right people. Notice the last words, the right people, because when you’re not religious and when you’re not conscious of Allah, you are romantic, but with the wrong people.

When you’re conscious, you become romantic with the right people. And this love and affection is felt. And this connection is felt so deep. It’s just amazing.

There are days when you may not have and there are days when you will have. A man’s test is when he has everything. And a woman’s test is when he has nothing.

may Allah make us focus on the Akirah and on Jannah.. rather than focusing on petty material things of this world, this world does not equate even the weight of the wing of a fly in the eyes of Allah.

So what are you stressed about? Subhanallah, no need to stress over the Dunia.


Question On Universe Allah Asks! Hijab, Abbas And Atheist & Agonistic photographer | Speakers Corner

The Quran makes a very philosophical argument; Allah says in the Quran, did this universe create itself? So He asked the reader, this very important question as to don’t you think about where this is all come from? And does that not arrive at effectively something or someone that actually created it… brought it into existence?

We believe that this is the infinite Majesty and strength and power of God Almighty.

we would say is that to our atheist, brothers and sisters in humanity is that if you actually think about the fact that this universe exists and therefore it requires an explanation, and there are only two explanations.

One, however, it came into existence, it had some material cause. It was some other material cause, nothing to do with God; Nothing to do with some creative power as such.

And the other argument would be that, no, it has to be designed in a specific way. It has to be proportioned in a specific way to work to function. And this all points to intelligence and a will to create and this is the explanation of God, for argument sake.

Therefore, the only logical conclusion, reasonable conclusion, I would say, is that it needs a Creator that created it, that proportioned it that designed it. And that is God for us, God Almighty.

This life is very short and death is just for all of us; tomorrow, today, maybe tonight on the way home. And we say to our brothers and sisters in humanity that Allah says that this is the reality after you die. So worship Me, follow My guidance and you will be successful.

And so we are calling our brothers in humanity through logic, through reason. I believe through evidence as well; to come to Islam, to accept Islam, study Islam…

The Existence Of Creator Is Well-Rooted Within Us How | Shamsi To Couple Visitor | Speakers Corner

The Quran always direct us to use our intellect, to use our brains. Why? Because we look at ourselves and we can see how we are designed like you have eyebrows above your eyes. Why? Because, sweat… sweat contains salt. It keeps going to your eyes; it will blind your eyes. That cannot come randomly or come from a blind matter. Then there must have a Creator.

That’s why we believe that knowing the Creator exists is something which is well rooted within us.

Think, every part of my body has a purpose. What about me as a whole? Am I here just to drink and eat like animals or I’m here for a greater purpose? Those Questions’ answers are in the Quran.

What makes Islam very special; Islam comes with five things if we observe them, our society would be a good society.