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Why The Sunnah Way of sleeping Position To Avoid Spinal Problems | Dr. Bilal Philips

An Incident from the prophet (saw)’s life in which he said on one occasion when he saw an individual lying on the ground by the name of ya’ish ibn thkfah. He (saw) saw him lying on the ground on his stomach. So he came and when he woke up and he looked at the prophet (saw). He (saw) told him this is the method of lying which God hates.

A list of doctor’s recommendation to avoid spinal problems; Number one: on the list was not to sleep on your stomach.

1400 years ago Muslims, when the prophet (Saw) said don’t do it, because it’s hated by Allah. They stopped doing it though they used to like to sleep on their stomach just like we do and over these 1400 years they benefited. All the people who didn’t do it were harmed one way or another.

That’s how we should approach the things which Allah has prohibited and disliked and it’s better not to do it. Stay away from it because there’s harm in it. Even if we can’t see where the harm is…

The prophet Muahmmad (Saw) warned 1400 ago, when nobody had any idea….

Whose Greetings You Don’t Have To Respond In Islam | Mufti Menk

Many of us have an issue sometimes where if we don’t like someone we find it difficult to greet them or to respond to the greeting. Allah says when you are greeted, reply the greeting.

So this is something you need to know greet people and respond to their Greetings in a beautiful way and Allah will open your doors.

if there is someone who you know for a fact, is making a mockery of it Then you don’t respond that particular lies. The lies are because they’re telling you peace be upon you but they don’t mean it at all.

However, Allah says still try to greet back.

When your greet someone, be genuine. This is Allah teaching us clean your heart.

Do I Have A Chance Of Forgiveness For This Kind Of Sin | Dr Zakir Naik And Mufti Menk

When a person has committed a sin do they deserve a second chance? That is a very important question. In order to answer it, we must look at both sides of the coin.

The first is when the person has committed a sin between them and Allah and the second is when a person has committed the sin between them and a fellow human being;

Yes, there is always be hope for us but don’t playing a game with Allah’s mercy

So if we were to answer that question, do you deserve a second chance? The answer is yes, indeed You deserve a second and the third and the fourth and as many chances as you wish for as long as Allah’s Mercy is greater and you know that it’s greater than the sins that you are committing between you and Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala.

So turn to Allah before it is too late.

If there are sins committed between you and Allah, in the rights of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala without the involvement of another human being then there are four conditions for the sin to be forgiven.

Muslim, you are A racist then know | Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Jabbar

Many non-Muslims who inboxed me and said the Muslims are racist. I got a message.

The best of guidance Is the guidance of the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alehiwassallaam. The Best of Books is the book of ALLAH AZZAWAJAL, the Mighty, the Quran.

If you want to follow, If you want to judge Islam, don’t judge you according to individuals, If you want to judge Islam Then look at the best of example the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alehiwassallaam. If you want to follow Islam then follow the message of the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alehiwassallaam. And if you want to look for a book for guidance, then look no further other than the Quran, the final revelation.

The messenger salallahu alihi wasalam said there is no difference between a black or white, between a Arab or non-Arab…

And if you got a problem with the color of someone’s skin, Then you have a problem with Allah, do you know why? Because of Allah is the one who fashioned him, Allah is the one who made him, Allah is the one who created him. if you have a problem with a color of his skin then you are saying Allah, Almighty made a mistake and that could never happen.

All lives matters but this moment of time, black lives do matter

If you’re a racist and you hate black people, then just remember this that the prophet (saw) was breastfed from a black woman. The muezzin of the Prophet salallahu alaihe Salam belal (R) was a black man.

The prophet salallahu alaihe Salam, he demolished Racism and he said there are no difference between a black and a white, Arab and non-arab. Everyone is equal and and the only way a person could become better than another person, The Quran has given a definition is by taqwa; those who are God fearing…..


Scenarios To Give A Person A Second Chance ~ Mufti Menk

Never write off a person simply because they’ve done something wrong.

If you were to be excommunicated because of the sin you’ve committed, every single one of us would be excommunicated just because Allah has covered. You do not mean you’re innocent.

So go easy on others and Allah will go easy on you.

We all falter, we all commit sins. So let’s not play the nobleman by trying to belittle others instead of helping them.

Three Things From The Time Of Jahiliyya In Many Muslims | Eye Opening Islamic Reminder

We don’t have racism in Islam. We have racism from amongst the Muslims. But the religion of al-Islam dealt with the issue of racism.

Al-Islam is uppermost, al-Islam is elevated, Al-Islam goes on top and nothing goes over al-Islam- nothing.

Why racism is so disgusting in the sight of Allah (swt)?  Allah created all people, all features are from Allah azzawaja.

when you look at someone who is different to you, and you think (sneering) I hold you in contempt, I don’t like the way you look. what you really trying to say is I don’t like the way Allah created you and that is really bad.

No virtue of an Arab over a non-arab or a white over a black or vice versa except by taqwa. the minute you think because my complexion is lighter or darker or because I belong to this tribe or because I belong to this particular nationality or because  I am this or I am that, that I am better.

That’s the same minute, You have dropped your crystals……

Remember you are just a number. everyone else is like you trying to please Allah.

Always Stay Upon Justice And Angels’ Guidance To The Truth | AIYP Ep-13

At times we are called to judge in a dispute where cause to pass judgment on something that’s unfolding before our eyes.

Always stay upon Justice and that is a quality and trait that you were rarely find even amongst righteous people.

The prophet Muhammed (saw) said when a person is asked to Judge and they judge righteously, the prophet (saw) said no person is asked to judge and they’re reluctant to do so because they fear doing wrong by someone except that Allah Subhan Allah sends an angel and Allah SubhanAllah, guides them a right, guides them to the truth.


so when you are called to a dispute to judge between two people you could either play the role of the shaitaan/ you could play the role of the devil and perpetuate things and make them worse and be unfair or you can play the role of the truth and make sure that you establish justice to the best of your ability and Allah would send a special Angel to assist you in doing so.

Stop Messing With People And Belittling Good Deeds As Allah Has Hidden Two Within Two | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Allah has hidden His pleasure within his Good Deeds. So you don’t know which of your good deeds is going to attain his pleasure and Allah has hidden His friends/ His awliya amongst His servants. And so you don’t know which of the Servants of Allah one of His friends is.

When it comes to our Good Deeds, we do not belittle a single Good Deed because that might be the good deed that attains Allah has pleasure that earns us Allah’s pleasure.

we don’t belittle any person in front of us and how we treat that person because that person might be one of those whom Allah is highly pleased with and so honoring that person attains us a greater honor in the sight of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala because you’re treating someone with honor that Allah has honored as well.


Identify Shapes Of Locks Upon The Heart And How To Grow The Fruits Of Eman By The Quran | Shaykh Ali Hammuda

Try your level best to make some space in your Your heart for the Quran. There are locks upon the heart sins that prevent the heart from benefiting it.

The Quran is primarily intended to affect the human heart and that is why Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala chose the heart of a human being as the landing platform of the Quran, not a mountain, not soil ,not a building, a heart of a human being.

But if the heart is not ready to receive it, the fruits of eman can’t grow grow, you recite and the Quran pushes you further and further away from Allah. Identifying locks which prevent from benefiting of the quran; open them up using the key of istighfar- astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah

Three Things Seemed To Be Negative But Positive In The Run | Surah Al-Kahf | Mufti Menk

The moral of all these three for me is that if you believe in to do good deeds Allah will take care of you and your Offspring, SubhanAllah So amazing amazing.

A day will come when you will be smiling all the way and you’re going to say o Allah indeed when you took that thing away from me or when I suffered a loss back in the days. It was the best thing that could have happened. – Mufti Menk