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What Is It All About Eid-Al-Adha | Mufti Menk | Very Powerful Lecture

#MuftiMenk highlights that we will never get what we want in this world because Allah has kept a paradise where we will be getting what we want; Allah brings us to His closer through His trials and tribulations. #EidAlAdha is all about #sacrifice; it is all about cutting out oursleves that which displeases Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala and forcing ourselves to do that which pleases Allah such as our #Salah, our #truthfulness our dress code come which are important for us to realize. When the tests come in our direction we should bear in mind the #spirit from the sacrifice of Ibrahim (A.s) in order to please Allahsubhanahu wata’ala by surrendering to the decrees of the Almighty.

Reward & Preparing Baby To Memorise Quran During Pregnancy | Mufti Menk & Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury

#MuftiMenk addresses that if a woman has to die while giving birth or during #pregnancy she is granted the rank of Martyr in the path no man can compete only the women can. So, today when we look at these women who are old and have given birth to so many children, we must look at them as the mothers of believers who have contributed positively to the #ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam.

#sheikhTawfiqueChowdhury highlights how a #mother can impact to help to memorize the holy Quran for her baby while in mother’s womb. He adds that the more #righteous of #parents become the more Allah will look after their children from the incident of the #Quran.

What Type Of Friend Will Ask Paradise For Us On Judgement Day | Mufti Menk & Ali Hammuda

#MuftiMenk highlights that it is extremely important for us to know is if we want to save ourselves from a lot of evil; we need to ensure that those we interact with and mix with and those we choose as #friends are better than us or similar in this lecture.

#Alihammuda brings forward that how it is important for taking the people of goodness and righteous as friends who will look for their friends in the #Jannah (#parardise) and when they won’t see them there, they will give witness for their friends and beg paradise for them. As a result Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala will grant their request and they will be able to bring their #friend from hell to paradise by the grace of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

Have The Quran As A Lawyer For Judgement Day | Mufti Menk With Nouman Ali Khan & Ali Hammuda

#MuftiMenk mentions that on the day of Qiyamah a person who’s made an effort to memorize and put into practice part of the Quran if not all of it, the person will be told on the day of judgement read recite as you used to in the dunya that’s why I told you read melodiously in the dunya from hadith.

#NoumanAlikhan highlights that Allah Azzawajal described it with light and that light is the only thing that matters on Judgement Day from the verses 12-15 of Surat Al-Hadid and how is it that we can continue to preserve our light and continue to remind ourselves because the day of judgement day is completely dark and the only light is the light coming out of my chest to show us the path to the Jannah (paradise). We can make stronger the light in this world by remembering Allah (swt) more and more through reciting His book.

#AliHammuda cites that the second lawyer of a person on the day of judgement is the book of Allah-the Quran. Quran will speak, defend and intercede for people on the day of judgement and give special attention to two surahs of the Quran Al-Baqarah and Al-imran chapter 2 and Chapter 3 Of The Quran Because they will come on the day of judgement in the form of two clouds or in the form of two canopies or in the form of two flocks of birds and they will be arguing for their people on the day of judgement from hadith.

What makes Islam Different | Mufti Menk

#MuftiMenk mentions the distinguishing factors which make Islam different to speak about the beauty of #Islam. The beauty of Islam, it has laws that govern the life of #mankind and #jinn kind right up to the end of time and it has taught between the Maker and the One Whom He has made, the Creator created you. Islam is more a way of #life than a #religion in this lecture.

Mufti Menk Quotes from the holy Quran, “say that my prayer belongs to Allah my sacrifice belongs to Allah, my life belongs to Allah, my death belongs to Allah the One Who created entire creation, the Lord of the Worlds the One Who made me, my life belongs to Him my death belongs to Him, my worship belongs to Him alone, my sacrifice belongs to Him alone that is Islam.”

“Islam is a knowledge-based religion; the more you know about it the more you will love it, the closer you will be to your Maker, the more you will understand and the more you will love to adopt its rules and regulations. The less you know the further you will drift.” – Mufti Menk

The Verse of The Greatest Hope ┇ SubhanAllah | Mufti Menk

In this clip #MuftiMenk mentions the verse of the greatest #hope in the entire Quran of Surat Az-Zumar where Allah speaks of #heaven and #hell #jannah and #Jahannam and Allah forgives every single sin. Indeed He is most forgiving most merciful, SubhanAllah.

Mufti Menk quotes in this video clip “we need to make sure that we don’t fall into that trap because that’s another extreme one hand; Shaitaan wants to make us lose hope; the other hand he wants to make us have too much of hope that we actually now think that we know it’s free for All, it’s okay, Allah’s okay, He’s fine”.


Fix The Contents Of Your Book Before It Gets Too Late

In this Friday sermon (kuthbah) #MuftiMenk urges that on the day whoever gets their books and they see goodness in the book they should thank Allah, which book is this? The book that we are writing right now, we are writing a book, every one of us is an author, every one of us is writing a book, there is a scribe on our behalf writing the angels are writing whose book our book who is deciding the #contents of the #book, well our actions, our words, our deeds, are deciding the contents of that book. So write it well.

“You are breathing; it’s not too late, you are alive, it’s not too late. Delete what is in your book, change it and write something else. When you make a mistake you can rub it off, you can erase it and it’s not too late. Never lose hope in the mercy of Allah, Allah will forgive all your sins, you can change all the bad, only put good things in your book”. – Mufti Menk