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Allah Will Replace Your Irreplaceable Loss With Something Better In Sha Allah | Mufti Menk

That the day we are tested with sadness, we can navigate through it by developing a beautiful relationship with Allah.

Sadness has come to me. It has come to you. It will come to me. It will come to you in greater way. You’re a human. You’re allowed to feel sad. May Allah Almighty help us to become closer to Him.
It is only with prayer and it is only with patience that Allah Almighty will open your doors and alleviate the sadness.
So remember, bear patience upon what has befallen on you. Think of the positives while you’re in the negative.
And we know something; Things we say not replaceable but Allah will replace it with something better in the hereafter.
When you see the reward of your Sabr / patience, In Sha Allah, you won’t be let down.

What Is The Point Of Making Dua If Allah Predestined My Sufferings Or Hardships | Mufti Menk

When Allah Almighty created us, He has already predestined several things about us in a little bit of detail. Allah knows about the future because the knowledge of Allah is unique, unlike yours and mine. What will happen in the future, Allah knows exactly how it will pan out. He knows exactly the what choices people will make.

Allah almighty is great. And we’ve got to continue having hope and calling out to Allah.

That’s the Hadith, prophet, peace be upon him, says the greater the test, naturally, the greater the reward, the more difficult the examination, naturally, the greater the certificate.

Why should I even ask Allah if it’s already predestined? The Hadith says one thing that can move your predestined matters to a degree is dua and another is charity.

Alalh says, you desperately sought a certain thing from Us which we didn’t give you because we didn’t give that to you, We loved the way you asked Us and your sincerity and the way you worshipped Us By asking Us, We will give you paradise in return.


A Life Changing Analogy Of Overcoming Sufferings From The Importance Of Hajj By Mufti Menk

Ibrahim (a.s) sacrificed a lot, yet he was known as Kalilulah, the friend of Allah. Allah has proven to us that closeness to Allah has nothing to do with how famous you are, how popular you are, how powerful you are, how much wealth you have, how much strength you have, what your looks are like, or your body, et cetera.

The closer you are to Allah, the more challenges you will face in your life. The closer you are to Allah, the more people will make your life difficult. Because, Allah wants you to trust Him fully.

The greater the trust, the greater the challenge and the bigger the miracle, the day that happens, Allahu akbar….

This yaqeen and conviction of Ibrahim (a.s) is what is being celebrated over and above, his dedication to Allah alone. He worshiped Allah alone.

We never ever compromise our relationship with Allah for anything that comes first.

How You Can Meet With Your Loved One After Death By Giving The Best Gifts | Mufti Menk

Life and death is in the hands of Allah. Allah is the giver of life, and Allah is the one who decides when a person is going to pass away. And indeed, if Allah wills, something is brought into life.

We are taught as a Sunnah to say We belong to Allah and we are going to return to Allah (swt), all of us.

Everything that is created by Allah has an expiry date, meaning it has a time tag.

It is very important for us to realize you will lose. It is part of the plan of Allah. So prepare for that day

So what is the test?

The test is no matter what has happened to you if it brings you closer to Allah, it was your gift. And if it takes you away from Allah, it was your punishment or it was something, a challenge, a test for you and you’re failing it because it’s drifting you away from Allah.

Measure Yourself Against These Five Signs To Get The Answer Of Your Sufferings | Ali Hammuda

Suffering at every level


The five signs that you’re suffering as a Muslim is not going to waste And your sacrifice will be thanked by Allah, five signs, and we take them from the biography of Musa (a.s).

The five signs to measure yourself against, to see whether you are for Allah, by Allah and for Allah, we said, number one, a thirst for knowledge. Number two, a commitment to worship, Number three, a fearless acknowledgment of personal error, Number four, an ethic of patience and number five, you have a longing to be of service to others.

Allah has promised that our shore is just as near, He said, those who oppose Allah and His messenger they will be the debased, Allah has already decreed that I Allah and my messengers will overcome.

We shall prevail, Allah is mighty and Allah is wise.

Heartbrokenđź’”! Know The Permanent Solution | Mufti Menk

We all suffer at some point or another, heartbreak or things do not go exactly as we had planned.

Allah says those whom, when calamity strikes them or something negative strikes them.

Allah also speaks about testing us by not giving us things that we desperately want. Sometimes you desperately want something and Allah wants to delay it a little bit, but you want it urgently. Sometimes Allah doesn’t want to give you something you desperately want. And sometimes there is a huge barrier between you and something and Allah wants to give it to you. Allah will give it to you. And if there is no barrier between you and something and Allah does not want to give it to you, it’s not going to happen.

So we need to attach with Allah and to Allah. You must realize Allah does one of a few things. He either grants you what you want later on, or He replaces what He has taken away from you with something far better than that.

This worldly life is temporary. So for us to think that we will have permanent solution to our problems, that’s not possible. The only permanent solution is when you get paradise.

You just need to know how to navigate, Number one, through your crisis. Number two is to call out to Allah, who is the owner of the heart of that child as well.

The Test Of Temptation! What Should You Do If You Feel Temptation | Usatd Asim Khan

Allah (swt) created every single one of us as pure, decent, and with a sense of innocence about us. And then He ingrained within us the desire to protect that purity and innocence as we live our life journey towards Him (swt).


This religion that provides us a lifestyle that would protect and preserve that purity that is inside of us all.

That is why in the Quran and in the teachings of the prophet (pbuh), we find practical advice on what we can do to try to protect our purity and to safeguard our chastity.

When you try, Allah will open the door for you. As Allah says, whoever is mindful of Allah, He will make a way out for you.


About A Smooth Sailing In A Tumultuous Life | Mufti Menk

Before you were born Allah Almighty has already written certain things about you and I. The exact time of birth, the exact time of death, whether or not we will be fortunate, and at the same time the sustenance that will be ours, the tests and the major challenges.

So the major aspects of your lives and mine were written prior to your birth. Now the tests that you were going to have, are going to have, shall have are also determined by Allah Almighty.

You need to know your tests. You will go through them. You have to go through them one by one. It is impossible for anyone on Earth to have it smooth sailing totally.

It’s up to you to realize you cannot have it smooth sailing. There is not a soul on earth who has everything because you came on to this Earth in order to be tested.

Tests come from Allah. You can manage but only with the help of Allah. On your own, you cannot do it. If you remove Allah from the equation and you don’t want to pray and you don’t want to bear patience, you won’t succeed.

There’s no chance that we are not going to have someone without anxiety. You don’t know the future. That itself is the level of anxiety.

But faith will keep you going with calmness.

A Powerful Boost Of Faith To Overcome Anxiety During Difficult Times Or Uncertainty! Mufti Menk

A lot is happening across the globe, more so the difficulty and hardship that people are facing as a result of the changing world because of a pandemic that has overtaken the globe.

As a Mumin / believer, we do realize that everything is in the hands of Allah. We are believers and we know that Allah can change things at any time, positive or negative. It’s up to him. He does what He wishes.

Some people struggle with anxiety because they don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow and perhaps they need a boost of faith. That nothing will harm you except if Allah has written it against you and no good will comes in your direction, except if Allah has written it for you. So lay your trust in Allah, try your best and be pleased with whatever the outcome is.

As believers, you need a ton of faith in Allah in order to go through difficulty and hardship;  conviction that is required to overcome anything.

When you are far from Allah, you have forgotten Allah and you are harming other creatures of Allah, then your hardship might be a punishment from Allah.

In your life, do something that will last longer than your life. We love whatever Allah does for us because we know He’s our Lord. We are going to go back to Him and He will grant us ultimately jannatul firdaus; no matter what happened on Earth.

Listen To It! Blaming Allah For Your Failure Or Happening Negative Things | Mufti Menk

Why does Allah allow negative things to happen? Do you know that Allah has given man and Allah has given His creatures to a certain extent, some form of a choice in some of what they do and some of what they say, etcetera?

So Allah has given us a choice within what He has allowed in order to test us and this Allah explains in the Quran in a few places. in gratitude and disbelief come hand-in-hand, you know, so Allah has allowed us certain Leeway but all of that is within the permission of Allah, within the power of Allah nothing happens, except by the permission and knowledge of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala.

Allah says, you know, your striving is very different. It will be each one will strive in his or her own unique way.

Before Allah created you, He asked you a question. What was the question? Am I not your Lord, your Creator? And what did we all respond? We said, indeed, you are. We bear witness that you are. so we actually said this and we forgotten it and Allah says in the Quran, come on the day of judgment and say to Us that oh! We are oblivious of this. We didn’t know this. Allah says there is a nature within you a fitrah, fitrah meaning that Natural Instinct within you to turn towards your Maker alone.

So Allah says that within the nature of man if it is uncontaminated from birth, And there is no external factor that fills that hard drive with that which is unacceptable, automatically The hard drive will fill itself with that which recognizes that I have a supreme Maker who made me, whom I’m going to return to because that would be common sense Allah gave us the sense. He gave us the brains and He has actually left that brain in a way that it is filled as time passes by the surroundings, by the people around you, by those who brought Up, and this is why Allah says to us through the Blessed lips of Muhammad (SAW), every single child is born;

They are only born upon the nature, the nature of recognizing Allah alone, recognizing that you have a Maker, recognizing that the Maker is in control. You’re going to go back to the Maker. He deserves worship alone. That is called al fitrah And as for the parents, what do they do?  They divert them to one of the religions either Christianity or Judaism or whatever else it may be. So, that shows us that this hard drive being filled by something by human beings. It can be filled by the wrong thing.

We are taught the first thing you should teach your child about is Allah. Following the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad salallahu alaihe wasalam, The Purity, the worship, the good habits, The Good Deeds. That’s what you should teach your child manners.

Nothing happens except by the decree, permission and will of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, He has let us do certain things as a test for us. He allows it and Allah says when bad happens on Earth, do not blame Me. Blame yourselves, you did it, you are the ones who caused issues and problems and the evil effects Of your own Deeds comes back to you to haunt you to harm you and then you want to blame Me? What about all the good that has happened?

Calamity that has struck you is because of what you did with your own hands. You caused problems; don’t blame Allah for your failure, Oh man.

Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala gave you the knowledge or the brain to recognize right from wrong. You chose not to, you chose to allow yourself to be programmed in a wrong way And this is why the pen is not writing Deeds until you arrive at the age of maturity, when you must ask about your faith, your religion and the apps in your device, And you must delete some of those apps that are dangerous and you must recondition your mind and brain in order for it to come in sync with what Allah has revealed.

That’s the only time we’re going to be able to achieve success is when we rethink the entire system that we have into or with that which Allah Has revealed. This is what Allah wants from us.

Remember don’t make a mockery of yourself because at the end of the day you have no option but but to return to Allah. You have no option but to be at the mercy of Allah, you have no option but to go back to where you came from.  Allah will give you a sense of goodness, calmness, contentment happiness, even with the Calamity that strikes.

It’s a message because life is too short those who have amassed, haven’t achieved anything; those who had good, looks haven’t achieved anything. The only people who’ve achieved are those who have turned to Allah. May Allah grant us a good turning.