How You Can Meet With Your Loved One After Death By Giving The Best Gifts | Mufti Menk

Life and death is in the hands of Allah. Allah is the giver of life, and Allah is the one who decides when a person is going to pass away. And indeed, if Allah wills, something is brought into life.

We are taught as a Sunnah to say We belong to Allah and we are going to return to Allah (swt), all of us.

Everything that is created by Allah has an expiry date, meaning it has a time tag.

It is very important for us to realize you will lose. It is part of the plan of Allah. So prepare for that day

So what is the test?

The test is no matter what has happened to you if it brings you closer to Allah, it was your gift. And if it takes you away from Allah, it was your punishment or it was something, a challenge, a test for you and you’re failing it because it’s drifting you away from Allah.

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