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Learn Two Thing For One Of The Most Difficult Things Is To ‘Forgive’! Mufti Menk

one of the most difficult things for us as human beings to do is to forgive others. It is very difficult, especially when it is done by someone who was close to you, when they’ve wronged you and they have oppressed you or harmed you or usurped your wealth or something has happened.


Sometimes it’s a misunderstanding. But this is the month of forgiveness. We need to talk about the most difficult of things and we need to encourage one another to forgive and to reconcile because to mend relationships is a great act of worship.

if we’re all connected, surely it means we should try our best to understand one another, to make life easy for those on earth who are our family members anyway.

Get used to not holding too much. Leave it be. Let it go.

Scenarios To Give A Person A Second Chance ~ Mufti Menk

Never write off a person simply because they’ve done something wrong.

If you were to be excommunicated because of the sin you’ve committed, every single one of us would be excommunicated just because Allah has covered. You do not mean you’re innocent.

So go easy on others and Allah will go easy on you.

We all falter, we all commit sins. So let’s not play the nobleman by trying to belittle others instead of helping them.