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Comedian Agnostic Got Trapped By His Infinite Regression Logic! Hamza | Speakers Corner

Does your Creator exist in an infinite regression?

If you have an infinite regression of things, that means a number of things have happened in the past.
Then how do we get to the present?

The Quran Gives A Powerful Argument For Creator’s Existence! Hamza, Raihan VS Athiest | Speakers Corner

Do you believe the universe is eternal?

Believe in the existence of God, We can give you rational and decisive proofs.

There is an argument in the Quran.
The Quran gives a powerful argument for who deny or doubt the existence of the creator like yourself.
The only option that is left on the table. There has to be the originator.

A Demonstration Of Why Atheism Is An Irrational Belief! Mansur VS Atheist | Speakers Corner

If I tell you why something exists rather than nothing is something that we can understand by looking at what something is. Because if something exists now, if something exists today, there cannot be a time in the distant past where there was absolute nothingness.

Because absolute nothingness has no energy, no potential, no quanta, no fluctuation, no hadrons laptops and gluons,

Because of absence of everything means something that exists today could not come from nothingness. That means there has to be always something. Something has to exist always. Now here, we have to now understand what that is then.

If something exists always, there is no beginning of that something. That means that’s something that made our universe, a self-aware, possessors of energy, and will and knowledge.

Because if that something that existed always didn’t will and bring this universe through His power into existence, it will never happen.

What Will You Say About Allah’s Body Parts! Raihan, Ali Dawah VS Visitor | Speakers Corner

We have a mechanism of affirmation and negation about Allah.

So we affirm about Allah what He described about Himself and what the messenger (pbuh) of Allah about Allah. And we negate about Allah what He negated about Himself, what the messenger (pbuh) of Allah negated about Allah.

So anything in between, we leave it up to Allah, right?

Is Your Aim To Make Me Muslim Again! Ali Dawah VS Saudi Girl | Speakers Corner

We are all bound to follow a way of life. Now that way of life, is it true or not? The one that we worship is either true Creator that deserves worship or not. So this is where Islam came from day one to reconnect us back to the true way; So reconnecting us to the true way of life, and to the One that deserves of worship.

Islam’s essence is Tawhid (The belief in one God), is to know who your Lord is. And a lot of the times, a lot of these issues come from this. Any issue that you mentioned to me, the root is Tawhid.

Not Your Choice To Wear Hijab Or Not ‘How’! Ali Dawah VS Saudi Girl | Speakers Corner

We have this false notion- – That when a woman takes her hijab off, she chose to take it off. I believe this is the biggest false fallacy ever.

Are you telling me that as a woman you choose not to wear the hijab? – Yes.

– I say no, and I’ll prove it.

Are you telling me that the beauty industry, the females around you, the society that you live in, have no effect on you and the way you are perceived? And that has no element on you that you may feel, because the book that I referred to you called “Beauty Sick” tells you about women who are beauty sick.

You wear the hijab ’cause Allah told you to,

The beauty industry, the standards that the societies have put a bar on, you are trying to reach those at the cost that you can even lose your life.

The point is this, nobody has a choice. Listen carefully. Which one is deserving of being listened to the One who Created you or Society?

both individuals have no choice. They are both told to do something.

– One is from the Creator.

– One is from the creation.

Live by the one that God sent you because that’s the best.

Why God Should Be Worshiped By Exposing The Secrecies Of Atheism! Mansur And Ladies| Speakers Corner

I know that gravity exists, even though I don’t know what it looks like. I cannot smell it, I can’t touch it, I cannot feel it.

But I know it exists because it has a strong attractive force on anything and bring it down on the center of this Earth on a bigger object. I know it exists by inference.

We can make all of this kind of our reality, observation, deductions inferences. That’s what we do maths.

So what we are saying is when it comes to reality of our existence and our Creator’s existence, we need to be sincere.

The Quran like telling us the purpose of our life here, telling us what’s going to happen after death, telling us what awaits for us, whether heaven or hell.

So whatever we do which pleases God in accordance to the reasons He’s created us and we follow the command and avoid His prohibitions, this is worship.

In the Quran, God tells us this is one chance. Don’t miss this chance to save yourself from the hellfire.

The All-knowing God Could Tell Me About Life After Death! Hashim VS Agonistic Lady | Speakers Corner

Your thought process and your thinking, and you never bother to look for the truth; what are you going to say to God?

In order to have a system which is functioning, there should be no disharmony, there should be no internal contradictions, there should be no conflicts within the system, and that is a good system.

So as a Muslim, I believe that God created us and then he sent us guidance. He did not just let us fend for ourselves. And over the years, over the centuries, over the millenniums, God sent different prophets and messengers who are human beings, and they are the ones who are the role models that they have to follow in order to be a righteous person, to be accepted, and to attain Salvation.

You need a higher authority in order to give you the jurisdiction as to what is right and what is wrong, what is permitted, what is prohibited.

In the Sharia, which is the system that we follow that God has ordained, there’s also something which is the core message, like I said, which is the worship and the belief in one God. It means obedience to God.

So that includes not to harm someone, not to kill, not to steal, not to lie, not to be bad to your neighbor, even they might be from a different religion or even not following a religion. You have to be good to your neighbor.

And this all comes under the jurisdiction of what we call the Sharia, which is the law or the system of God.

‘Answer’ All Religious Gurus Can’t Agree On The Same God! Hashim Vs Hindu Atheist | Speakers Corner

The awesome reply to the statement ‘The religious gurus of the entire world, they all cannot agree Who is one God, is fundamentally something wrong there’.
The problem is, The fact that either there is no God or there is no one God.

The scientists have several models, the origin of the universe. They don’t all agree. But then there are majority of people amongst the scientists who agree with the big bang model.
Okay, so it happens in science as well. There’s disagreement.
Every system out there, there’s going to be agreement and disagreement within.

Why Jesus (A.S) Is A very Good Muslim! Mansur And Visitor | Speakers Corner

We’re asking you to worship the God of Christ, the God of Muhammad, peace me upon them all. We’re asking you to worship the God who is the Creator of everything.

Muslim means someone who submits and surrenders heir will willingly and sincerely to the will of the one true God.
So Jesus (A.s) was a Muslim because he submitted to God.
All of the things that you see about Christ, that he is a very good Muslim.