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The Best Shot- Why The Creator Created The Universe! Mansur VS Atheist | Speakers Corner

If I tell you why something exists rather than nothing is something that we can understand by looking at what something is. Because if something exists now, if something exists today, there cannot be a time in the distant past where there was absolute nothingness.

Why Jesus (A.S) Is A very Good Muslim! Mansur And Visitor | Speakers Corner

We’re asking you to worship the God of Christ, the God of Muhammad, peace me upon them all. We’re asking you to worship the God who is the Creator of everything.

Muslim means someone who submits and surrenders heir will willingly and sincerely to the will of the one true God.
So Jesus (A.s) was a Muslim because he submitted to God.
All of the things that you see about Christ, that he is a very good Muslim.

‘Deen Al-Fitrah’ Born With An Innate Inclination Of Tawheed! Raihan VS Atheist | Speakers Corner

The ability to choose or reject God’s guidance, with which both humans and jinn are endowed…

Human beings are born with an innate inclination of Tawheed (Believing Oneness of Allah in His actions, attributes and worship)

Claimed! Ar-Rahman Contradicts With Al-Ghaniyy | Zafar Vs Visitor | Speakers Corner

Question: Ar-Rahman (The Merciful) means that Allah is not Al-Ghaniyy (The Self-Sufficient One) as mercy by its very nature requires a subject.
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Why I Believe David Wood Is Atheist And How He Earns Money! @Ali Dawah ! Ali Dawah And Visitor | Speakers Corner

just to oppose Islam they believe the creation of God is divine

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Great Schooling About Muhammed (pbuh)’s Marriage Made Him Run Away! Abbas | Speakers Corner

Left the debate in the pretext of bring the reference about the prophet Muhammed (pbuh)’s marriage.
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