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Want To Control Everyone! The Biggest Mistake | Wife Lover ~ Mufti Menk

My brothers my sisters, like I said on earth you will have days when mashallah, as you grow older. At how things have changed, right? But we remember the days. When you look at yourself now aren’t you a little bit lonely? Well, Allah is telling you well build a relationship with me now, come SubhanAllah, la ilaha ilallah,….

You know your children no matter how many you have they’re going to get married, the biggest mistake we make we want to control, control who? Everyone else… listen to a certain extent you can let them know even your own children, you can let them know what to do what not to do but control… trust me you will develop a huge problem if you want to control everyone around.

We want to control everyone around us. We break our families and communities into pieces because we want to have the only say. You must listen to everyone and you must do that which is beneficial for the community but you do have a final say because there has to be one leader who decides.

I’d love to have Eid the same way we’ve had it when we were young, when all the brothers and sisters got together on the day of Eid but guess what? Now they start getting married. Each one of them has their own children.

It’s not fair to always have Eid in one place, I need to make sure that I.. Let loose a little bit, I will be a bit …the Eids are not going to be like they were all the time. I don’t have to be everywhere, every time, at every Eid, break loose you still United, didn’t I say? May Allah give us unity.

You can still be united. You know what? For as long as that opinion has some form of validation in the Quran and Sunnah and in Islam let it be… don’t force yours on them, for as long as it has some form of validation in Islam let it be. The minute you try to force you will destroy.. There will be disunity. That’s one of the reasons why we are so fragmented.

It’s very important for us to know that life has lessons. We don’t learn them sometimes. Allah says you know when you’re young it’s not going to be the same as you grow older. When you grow older things have to change. The baton is passed on.

Yes, we are human yes we do have human nature. But we should be disciplining it with the discipline of Islam. it will help us. it will take us to jannatul ferdous, it will make us the best of people. Don’t be too hard and fast on others even your own family members. Sometimes we are too hard on our own spouses.

I don’t have to be everywhere, every time, at every Eid. Break loose you still united. For as long as that opinion has some form of validation in the Quran and Sunnah and in Islam let it be… The minute you try to force you will destroy. That’s one of the reasons why we are so fragmented. – Mufti Menk

Caught Illicit Affairs Of Spouse! No Forgiveness! Listen & Your Discretion ~ Mufti Menk

Oh people! The promise of the almighty is the truth. World deceive you. It is very temporary and it is very fake, subhanAllah, and don’t let the big deceiver deceive you, Shaitaan; the devil, the big deceiver.  He gonna come and try and make you do things that you’re not supposed to be doing. The almighty says its okay, Turn back to me as you turn back to the Almighty, He wipes out your sin. As He’s wiped out your sin the devil comes back and says no, you’re not forgiven. That almighty is not merciful.

The Almighty is not merciful. That’s a bigger sin than the sin you committed initially. Initially it was a sin out of your weakness. Now it’s a sin questioning who the Almighty is and denying one of His qualities known as the most merciful or the most forgiving, the most compassionate. So be careful be careful of the deception of this world.

Nobody from amongst us is perfect, not a soul, because part of the plan of the Almighty is human desire will lead you towards things that you’re not supposed to be doing. You may fall out of human weakness. Not because you’re defying Allah but you didn’t want to do it but you fell.

If you are walking here and you trip what would you do? Get up and do what? Keep walking, right? And even other persons coming and you turn around and see them what will you tell them? Be careful right? The winners are those who when they trip they get up and they keep going. We’re not perfect. Perfection is for the hereafter. When I am in here I shouldn’t lose hope number one but I need to keep trying to develop my relationship with Allah.

When you’re conscious of Allah and you have a relationship with Allah and you love Allah and that Allah is so close to you within your heart and you want to prove to Him that you love Him, wouldn’t you love everything that He has made? Even if you disagree with some of the people around you, your character will ensure that you don’t insult them or abuse them.

When I’m a pious person close to Allah I learned to love everyone to care for them, to treat them equally because they’re all the creatures of Allah. I will give them importance simply because they were created by the same one whom I’m trying to prove my love to. Be respectful; show it in your character.

Allah says in your life no matter what deeds you’ve done Allah says if you seek forgiveness I will forgive you.

When people are caught in immoral relations or illicit Affairs when they are married and the spouse catches them and says you know what? That’s the blessing of Allah that you were caught. You know why? Now you’re going to give it up, inshallah.



Nowadays people are not so forgiving, so if you’re caught, they’re gonna say I want out. I tell you my brothers and sisters not everyone who’s committed the sin is an evil person. They may have made a mistake. sometimes Allah wanted you to see something because he loved them so much and He knows by you making a big deal out of it that person’s gonna quit the habit and become such a better person, subhanAllah.

So it doesn’t mean that I need a divorce straight away. Don’t just listen to the world the world tells you the minute you catch your spouse doing something wrong that’s it, go home. I’ll tell you not necessarily means if the person is a good person, they taking care of you you’re taking care of each other, there’s a lot of respect, there’s kindness, there’s fulfilment of rights… mend it and keep the same Mercedes.

But if the person is evil and abusive and hurtful and they don’t fulfill their rights and they don’t dis and they don’t that and then you catch them doing X Y & Z then perhaps you might want to look into final separation that was the last stroke, gone.

Holding Back That Talaq! Nullification of Marriage / Divorce By Women In Islam~Mufti Menk | Goosebumps Reminder

Increasingly people are becoming unhappy with their marriages. We need to try and resolve your matters, try and solve your problems. If you’re not going to be prepared to try and solve the matter, you’re not going to get anywhere.

I’ve been dealing with cases where the men are becoming greedy sometimes such that they don’t want to live with their wives because they’re either having an affair or they’re either leading some form of a dark life or they simply don’t like the wife anymore, they neither share intimate moments with them. They probably sleep separately with them. In a lot of cases and they don’t want to divorce them and they don’t want to do anything about it, they neither want to release them nor do they want to keep them properly. This is prohibited. the Quran says that you should not leave a person muAAallaqa, muAAallaqa meaning she’s hanging, neither can she say she’s married because the guy is not even behaving like a husband and there’s no rights being fulfilled nor she says she’s divorced because she doesn’t have the divorce.

So in that case normally the scholars are to come in and to resolve the matter. If need be they can nullify that marriage.

Some greedy men have gone away with the belongings of their wives. They go away with the belongings of their wives. My brothers, my sisters that mahr is owed to the woman. It is owed to her. It’s her right, if you don’t give it to her Allah will take it from you through sickness, through accidents, through some form of disaster that money is not yours. Allah will take it from you. So rather give it like a good boy. Allah does not leave people to oppress others. He gives you a chance to resolve the matter. That chance differs from person to person, the length of it.

If you release her, release her with honor, that’s the sign of a Muslim. Don’t involve your kids in the mess. it will stunt their growth.

When we think we’re holy but Allah tests you with things that are tough for you. You got to, throw your ego aside, throw it aside and do what’s right. You holding somebody’s money throw your ego give it. you’re holding somebody’s property, throw your ego, give it you don’t throw your ego, you’re going to pay a price for it and I’m not mincing my words you will pay and that payment will be very very heavy remember this.

Don’t talk bad about people after the divorce. It’s over. You didn’t get along with him someone else would get along with them. Control your anger, your temper, say good words, can’t you be a lovely person.

How can you steal the mahr of your wife how?  What do you think Allah was going to do when Allah says in surahtul surah mujadilah; Allah says Allah has heard the one who is discussing with you or who is complaining to you about her husband, complaining to Allah (swt). Allah make it easy because we need to be human beings come on you should learn to love people and to care for them and to care for even those you dislike. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. One of the qualities of the wealthiest of people is that he or she can forgive, forgive, don’t hold it in your heart.

So let’s learn to release people or break… if we are going to break a relationship or a marriage or whatever else it should happen with honor and dignity with respect bearing in mind that when we came together, we came together with the name of Allah, many times when divorces happen people show their true colors and you cannot believe that you were actually married into this family.  you want to see someone’s true colors, check what happens when things don’t go their way. – Mufti Menk

How The Quran Is Proven Correct Over Time – Mufti Menk

There are four things when Allah wants to create is one thing. He says be and it is, that’s a second thing. Then He says He owns it because He made it. The fourth thing is going to come back to Him.

The almighty has promised us that He won’t just tell us to do and not to do things randomly. There will always be a deeper purpose whether you understand it or don’t is beside the point. He says I will tell you what to do and what not to do. Allah says that in the Quran when He has laid instruction it’s never to create difficulty for you.

It might be difficult for a moment but long term you will definitely see the fruit of following the instruction of the Almighty. So the doubts that are created in the minds of the people are cleared when you understand who your Maker is. When you realize what revelation is all about.

Look at how science and technology and all these researchers keep changing their findings over time. Allah subhana wa ta’ala is telling us the sun moves to a certain extent. There was a time when people said impossible. The earth moves. When technology and science denied it completely people began to find fault in the revelation and said Revelation is wrong. Generations’ later people had to admit though the Sun moves but very little. Allah didn’t say how much it moves. He just said it moves.

Therefore ultimately Allah says something amazing in the Quran. We will show them and continue to show them signs within the horizons and in themselves, we will continue to show them more and more signs as the times pass that will prove to them ultimately that the Quran is the truth, subhanAllah.

we have already seen from the very beginning, the time of Muhammad (ﷺ)that those who felt this was wrong and that was wrong over time. they were found to be wrong but the Quran was right. – Mufti Menk

Mashallah! Upgraded With Eight Girls [Super Excited]~ Mufti Menk

When a child is born we thank Allah. We want the child to be healthy. Whether you have a male child or a female child, thank Allah.

Mashallah, we upgraded with eight girls and I’m super excited to mention it here because I am so happy and I’m super excited to mention it here because I am so happy that Allah blessed us with a favour He says you have girls you get Jannah. By the way it doesn’t mean you have boys you go to Jahannam.

Be happy with whatever Allah has given you girls, they are girls. They are boys, they are boys, Alhamdullah. They are boys and girls Alhamdulillah.

Neither boy nor girl Allah knows why He has saved you from something traumatic. How many people have children and they say I wish I didn’t have these kids because of the torment that some of them make their parents go through. May Allah forbid and may Allah protect us and our children from that type of behaviour, Ameen. So be thankful to Allah- Mufti Menk

Salah Allah Never Goes On Holiday ~ Mufti Menk

We belong to Allah and ultimately, we’re all going not just this person who passed away, now but all of us are going back to where we came from SubhanAllah.

Allah says from that dust We created you, you’re going to go back into the dust and We’re going to resurrect you thereafter from there once again. But shaitaan distracts us. From even thinking about it…

So, the majority on earth perhaps would not really be so concerned about where they came from, where they’re going but those who know they know. They think about it.

Contentment comes by discipline, you get up at a certain time, you only eat certain things. You only drink certain things. You will sleep at a certain time. You will behave in a certain way. You will be focused, perhaps you will be focused obviously certain things, you will not do certain things you will do… that’s Islam. Islam is discipline. You want to achieve in any field; you need to be disciplined. That’s where the rules and regulations come from subhanAllah.

What Shaitaan does is he distracts you from the obligations. So let’s say take Salah as an example, so you know you got to do it. You want to do it. You really feel that you’re gonna do it. But you know what? You’re on holiday, man….

Don’t be distracted By Shaitaan, Allah never goes on holiday. the days of happiness in Islam if you notice carefully you’ve got an extra act of worship on those days. salatul eid isn’t that an extra prayer! subhanAllah

Because ultimately you’re going to return to the one who made you, take something with you. take ..give Him an excuse to forgive you. Allah is looking for an excuse to forgive us. So don’t fall in the trap of the devil. – Mufti Menk

One Of The Worst Questions To A Married Couple – Mufti Menk

Children are a gift from Allah but they can also be a source of stress and distress. so when Allah has given you children, thank Him and ask Him to help you to raise them. When Allah has not given you children, thank Him and be reassured that He has protected you from something or He knows something that you don’t know. That’s why He did not give you the child.

You know what is one of the worst questions, you can ever ask a married couple? When are you going to have children? That’s a very bad question. You know why? In a lot of cases it’s not even in their hands. They want to have the children but they cannot.

Infertility is increasing on the global level. I don’t know if you are aware of that.

Pray for people rather than asking a question that will bring tears to the eyes of the couple or at least the woman. May Allah grant us ease.

And then people start looking and saying I know the problem is with her not with him. How do you know? Even if they told you I know of a sister whom.. They don’t have children and the issue is with the husband but she takes the blame for that man, subhanAllah. She says no, no, it is an issue with me.

I say look at this she wants the honor for that man who would do that? I want to say something controversial. I don’t think many men would take blame for their women.