The Specialized Gate In Paradise For Who Fast In Ramadan! Mufti Menk

This month, there are special gates that we need to know about. They are the gates of paradise. There are so many gates.

Allah Almighty makes mention of but eight gates of paradise. One of them is a specialized gate known as Ar-Rayyan.

Ar-Rayyanis a gate through which those who fasted dedicatedly shall enter through by the will of Allah, because Allah says, Whoever fasts correctly in the month of Ramadan with full conviction in Allah, hoping for a reward from Allah, all their previous sins will be forgiven.

Allah says, breath of fresh air, we give you a spirituality. Beautiful days that are filled with such amazing ambiance that it’s not felt in any other month outside of this particular month of Ramadan. We will give you some amazing opportunity to soften your heart. If you don’t soften it during this month, when would you like to soften it?

If you don’t repent in the month of repentance, when are you going to repent? If you don’t turn to Allah during the month of turning to Allah, when are you going to do that?

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