We Shall All Be Returned To Allah | Mufti Menk | Sierra Leone 2017

MuftiMenk reminds us that our time on Earth is very limited in this lecture with English subtitle during his tour in Sierra Leone 2017. The prophet Muhammed told that the average life span of the members of my Ummah is between 60 and 70 years but there is no guarantee that we will live up to 60 or 70 years.so who is the winner; the winner is not the one who lives for many years on earth nor is the winner the one who doesn’t live much in this troubled earth; the winner is the one who passes away in a condition that Allah is pleased with him /her. Allah says to us that don’t die except in the condition of submission unto Allah and the one who seeks #forgiveness from a sin is equivalent to he or she who has not committed the sin.

In the end, Mufti Menk mentions that Allah will continue to help a #worshipper for as long as that worshipper continues to help another.

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