How To Balance Wife-Mother Relation | Mufti Menk with Bilal Assad & Nouman Ali khan

#MuftiMenk highlights that It is very important is to support your #spouse to stand by your spouse to be fair and just when it comes to your relation with #wife & #Mother in this video clip.

#BilalAssad points out that sister, take it easy on your husband and lessen the burden of him; try to tolerate as much as you can from the misbehaviour mistreatment of your in-laws. If you do that wallahi 90% of the time your husband will only grow to love you more. He will love you more because you are helping him; if he loves you more he will serve you better and he will protect you from them more. Bilal Assad mentioned above the quote in response to a sister’s question.

#NoumanAlikhan mentions that sisters you’re stuck with your husband; stop being angry accept it and try to love your husband try to make your #husband happy because believe me if he gets even a little bit happy you will be really happy. Then, Nouman Ali khan advises #husbands to appreciate and to say good words to their wivies for making a good family which will raise their status on the day of Judgement.

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