Internal Spirituality For Selecting Spouse | Mufti Menk & Nouman Ali Khan

#MuftiMenk highlights how internal #spirituality plays a vital role to lead a happy conjugal life. He mentions some are not worried in regards to select spouse whether that person has #deen or not, #religion or no religion, good #character and #conduct or no good character and conduct. If you look at the outside #beauty, it goes away but the internal beauty develops with the #Wrinkles, but when it comes to external beauty of a person who has no internal beauty as they grow old, they become ugly. If we follow what the Prophet Muhammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has taught he says you want to marry you look at the religious level of the person you want to marry. Mufti Menk said that anyone Whose Role Model Is One Of The Two #Parents, Has A Far Greater Chance Of Success In This #Life Than Someone Whose #RoleModel Is Someone else.

#NoumanAlikhan reminds us how to approach to opposite sex regarding #marriage proposal in terms of Islam in this lecture.

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