Be Happy With Your Fair Share Of Challenges & Tests | Mufti Menk

#MuftiMenk starts with mentioning two questions who Am I & why am I here in this lecture ?

He cited from Surah At-Tin Allah says that we have created mankind in the best of postures no other creature of #Allah has a better posture than ours in the #Quran. We have to ask ourselves the question, why am I on earth, how come people come, when I come onto the earth I can’t remember the moment that I came into and I cannot remember at the time that I was in the #womb of my mother but I was living and there was a life at a certain point 120 days I can’t remember anything how come, why? There must be a reason Allah say in surah al Mulk that it is He who created death and life in order to #test you.

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