Never Ever Miss Saying These Powerful Dhikr To Ease Your Entry Into Paradise! Mufti Menk 2023

We need to remember Allah in all situations. So many times, Allah Almighty has reminded us that He’s given us things that we haven’t even asked for because He gave it to us without us asking Him.

Have you thought of how many thousands or countless blessings and favors of Allah upon you and I that we have that we’ve never asked for?

At the same time, did you ever ask Allah? Oh, Allah, grant me the ability to continue to see in a way that I don’t need to adjust my eyes.

Supplication and calling out to Allah in terms of du’a as well as dhikr. Now, dhikr is the remembrance of Allah.

Allah says, Remember Me, I will remember you.

So in one narration, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, says, Get acquainted with Allah during your days of ease, and Allah will be acquainted with you during your days of hardship.

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