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“I Want Good For You” The Pain Of The Parents And Vice Versa – Shaykh Omar Suleiman

You will one day come to know what I have said to you.


Allah (swt) guides whom he Wills. You don’t guide whom you loved and so you do your best but you disconnect yourself, you take responsibility, but at the same time you acknowledge your lack of control over the situation. you, leave that to God…

This person is being spoken to by their parents and saying look I want good for you. You’re going to remember this one day; I’m trying to guide you to a good path.

You’re trying to help someone and the case once your own children who you would do anything for them and they’re on a path of hurting themselves, harming themselves and you’re trying to tell them look it’s for your own good. I want you to think about the consequences of your actions.

When someone can’t hear your advice just let them know that you’re going to love them through their stubbornness.  I love you, and I’m going to pray for you and I’m here for you. The door is open.

I’m telling you something that hopefully will one day come back to you.

What will make your advice ugly is when you have ego in it, when it’s condescending, when it doesn’t,… maybe somewhere in there is some Noble intention but in the midst.. of your Noble intention is being lost. The ugliness of your words, right….

For both of these people; both the Giving that sincere advice and the one listening to that sincere advice, right the ego has to be removed from the picture and you’ve got to consider whether if you’re giving advice to someone, sincere advice to someone out of the love of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala and out of wanting good for them.

What Lies Beneath Your Parents’ Feet Even After They Died with Five Sets Of Instructions | Shaykh Ali Hammuda

One of the greatest ways of erasing major sins is via the door of repentance that is found beneath the feet of your mother and father.

Abdullah Ibn Abbas (Ra) said I do not know of any good deed on the face of the earth. That is dearer to Allah Almighty than being good to your mother. And that is why Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal (rah) and other said erases even major sins.

Five things to honouring deceased parents:

Prophet Muhammed (saw) Making dua for them and asking Allah Almighty to erase their sins. Carrying out their last wishes after they have died, honouring their friends that they used to love, love, taking care of those ties of , Family Ties that you have because of them.

Reasons Why My Son/Daughter Not Listen To Me Regarding Marriage | Small Israfil Blew A Little Trumpet ~Mufti Menk

Beloved parents the children are known in Islam as an Amana. Amana means a trust. You know what the trust means; the one who gave you the trust will instruct you what to do with the trust and you are not allowed to do anything but what the true owner want you to do. Children they belong to Allah, Allah tells you what you are allowed to do, what you’re not allowed to do and you have to do what Allah allows you only. if you do anything more than that you are at a loss.

When I have a child what should I do to the child? I should only do what Allah has allowed me to do.

If you had a powerful relationship with your child from the beginning the child will not make big decisions without you.

They are too scared to approach the parents and when they approach the parents there is Qiyamah in the house. Small Israfil blew a little trumpet in the house. Why? Because there was a breakdown of communication. you have failed as parents and they have not been guided as children.

Allah says make it as easy as possible and remember the child means to want to marry who they are marrying. That’s the primary condition.

If you had communication with the child and cooperation with the child and love with the child and you spent time on with the children rather than with your phone etc etc you would be able to manage the child’s life with the pleasure of the child

If your child has taken something seriously in his or her heart and you don’t help them in a proper respectful respectable convincing way, they’re going to live with a scar for the rest of their lives.

If you had a powerful relationship with your child from the beginning the child will not make big decisions without you. We should guide our kids. When you’re marrying, you’re actually looking for the father or mother of your children, they should have good qualities.

For your information Affairs have been made easier than getting married because we have turned away from the deen. ~ Mufti Menk

Who Am I To Disallow What Allah Has Allowed Regarding Marriage – Mufti Menk

The children belong to Allah. Allah gave them to you temporarily and He’s going to take them away. He may take you away before them or He will take them away before you. It is totally up to Him. you have to be happy with the decree of Allah.

We get so attached to our children that we don’t even want them to get married. Allah gave you the children in order to test you. Are you going to do what we want you to do or are you going to do what you want to do against what we want to do? For example your child wants to marry ask yourself a question; the parents need to ask themselves obviously if both the boy and the girl would like it to happen. Does Allah allow it? If the answer is yes tell yourself who am I to disallow, what Allah has allowed?

The brother is too black you know, I promise you I’ve heard that.  Black! Bilal ibn Rabah (ra) was from jannah (paradise). He was the darkest of the lot and the prophet (saw) came back and said oh Bilal I went up to Maharaj and guess what? I heard your footsteps there. He didn’t look at the fairest of the lot and say hang on, who’s more…, who is fair in complexion, yeah yours, your footsteps in jannah, no way. ––

It had nothing to do with color. You slice here, you slice there, you slice anywhere, and the blood is red. My brothers and sisters, racism has no space in Islam, not at all. If you do not respect a person simply because their complexion is less than yours, I promise you you’re doomed.

My brothers and sisters you want paradise, understand ‘people are equal’ that’s what Allah says. The day you get to Allah and he gives you your book of records in your right hand. You can then say I did well. I travel through Africa and I witness some of the best Muslims I’ve seen in my life happen to be in the darkest corners of Africa.

Every time you make halal easy, you’ve protected people from harm and every time you’ve made halal difficult, you’ve encouraged people to engage in haram and facilitate it for them. – Mufti Menk

Remember Four Things When Your Parents Become Old

In this video clip #MuftiMenk makes mentions of Allah has decreed that we will be kind to our parents from the Quran and important four things when they become old with dua. The Dua / Supplications is in the following:

Arabic: رَبِّ ارْحَمْهُمَا كَمَا رَبَّيَانِي صَغِيرًا

Transliteration: Rabbir hamhumaa kamaa rabbayaanee sagheera oh allah

Translation: O my Lord! have compassion on them, as they brought me up (when I was) little.