Reasons Why My Son/Daughter Not Listen To Me Regarding Marriage | Small Israfil Blew A Little Trumpet ~Mufti Menk

Beloved parents the children are known in Islam as an Amana. Amana means a trust. You know what the trust means; the one who gave you the trust will instruct you what to do with the trust and you are not allowed to do anything but what the true owner want you to do. Children they belong to Allah, Allah tells you what you are allowed to do, what you’re not allowed to do and you have to do what Allah allows you only. if you do anything more than that you are at a loss.

When I have a child what should I do to the child? I should only do what Allah has allowed me to do.

If you had a powerful relationship with your child from the beginning the child will not make big decisions without you.

They are too scared to approach the parents and when they approach the parents there is Qiyamah in the house. Small Israfil blew a little trumpet in the house. Why? Because there was a breakdown of communication. you have failed as parents and they have not been guided as children.

Allah says make it as easy as possible and remember the child means to want to marry who they are marrying. That’s the primary condition.

If you had communication with the child and cooperation with the child and love with the child and you spent time on with the children rather than with your phone etc etc you would be able to manage the child’s life with the pleasure of the child

If your child has taken something seriously in his or her heart and you don’t help them in a proper respectful respectable convincing way, they’re going to live with a scar for the rest of their lives.

If you had a powerful relationship with your child from the beginning the child will not make big decisions without you. We should guide our kids. When you’re marrying, you’re actually looking for the father or mother of your children, they should have good qualities.

For your information Affairs have been made easier than getting married because we have turned away from the deen. ~ Mufti Menk

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