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Satan Loves To Influence Men By These Two Things And Makes Someone Hate! Mufti Menk

Allah says, watch out for Satan. He’s always been jealous of you. He’s always been problematic and be careful that he does not influence you.

Unfortunately, you know what happens with all of us. We allow them into our close circle and we listen to them and they begin to influence us.

They make us hate those who are good sometimes simply because they’ve conned us about who those people are.

How many times do people who don’t know you hate you simply because someone told them something about you and they haven’t even breathed the same air that you’ve breathed, meaning they haven’t even come close to you. You already hated a person because of this preconceived idea.

Allah has created within you and I an inclination towards wealth. But He warns us to not allow your love for wealth to increase or to overseed the love that you have for Me, to exceed the love you have for Me.

I’m allowed to love anything I found on earth on condition that it is within which Allah has ordained.

I can’t allow myself to do something displeasing to Allah to get something that is pleasing to me.

Whether it pleases me or not, if it displeases Allah, I’m going to control myself because I’m a believer.