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Tricks Of Ad-Dajjal To Take Religion Away | Mufti Menk

Firstly when the dajjal comes we will be tested in four ways. He will try to take our religion away from us. So that is the test of religion.

And dajjal refers to two things one is what we know is ad-dajjal /”deceiver” but then there is what is known as the fitna of dajjal.

Anything, anything at any time that is connected to any one of the tests that we have been taught that dajjal will bring forth is also part and parcel of his force.

So anyone trying to take your religion away from you is a dajjal.

They want to take their religion away from people. We all need to cling, cling to the deen. Allah says in the Quran; hold fast upon the Rope of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala. don’t be Disunited….

May Allah grant us unity and may Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant us the ability to hold fast on those rope; the Rope here referring to the Quran and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

Haram Temptations Vs Rizq During Financial Difficulties With Two True Incidents | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

How Allah subhanaw taala rewards our honesty when we’re in a difficult situation. As people start to experience financial uncertainty like many forms of uncertainty; certain options become available to them and certain things open up for them.

There is a unique hardship; a unique way of a person finding themselves in a way that they could be tempted to haram when they’re in a difficult situation.

There’s something to be said about a person who holds onto their principles and does not lose them in a situation of hardship and in a situation of particularly the pinch of financial hardship.

Rewarding a person for their honesty that whoever is mindful of Allah Subhanahu wa’ta’ala during a dire need like financial hardship, Allah subhanaw Taala will make a way out for them and and Allah will provide them from places and with things from places that they would not have expected before.

The source of the rizq and the output of the rizq; the source of the sustenance as well as the output of the sustenance are unknown to you when you choose to practice taqwa, when you choose to practice piety and god-consciousness, even in a tight situation, even in a difficult situation and whoever entrusts Allah with all of their Affairs then Allah subhanaw taala will be sufficient for that person in regards to everything.

You don’t know the rizq that you will see in your life through other business opportunities that Allah will decree that come your way because of you abandoning that haram, You don’t know the blessing/ the Baraka that Allah will put in the money that you earn from halal.

Why Are You Taking To This Sister | Mufti Menk

What would it have cost me to have come out and be nice to them and so on?

some people say but why don’t you discuss this particular topic, for those of them who are my friends I tell them, well, have you discussed, they say, yes. Well then isn’t that enough? I mean look you’re doing one thing. I’m doing one thing. I’m not going to tell you do what I’m doing. So, please don’t tell me do what you’re doing because all of this we’re working for the same boss, for the same deen.

We’re calling towards the same Allah. So, it’s amazing how it doesn’t cost us to be kind to be nice.

You have to be kind to everyone. You have to smile at everyone. You have to greet everyone. You have to try and listen…. , I’m speaking to her as though she’s my own sister, someone is crying and a lot of the times one good word from you would change her life by the help of Allah. Why not, that’s your opportunity.

We want to cater for humankind at large.

How To Make Dua In Tahajjud Prayer Calculating Last 3rd Of The Night For Fabulous Rewards | Ustadh Asim Khan

The benefits of praying Tahajjud:

From the authentic Hadith that praying tahajjud actually help safeguard you from illnesses and kind of sicknesses.

Out of the entire night, there is one part of the night which is more special and more valuable to pray tahajjud in and that is the last third of the night.

An authentic Hadith in which the prophet (saw) said that Allah subhanaw Taala descends to the lowest heaven in the last third of the night. Allah descends the last third of the night and then He looks upon the people of the earth and says who is calling upon Me for I am here to respond, who is asking Me for I will give, who is seeking My forgiveness I will forgive them, SubhanAllah.

Why The Sunnah Way of sleeping Position To Avoid Spinal Problems | Dr. Bilal Philips

An Incident from the prophet (saw)’s life in which he said on one occasion when he saw an individual lying on the ground by the name of ya’ish ibn thkfah. He (saw) saw him lying on the ground on his stomach. So he came and when he woke up and he looked at the prophet (saw). He (saw) told him this is the method of lying which God hates.

A list of doctor’s recommendation to avoid spinal problems; Number one: on the list was not to sleep on your stomach.

1400 years ago Muslims, when the prophet (Saw) said don’t do it, because it’s hated by Allah. They stopped doing it though they used to like to sleep on their stomach just like we do and over these 1400 years they benefited. All the people who didn’t do it were harmed one way or another.

That’s how we should approach the things which Allah has prohibited and disliked and it’s better not to do it. Stay away from it because there’s harm in it. Even if we can’t see where the harm is…

The prophet Muahmmad (Saw) warned 1400 ago, when nobody had any idea….

Whose Greetings You Don’t Have To Respond In Islam | Mufti Menk

Many of us have an issue sometimes where if we don’t like someone we find it difficult to greet them or to respond to the greeting. Allah says when you are greeted, reply the greeting.

So this is something you need to know greet people and respond to their Greetings in a beautiful way and Allah will open your doors.

if there is someone who you know for a fact, is making a mockery of it Then you don’t respond that particular lies. The lies are because they’re telling you peace be upon you but they don’t mean it at all.

However, Allah says still try to greet back.

When your greet someone, be genuine. This is Allah teaching us clean your heart.

Rumors spread against Uthman (Ra) To Delegitimize ~ Shaykh Omar Suleiman

When you do something particularly, well, then it really hurts to have your integrity  called in a question in regards to that particular matter.

So, when you’re particularly good with something then an accusation in that matter is particularly hurtful.

Once you start to spread those types of rumors, then you just create a profile about a person. The goal here… It’s like islamophobics do, right?

The goal is not to actually have anything verifiable against you as to create enough suspicion to where they can profile you.

So if I throw enough stuff out him then some of it will stick.

Our deen/ religion places such care on verification on not profiling people. By virtue of the abundance of news that exist about them as was done with uthman (Ra)

How To Empower Positively For Feeling No Way Out Besides At Times Considering Suicide | Mufti Menk

every day is an opportunity for you to prove to Allah (Swt) That while you’re waiting for the day, you’re going to return to Allah, you are going to be the best possible person in your short Stay on Earth.

Anything that happens on Earth is also temporary. The only thing that carries with you; your Deeds. The way you did what you did for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala. So let’s do as much good as we can on Earth.

Many people are losing faith, simply because of hardships they’re going through; they see no way out besides at times considering suicide.

Remember one thing Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala has prohibited suicide. He clearly says in the Quran and don’t ever kill yourselves. Indeed Allah is the most merciful upon you.

We all need to know Allah has Mercy over takes any problem or issue that we have. Rely on Allah, trust Allah. It’s a matter of time after Darkness. The light will definitely come.

It’s normal for human beings to feel low at times. It’s normal for human beings to be over thinking at times. It’s normal for someone to have a little bit of anxiety at times.

But remember lay your trust in Allah, number one. Believe in Allah; understand with conviction that Allah will resolve your matter.

We are on earth together for a very short period of time prove, to Allah that you are going to be the best of human beings by reaching out to the rest of the human beings in the most beautiful and productive way ever.


Once Prophet (ﷺ) Was Missing For An Unusual Amount Of Time And Qadr Of Allah | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Prophet (saw) Abu Bakr (ra) and Omar (ra) buried next to each other.


Something happened in the life of the Prophet (saw)….

This is the qadr of Allah (Swt); the Baqi’ expanded to where Uthman (ra)’s  grave became a part of the Baqi’…..


Having Mental Illness Isn’t A Weakness In Faith, Get Help From The Experts| Sh. Yaser Birjas And Sh. Omar Suleiman

Going through a situation where people suffer from mental illness doesn’t mean Therefore if you going to talk to somebody about a mental health issue, you talk to The Experts. So don’t go on make an appointment with the Imam.

you need to go to the imam for Spiritual maybe support or you know that you…. going with a counsellor on the side, but … the imams, you know kind of like help as well to keep in sha Allah on track and so on, that’s good. But don’t depend on the imam primarily for an issue that other professionals who depend on the imam primarily for an issue that other professionals who are specialized in the field they can help you with Insha’Allah.

One thing is that you can’t just pray away a mental illness, A lot of people think that way in this is wrong and to burden someone else with that is also not appropriate. you have to treat it. And treating it is a form of a ibadah That’s a form of worship.

Mental illness hurts you, it hurts people around you. and when you seek to cure that so that you can be a better Muslim, be a better child to your parents, a better sibling a better spouse, whatever it may be that’s actually ibadah, that’s actually an act of worship.