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Debunking Massive Misunderstandings About Hijab Even By Some Muslims | Mufti Menk

In Islam, we believe that Allah Almighty has given us a certain type of modest beautification through clothing and yes, to cover your private parts, to cover yourself in a nice way, to look presentable, all of this is actually part and parcel of the gift of Allah Almighty upon us.

Hijab is a whole system that we tread upon and live by for the sake of Allah.

When we say hijab, many people think it’s just a piece of cloth, on the heads of women covering their hair, not realizing it’s an entire lifestyle.

Allah says don’t show everything that you have to everyone that is there, otherwise you will not be appreciated.

Part of hijab is to love yourself the way Allah has made you, to appreciate it, to thank Allah for it and dress in a beautiful, modest way whereby your body parts are not being revealed.

Hijab requires you to speak very respectfully to the opposite gender with utmost respect. They should see the character in you, of modesty, honesty, goodness and so on.

Why God Should Be Worshiped By Exposing The Secrecies Of Atheism! Mansur And Ladies| Speakers Corner

I know that gravity exists, even though I don’t know what it looks like. I cannot smell it, I can’t touch it, I cannot feel it.

But I know it exists because it has a strong attractive force on anything and bring it down on the center of this Earth on a bigger object. I know it exists by inference.

We can make all of this kind of our reality, observation, deductions inferences. That’s what we do maths.

So what we are saying is when it comes to reality of our existence and our Creator’s existence, we need to be sincere.

The Quran like telling us the purpose of our life here, telling us what’s going to happen after death, telling us what awaits for us, whether heaven or hell.

So whatever we do which pleases God in accordance to the reasons He’s created us and we follow the command and avoid His prohibitions, this is worship.

In the Quran, God tells us this is one chance. Don’t miss this chance to save yourself from the hellfire.

How You Can Meet With Your Loved One After Death By Giving The Best Gifts | Mufti Menk

Life and death is in the hands of Allah. Allah is the giver of life, and Allah is the one who decides when a person is going to pass away. And indeed, if Allah wills, something is brought into life.

We are taught as a Sunnah to say We belong to Allah and we are going to return to Allah (swt), all of us.

Everything that is created by Allah has an expiry date, meaning it has a time tag.

It is very important for us to realize you will lose. It is part of the plan of Allah. So prepare for that day

So what is the test?

The test is no matter what has happened to you if it brings you closer to Allah, it was your gift. And if it takes you away from Allah, it was your punishment or it was something, a challenge, a test for you and you’re failing it because it’s drifting you away from Allah.

No Betrayal Of Your Dead Spouse If You Were To Remarry | Mufti Menk

Life must carry on. How many times you have a person who passes on and the wife or the husband or someone says, you know what, that’s it. I’m calm here and I’m never going to marry again. That’s your statement because of the loss. But that’s Allah’s plan.

There is no betrayal of your deceased spouse if you were to remarry. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, married those who lost their spouses before.

Rekindle Your Married Life With These Five Love Languages | Shaykh Shaqur Rehman

Family relationship, our family, This is central to us having a strong Ummah.

Our reference point must be Allah, not what the west telling us. This is how relationships should be, not what the media is telling us. This is the romance story that you must live, not what the novels are telling us.

They are not the ones who understand what true right and responsibilities are and what will actually lead to the greatest outcome in the future.

It’s not about the self. It’s about bringing up a righteous family.

Islam tells you, It’s about Allah and you’re bringing up righteous children and you’re not falling into Haram / forbidden because you’re fulfilling each other’s physical needs, then you’ve got  a good marriage but at the same time, treat them and live with each other in a good way.

The more work that we do in this regard, the stronger Ummah we will have.

How The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) Untied Eleven Knots Of Black Magic Or Witchcraft | Mufti Menk

The protection of Allah (swt) Who is the owner of protection; If Allah has not protected someone, they are doomed. And if Allah has protected someone then nothing can ever harm them.

if we were to follow the Prophet (pbuh)’s sunnah every morning and evening, we would be seeking the protection of Allah from the evil that is around us.

You know, the devils are two types: not only jinnkind. Sometimes your friend is a Shaitan.

Sometimes you and I can become little Satans when we encourage others to disobey Allah and we are disobeying Allah when we create fitna and we are the source of it.

There are people who are closer to Allah than you whom you think afar from Allah but you don’t know because Tawaqa (piety) is only known by Allah. That’s why He’s got a Day of Judgment.

May Allah grant us Steadfast and Steadfastness is a journey that lasts right up to the last breath. Some people quit right at the end and some people jump on right at the end.

May Allah grant us death with faith- amen

Don’t ever lower your guard. We would be fools if we know that there’s satan and jinnkind all around us trying to attack us and we don’t read simple dua every morning and evening and after every Salah.

‘Answer’ All Religious Gurus Can’t Agree On The Same God! Hashim Vs Hindu Atheist | Speakers Corner

The awesome reply to the statement ‘The religious gurus of the entire world, they all cannot agree Who is one God, is fundamentally something wrong there’.
The problem is, The fact that either there is no God or there is no one God.

The scientists have several models, the origin of the universe. They don’t all agree. But then there are majority of people amongst the scientists who agree with the big bang model.
Okay, so it happens in science as well. There’s disagreement.
Every system out there, there’s going to be agreement and disagreement within.

Measure Yourself Against These Five Signs To Get The Answer Of Your Sufferings | Ali Hammuda

Suffering at every level


The five signs that you’re suffering as a Muslim is not going to waste And your sacrifice will be thanked by Allah, five signs, and we take them from the biography of Musa (a.s).

The five signs to measure yourself against, to see whether you are for Allah, by Allah and for Allah, we said, number one, a thirst for knowledge. Number two, a commitment to worship, Number three, a fearless acknowledgment of personal error, Number four, an ethic of patience and number five, you have a longing to be of service to others.

Allah has promised that our shore is just as near, He said, those who oppose Allah and His messenger they will be the debased, Allah has already decreed that I Allah and my messengers will overcome.

We shall prevail, Allah is mighty and Allah is wise.

Why Jesus (A.S) Is A very Good Muslim! Mansur And Visitor | Speakers Corner

We’re asking you to worship the God of Christ, the God of Muhammad, peace me upon them all. We’re asking you to worship the God who is the Creator of everything.

Muslim means someone who submits and surrenders heir will willingly and sincerely to the will of the one true God.
So Jesus (A.s) was a Muslim because he submitted to God.
All of the things that you see about Christ, that he is a very good Muslim.

Don’t Need Someone Above Us To Tell This! Hamza Ibn Isa VS Atheist | Speakers Corner

Standards that are relative in nature. So once you recognize the first premise that human beings have a tendency to recognize an absolute standard, the second premise should push you towards the recognition that they have to be there for an absolute standard.

And the only absolute standard that a person can recognize is the greatest conceivable being, because without that, it relativizes morality and that goes against the first premise, through time recognize that absolute standards are required in order to live in harmony.

it’s within the human being  to recognize truths that we would then define as being Just.

Human beings have a tendency of recognizing a standard that is more towards absolutism than relativism, and that absolutism can only lead a person to or should, should lead a person more towards the possibility for the existence of an absolute being, as opposed to trillions and trillions of beings that essentially use a relative standard.