How Islamic Inheritance Law Will Be One Of The Signs Of Qiyamah | Mufti Menk

Allah (swt) Speaks about the coming of the Signs of the End. And we all know that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) also prophesied so many things.

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) informed us of many things we see in our lives right now, things where evil is made mention of, that it will spread. But you need to know, when Allah says something, there is a reason. When the Prophet (pbuh) says something, there is a reason.

One of the signs of Qiyāmah, one of the signs of evil that the Prophet the Prophet (pbuh) speaks about, he says people will be ignorant because the knowledgeable will be taken by Allah subhanahu tala through death.

The laws of inheritance in Islam, People will ignore.

The Hadith says there will come a time when two people will argue over a share in the estate of the deceased, and they won’t have anyone to guide them as to what the ruling is. So it’s important for you and I to make sure that we learn.

But when it comes to the laws of inheritance, there will be people who will claim that what a woman gets is very unfair. It’s not fair. She’s getting half of a man. But they don’t realize when you implement the entire system, she actually gets more than the man.

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