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How Believing In The Unseen Overcomes Skepticism From Logic | Dr. Omar Suleiman

It is very easy for us 1400 years later, when we hear the stories of these miracles that took place with our beloved Prophet (pbuh) and with the prophets that came before him to say that had we been there, we would have believed the two right away. We would have, without any reservation, accepted what has come to us through him (pbuh).

What did Abu Bakr (Ra) answer when they told Abu Bakr (ra) what the prophet (pbuh) said? If he said it, he’s telling the truth. Abu Bakr (Ra) said, I believe him when he says that he receives revelation from the Lord of the heavens and the Earth in an instance and that’s a far greater miracle than this.

None of it physically make sense. It defies my logic in terms of physical dimensions. miracles, that if they were to happen in front of us, we would not know how to come to terms with it, and perhaps we would deny them. Why is that? And Subhanallah, We find that Allah connects the inability to believe in miracles from Him that defy our physical norms to believe in the hereafter/ to believe in the akirah.

Remember at the very beginning of the Quran, those who believe in the unseen.

Allah (swt) says, when the Prophet (AS) read the Quran to them, it’s a powerful verse. When you read the Quran to them, oh messenger of Allah, a barrier is placed between you and those that don’t believe in the hereafter. It’s like a hijab is between them because they can’t come to terms with the idea of the hereafter. Make these miracles make sense to me, okay. And the same barrier that would be in us to cause scepticism with the miracles is the same barrier that would cause us skepticism with the akirah,

And that’s why Allah specified we put a barrier between you and those who don’t believe in the akirah. If they have a hard time with the hereafter, how are they gonna believe that something miraculous is happening around them in real time?

There’s no such thing as easy or easier or hard or harder with Allah. It’s just Allah says, and it is …..be and it is.

How that scepticism starts to creep in you read some fiqh books, some Aqidah the books, and you say, you know what? This doesn’t make sense to me. My logic is greater than what Quran and the sunnah say.

So I’m gonna come up with some modern answer to undermine the Scripture, undermine the text, undermine the Quran And Sunnah because the dimensions it all has to fit with my dimensions with my thinking and Allah (swt) says, Know your place. Your dimensions have no relevance to Allah (swt)’s Dominion. Your perception has no relevance to Allah’s power.

Know your place and call upon the Lord who worked these miracles that seemingly defied logic and understand that Allah (swt) has that same power with you.

We believe in the unseen. We have no issues in our heart. When we read anything in the Quran, we believe the prophet (pbuh) went to Jerusalem and heavens and came back in one day.


Five Miracles! Reasons Behind Obsessive Love With Unbelievable Stories For Prophet(ﷺ)

A father, a counselor, a judge, a teacher, a warrior; greatest of all creation to however have set foot on the face of the Earth: These are some of the descriptions of the prophet of Allah, Muhammad (Pbuh).

It’s the likes of this work ethic and Limitless Ocean of sacrifice and endless Seas of compassion and never ending struggle that caused all of humanity rather all of creation to be obsessed with him to love him.

A love that caused Stones to speak, a love that caused tree trunks to weep, love that cause trees to move from their places, love that caused animals to weep upon seeing his radiant face sallallahu alaihi wasallam and finally, this was a love That the humbled lions and caused them to stop in their tracks.

If this was the type of love that animals and stones and insects had had towards him (pbuh, what then about the men and women who saw him (pbuh)…

What type of Love did the human beings have for him, the companions?

A woman from the tribe of Bani Dinar, bn Hisham (ra) narrates,was given the news that her husband had been killed after Uhud And she said what happened to the prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam? They said to her we are very sorry to tell you that your brother has also been slain. She said what happened to the messenger of Allah (Pbuh)? They said to her, forgive us for giving you this heavy news; On this day Your father has been slain. She said what happened to the messenger of Allah (Pbuh)?

They said,Alhamdulillah, he (Pbuh) is well. She said no, no, point him (pbuh) out. Point him (pbuh) out to me so that I can see him (pbuh) with my own eyes. Can you see him(pbuh)? she looked and then when she saw him(pbuh).

They heard mutter some words to herself. She said, every Calamity in life is small so long as you (pbuh) are okay.

They saw in him (pbuh) a human being who was a perfect embodiment of all of the values that he (pbuh) called towards. He (pbuh) invited them to be good people then they saw in him the best of them all. He (pbuh) commanded them to be brave. And so he (Pbuh) was the bravest of all people. You look at his bravery, You would think that Allah had only sent him (pbuh) to rearrange the armies, to appoint the generals to lead the Warriors, to strengthen the hearts of the soldiers when they were weak.

Al Bara, he would say whenever the intensity of War would become severe, we would hide behind the prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) and the bravest companion would be the one who would be able to stand side by side with him (pbuh) on Battle because he was advancing, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He (Pbuh) didn’t fear death. He (pbuh) commanded them to be generous. They saw in him (pbuh) the most generous of Allah’s creation describing him (pbuh) like the wind that blows and scatters money, spending on people as if he does not fear poverty. He (pbuh) was the king of his wealth. His (pbuh) wealth was not the king of him. his (pbuh) money was not in his heart, His money was beneath his feet.

Money did not manipulate him (pbuh). He (pbuh) manipulated his money where he sourced it from and how he invested it, To use his money as a vehicle to bring him to jannah.

He (Pbuh) was the most generous of all people. You think that Allah had only sent him (pbuh) to spend on the poor and to pay the debts of those in need. He (pbuh) commanded the Muslims to be compassionate and gentle.

You look at him alayhi salatu was Salam and you would think Allah had sent him (pbuh) for no other purpose other than to pass a gentle caring hand over the head of the orphan and to support the Widow, to give encouraging advice to those who are let down, To respond to the invitations of the downtrodden in society, And to eat from their food, even if it was about to go off, he (Pbuh) would not break their hearts and visit those who are handicapped and disabled.

You would think Allah had sent him (pbuh) for no other reason other than to be compassionate and kind. He (Pbuh) commanded his companions to be be worshippers of Allah jalla Jalaluhu. So what did they see in him (pbuh)? A Marvel of a worshipper, A man who would fast continuously, pray at night continuously till Allah Almighty would say to him, Take it easy on yourself.

A man whose feet would grow in size because of swelling and pain whose skin would crack because of continuous praying a man (pbuh) who would soak his beard and the soil beneath him and his clothes from his own tears and his wives would be patting their bed, patting the soil to see where the husband has gone. and their hands would fall on his feet.

As he (pbuh) was bowing and prostrating to Allah jalla jalaluhu in the Masjid, They would say you are in one place and we are in another place.. subhanAllah, A worshipper of Allah. A man (pbuh) who frequently looked into the heavens and frequently looked on to the Earth, He (pbuh) recognized the Grandeur of Allah jalla jalaluhu. This is why you love to him (Pbuh). This is why they loved him (pbuh). This is why we love him (pbuh).

Our messenger sallallahu alehiwassallaam was the finest of them all.